I Have Moved.


Head over to the new philwickham.com and make sure to check out my new blog there. Also don’t forget to change your links, and RSS things.



~ by philwickham on February 7, 2008.

4 Responses to “I Have Moved.”

  1. Wow Phil, I’m impressed. But I still can’t get used to your mustache. And by the time I do, you’ll be on to your next facial hair style. So, this isn’t going to be updated at all? I have to go to a new blog? My world is turning upside down…..
    P.S. Your brother is ROCKIN” the worship over at Horizon.

  2. lol. “RSS things”. The easiest way to say it, most definitely.

  3. Phil, I love you, will you marry me! JK,But i do love you.(A LOT)

  4. So don’t forget about the little people in Alabama! I requested your song “Divine Romance”, and sure they knew it, they just didn’t have it. Hmm…!?

    Kinda like No Mellow Yellow on the shelves. No body is helping us, so I am reduced to drinking Coke! Which I never thought in a million years I would do, its like driving a Ford when all I really want is a Chevy! My how my childhood desires have changed. I drink coke because its the lesser of the evils and I support Ford (still hard to say) because it is the lesser of the evil. I guess those who are willing are willing to make sacrifice. Reminds me of some one precious!

    There I go giving my e-mail away!

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