MOB Contest and a little update.

Hey Blog Friends,

I understand there has been quite a sizable gap between my previous blog and the one you are reading right now. There is no firm excuse for this. I could claim busyness, which would be as true as anything I could say, but I won’t. I will just humbly ask forgiveness for those who care, and get on to more important things.

First, I want to inform you about a little contest my label is putting together. I’ve got this thing going called a “Mobile MOB”. Some of you may know about it. For those who don’t, in short, it’s a way for the enjoyers of my music and I to stay connected in a “next-generation” kind of way via texting. Before I go any further I want to thank all who have already joined while I’ve been out on the road. Now, I’m going to be running a contest on my MySpace from now till Dec. 19th to encourage even more people to join. There will be one lucky person randomly drawn from my MOB to win a vintage autographed electric guitar from me, kinda like a Christmas present from me to one of my MOB members! So I encourage you, if you haven’t already done so, join my MOB! It’s really simple and free and you’ll get all kinds of free stuff from me – wallpaper, ringtones, updates, etc. Just text ‘PHIL’ to 66937! Thanks

Now, A little update:

Last time I blogged I was in Boise. I’ve done a few things since then. The tour has gone to Denver, Manhattan (Kansas), Tulsa, Chicago, Cincinnati, and now we’re in Philadelphia, a town I have yet to explore. In between all those tour dates I’ve been doing a few dates on my own, as well as going to even more radio stations promoting the new single “After Your Heart”.
Here’s an example of what I’ve been doing at the stations, just to fill you in. This was in Cleveland, Ohio at 7:00 in the morning. Please excuse the scratchy morning voice.

The song is doing pretty good at radio. A lot more stations are playing it than any other single I’ve put out, which is cool. If you think about it, you can help by calling/emailing your local Christian station and requesting the song. It really makes a difference.

All the radio stations we’ve gone to recently have been in the mid-west. We spent a lot of time driving through Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio… I have experienced autumn like never before. I love San Diego, but it does not have seasons like this. Pretty amazing.
Well that’s it for now. Remember to join up with the MOB. Just text ‘PHIL’ to 66937

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more blogs coming SOON!


~ by philwickham on November 8, 2007.

114 Responses to “MOB Contest and a little update.”

  1. cant wait for thanksgiving

  2. Hi Phil – Been praying for you a lot. It’s fun to enjoy the change of seasons isn’t it? God has created such beauty and contrast for us to experience. I love the changing of seasons as well as the holidays. It’s a GREAT time of year! It makes me so excited to think that all these things are,”but the outer fringes of His works,” Job 26:14. Can you imagine how glorious heaven will be?! 🙂 I’ve already got out my Christmas music. I know, I know…it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. I just can’t help it. By the way, you’re right. Your dad’s Christmas album rocks. I’m seriously thinking of buying a bunch of copies and passing them out at Starbucks or somethin’. Wouldn’t that be fun? Americanas and a Wickham Christmas album – killer combo, huh? Well, as usual I’ve talked (typed) a blue streak. Suppose I should wrap up. Extra blessings to you. I’m asking the Lord to guide you along His perfect path. Have a “fantabulous” holiday season and treasure your times at home with those who love you and are so very proud of Christ’s work in you. Bye for now.
    Melody Milbrandt in Missouri

  3. finally! we forgive you. you’ve been clearly busy. brody has definitely verified it. i wish i could be up north for these next few months. yesterday was in the lower 50’s and perfect weather for drinking hot tea. today it’s in the 70’s. that’s Texas for you. haha.
    so, have you started Emma yet? probably not seeing that you’ve been quite busy. haha.
    Have an awesome show tonight!! God Bless!!

  4. HE’S ALIVE.

  5. WOW. I want a new guitar!


  6. Sounds like everythings going great Phil. I hope God gives you his strength and joy to continue on the road and gives you the words to bring more people into that love relationship with him. I personally have been so happy to see people brought to tears through such powerful and messageful music, such as yours. I was so spiritually awaken by your music a few years ago and it has since then made my relationship with the lord so beautiful. So thank you so much. Hope everything goes well and that God keeps you nestled in his arms of love. Can’t wait till your back here in SoCal. Have fun and keep loving on people the way you do.
    – Kimberly

  7. pretty sure your scratchy morning voice is just as amazing as your normal voice 🙂
    thanks for the update!

  8. I personally like the scratchy voice; it sounds pretty cool.
    I know my scratchy voice in the morning is not as impressive.
    And I just noticed that you wrote “more blogs coming SOON!”
    I wonder what ‘soon’ means these days for you…

  9. No apologies necessary . . . we love you no matter what.

  10. Hmmmmm….what is this???? a new blog???? It was a nice video clip, and it was nice to have the info for the Mob…..of course you just shot down my chances of winning by telling “the others”…!!!

    But, Phil….where is that witty sense of humor we all log on to see….are you so worn out that you have lost your funniness….say it aint so !!!!! Please blog something that is knee slappingly hilarious….restore my hope of a good laugh….until then I will be somewhat melancholy, but, I know you will muster up a bit of good humor for us, I know you will !!!

