It’s 2008 and I’m feelin Great

I hope this new year finds you well and happy. I am in the last week of a rather restful winter break. 2007 turned out to be quite a busy year for me: a spring tour with the good ol’ Shane & Shane boys, a fall tour with the Myriad and the David Crowder band (two bands bursting at the seams with good, talented folk), an album recorded, an album released, and everything else that overwhelmed on occasion. So after the fall tour I took some time off and it has been wonderous. Time to be with loved ones, to work on new songs, to go to church on Sunday mornings, and take naps on Sunday afternoons. It created a much missed sense of normalcy in my life. Now as 2008 moves into full swing so must I. I’ve got one more week at home then it’s time for me to head out again. I’ll be in Texas for the better part of ten days, so I’m looking forward to seeing all you Texans out there.
Alright, I gotta hit the hay, I’ll talk to you all soon. Oh, and Happy New Year!


~ by philwickham on January 12, 2008.

44 Responses to “It’s 2008 and I’m feelin Great”

  1. YOU’RE ALIVE!!!!!!!!

  2. Ha and Happy New Year, Philip. There’s so much you’ve missed…Did you read all 100 something comments from the last post? We’re sorry for bothering you we were just concerned for your safety. My friend and I already had a plan to go save you…

  3. Happy New Year, Phil!
    Glad God has given you time to rest and soak in the things that He has done!

  4. Happy New Year! It’s great to hear from you! That’s awesome that you’ve been able to have a break and to spend time with your family and go to church and such. All of that is very important. 2007 truly was a busy year!

    Well thanks for posting a little update Phil 🙂

    Happy 2008! God bless you.

  5. HNY (happy new year…) Phil!
    Breaks are good, loved ones are good, new songs are good, church is good, and naps that aren’t during church are also good.

  6. Glad to have you back….blogging regularly?
    Looking forward to seeing you in Katy, TX in March!

  7. Your back! Taking time off is a must, im glad you were able to. I have been listening to your new album, cannons, and i have to say its awesome. cant wait for new stuff. hope your new years starts out great. im going to see you when you come to redding on february 15th, im stoked. anyways. hope all is well. god bless.

  8. That’s splendid to hear Phil, I’m happy your doing great. Yeah, we all require that time to just sit back and unwind and spend our time with loved ones. I’m so pleased to here that you enjoyed yours. I ‘m so excited; I see that you have a lot of appearance dates in my area like corona, chula vista, etc. I hope I can make it to a few. Anyways, can’t wait to see how the lord uses you in 2008, cause he used you significantly in 2007! I can’t wait to hear your new songs, I ‘m sure they’ll be as impacting as the rest. Well, take care and take pleasure in the rest of your time off, hey maybe even go to Sea World or The San Diego Zoo, I love that place. I’ll be praying for you and asking the Lord to direct you and keep you full of his love and joy while your out on your tour dates. I know it must be tough to see your family occasionally, but the Lord honors that greatly, so keep smiling. I better wrap up. God Bless you and may he steer you on his path. – Kimberly

  9. Oh sorry that’s *LORD* (first word of line 5), his name deserves all respect! Amen!

  10. UR ALIVE!! PRAISE THE LORD AND EVERYTHING GOOD ON THIS EARTH!! Hahaha, sorry, we are all, especially me, glad to hear from you. 🙂 Glad you are okay and happy new years!!!

  11. Happy New Yaar! You are amazingly talented! God Bless You!

  12. Praise God, Phil. The sky is not even the limit to His amazings plans for you this year. Continue enjoying the journey!

  13. haha I love the part ” and Sunday naps” As a worship pastor myself I so know what you are talking about
    P.S I love the Bumble & Bumble product!! thanks for the advice ha

  14. Phil! I’m sorry but I gotta say that if you’re bored on Sunday and don’t want to take a nap, check out my purevolume site at

  15. thanks for the update phil :]
    good to hear from ya**
    happy new year.
    hope i get to see u soon.

  16. i’m glad that you have not given up on your wordpress! i hope some of that time was spent reading Emma. haha. i’m excited that you’re coming to the Houston area in March. just so you know, i’m skipping Newsboys to come see you. they’ll be @ the Berry Center the same night. so, feel special. haha. Glad you’ve been resting and hope that you have a splendid 2008!! I truly believe that this year is going to rock!!!

  17. Good to hear from you again. I am glad you had a nice break., Hope everything is going great. May God bless ya. Hope to see you up in Reno Nv Sometime.

  18. Ok, your people need to get you to Charlottesville, VA—-would love to see you!!! And it is a college town so it totally makes sense.

    Glad to hear you had a good holiday.

  19. Hey Phil. I saw you last night at Kingsfield Church… Great concert!

  20. your hair is even shorter too..

  21. Love the new ‘do your rocking in 2008 🙂 Glad to hear your well! As always God bless, and happy new year to you too! Hope you found everything under that ‘ol Christmas tree that ya wanted.

    ~Jessica Ellermets

  22. So, to Phil or to any of you Phil fans, any idea where I can purchse the album “Give You My World”? Thanks…

  23. hey lauren, i think you can maybe get it on itunes, but i dont know.

    (if you didnt notice :P)

    well, i hope you have an AMAZING new year!
    come back to Cleveland soon, k?
    i cant wait to see you at Alive Fest 08!

    love, leah

  24. It’s good to see you are getting some rest! Stay focused and begin to enjoy 2008!

  25. Hey Lauren – I found out where to get Phil’s ‘Give You My World’ indie CD!!! You just message through Phil’s web site or his myspace and his ‘web team’ messages back the info :). It’s really easy, and you’ll have your CD pretty quick too. His people are great!
    – maddy

  26. Thanks so much, Maddy 🙂

  27. Yay! I’m a Louisianian, but I’ll be driving out to Texas to see you in 11 days!!!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!! It’s good to hear from you again! You’re in my prayers all the time. 😀 Lots of Love, ❤

  28. good seeing you in starbucks a few times. didn’t say hi, but should have. you looked at me like, “hey, thats the guy i always see at starbucks” but i almost didn’t recognize ya. enjoy your last days in the ‘dido!

  29. Just discovered your music an love it with all my heart! It’s awesome! So nice every time you find new, good, christian musicians with their hearts in the right place! Keep up the good work! And you should REALLY come to Sweden and play!!!!!!

  30. I live right in the middle of two places you’ll be this week. and unfortunately I can’t go to either. 😦 I hope you enjoy being in Texas (now that it is cold).

  31. It was awesome having the opportunity to see you live here in AZ for New Year’s Eve, Sir Wickham. =) I do hope you come back soon! Grace & peace to you & your loved ones. 😉

  32. It was awesome having the opportunity to see you live here in AZ for New Year’s Eve, Sir Wickham. =) I do hope you come back soon! Grace & peace to you & your loved ones. 😉

  33. Phil,
    I really can’t wait to hear more of your of your beautiful songs, so KEEP WRITING!… No, really now, I love to lisen to your music, and even if you hear this alot I just wanted to let you know that your music is so wonerful and it ALWAYS puts me in a great mood, no matter what I have done or am doing. When my Mom told me we were going to go see a consert on a cool fall day I had no idea how much it would impacked me…
    Althogh I still can’t see how you would want to come to little old Fresno, and free too (Hehe) … Anyhow, I was so glad my friend’s mom knew you parent’s alittle, and that my Mom hadn’t planed anything else that night. I can’t wait utill I can see you perform again!

  34. Um, hello. I don’t know if this will work, or if you’ll even get this, but I would just like to say that I love your music, and the feeling that’s put into your songs. I am especially fond of “Divine Romance”. I have to say, it’s definately one of my favorite songs, if not my favorite. Very peaceful, and it’s one of the few songs I know that can really get me connected to God. It’s strengthened my relationship with Him. I just want to thank you sincerely for all that you do. May God bless you forever and always!

  35. Hey phil, Josiah here. Check it out, I got the single back. —–Reaching For The Stars

    God bless

  36. Hi Phil!
    I’m Mia writing to you from Sweden. Do you know of Sweden? We don’t have polar bears walking the street but lots of nice people and beautiful land scape. Would you come and sing to us? Minister from your heart to ours? I know that a big festival (the biggest christian youth festival) is interested in having you to come.
    We would take GREAT care of you : ) Please let us know if your interested and we’ll arrange for something to happen.
    Peace. Mia

  37. Happy 2008! Thank you for your music! God Bless you and your loved ones.

  38. I also enjoy Sunday afternoon naps. Glad you’ve had a chance to relax and rest…which is what God did after creating the World. If He can do it…so should I. hehe 🙂 Blessings to you.

  39. I first heard you on the Relevant podcast back in October and I haven’t stopped listening to you since (except for that brief stint of Christmas music in December). Anyway, your lyrics and sound are so refreshing and worshipful. Thank you for using your gifts to glorify God and to help uplift others. Keep it up… you seriously rock!

  40. Hey Phil glad to see that things are good for ya…I can’t wait to see you in San Luis Obispo. God bless.

  41. did you go see Into the Wild yesterday? I thought it was you but didnt want to embarrass you. cheers, hope you are well.

  42. yay rest up philly. cant wait for new songs and excitement =)

  43. I don’t know if you know about this, but you should check out – basically, LJ Urban is sponsoring a project where for every 100,000 hits the site gets, a mason is trained to build eco-friendly homes in Burkina Faso, which provides homes for many who do not have one as well as a livelihood/steady income. I know you are really compassionate, so I thought you would be interested.

  44. Mz8QkC

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