  11. Mhmm…beautiful, beautiful!
    Hey, what happens if you don’t have a cell phone? Yeah, I know weird, a person without a celly.(o; I would love a chance to win though. I love playing guitar, and I would love the chance to win a vintage electric. Just a thought…
    Love all the new music! It makes me smile. God bless(o: Much love…

  12. hey phil :]
    thanks for posting the video… it was awesome. early in the morning and u still sound great…ur soo amazing phil.
    hope the tour is going well for ya. get some rest in between…. got a lot of early things…7 am…ouch!! haha. but u still do it, thats awesome…. u truly r a blerssing.
    im glad i got to see you when you were here in illinois.
    im also in the mob thing… have been for a while… unfortunately the downloads wont work on my phone :/, but its still cool to get them.**
    god bless and thank you for the new blog post ♥

  13. hello Phil.
    indeed. sending requests to radio stations can and will make a difference. the folks at Klove have been sweet and responsive to my emails/requests to get behind your music. as a matter of fact, they have picked up “Divine Romance” in addition to “After Your Heart”. it brings a smile to my face in knowing i can make a small contribution. i strongly support what the Lord is doing through your music and will gladly help in any way. again, my prayers are with you and your family. may the light of God continue to radiate through you! Happy Trails!

    Blessings from TX,


  14. Yay! A new post! Made my day!
    Your scratchy morning voice sounds just wonderful … and the lyrics haven’t changed … it’s still fantastic!
    I’ll keep trying my radio station in Fort Wayne until they play you .. although, if you were there, they should start soon.
    Thanks for your kindness to your fans!

  15. Hi Phil! I’m so happy to see a new post :)!

    Your “scratchy morning voice” sounded great to me, haha 🙂

    Anyway, my youth group and I are going to NYC to see you in concert on Saturday. We are sooooooooo excited! I’ve been waiting for so long for the 10th of November to come and it’s finally almost here! Yay!


    God bless you Phil. It’s good to hear from you again 🙂

  16. YAY! a new post & a video – couldn’t ask for much more than that! except maybe a post more often but I guess we can forgive you!:) I have to agree with everyone else here, the vocals are great; & let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a scratchy morning voice especially when paired with a guitar 😉 It’s great that you are getting to see so much of this country at this time of the year – it really is beautiful! Of course, over here in Tacoma/Seattle we’re enjoying our beautiful, never ending rain. Thanks for continuing to allow the Lord to use you to bless others and I pray the Lord will bless you beyond what you could ever imagine!

  17. I’m glad you experienced the changing of seasons in the midwest, although it’s really not that fun until we get what’s called “lake effect” snow around the coasts. I grew up on a peninsula on Lake Michigan and we’d get buried every winter. It was glorious! I’m holding out for snow on Thanksgiving when I visit.

    Anyhow, stay safe and well out there on the open road.

  18. Phil, thanks for the new post. I really enjoyed the concert in Cincinnati. We really will have to work on getting you to Columbus one of these days. I wanted to say that I really appreciate how you give glory to God with your songs through the good and bad situations of life (even in the little annoying stuff). I pray for you, that God will keep your heart soft, that is the only way that you can write what you do, and live like you do. It is clearly God who has made you the man you are, don’t ever forget that (it is a challenge for every believer, but I think even more so for those in the public eye.) Satan is always going to try to make you fall, and of course everyone stumbles from time to time, but I pray God’s protection of you. He is able! It was really nice getting to meet you, I really appreciate your sincerity and honesty, a few more reasons that I love reading your blogs, and watching your videos of YouTube. God bless you!

  19. Phil I am so upset I didn’t get to see you in Chicago! Ahhh, and we all forgive you for not updating in a while. I’m glad you enjoyed fall in the middle states! I loved your preformance on the video.

    Keep singing for God. You’re so amazing.


  20. loved how u played after ur heart there and at least u talked balk to us but hope u have safe travelings!

  21. Hey Phil I saw you in Cincinnatti and you were wonderful. You taylor sounded exceptionally wonderful. Any chance you can throw me a model number?

  22. Wow, I just keep loving that song more and more…
    And scratchy morning voice does NOT stop you from being ultra-talented!

  23. deal with it huh?
    i’m so glad that you and my friend samantha were amused on my account. i still cannot believe that she walked up to you and plainly asked “so, how is emma?” you probably think i have spies all over the US now. not true. but i heard the show was amazing tonight.

  24. The show was awesome tonight Phil. I’m glad I got to meet you again, haha. Thanks for putting up with me…haha, if you even remember me. Thanks for letting me get a picture… twice… haha, and for signing my cd. Keep singing and playing music for Jesus! God Bless.

  25. So I did the text thing but…nothing happened. Aren’t I supposed to get something back like, “Thanks for joining Phil’s Mobile blah blah blah…


  27. Hey Phil! It was so cool seeing you in concert with David Crowder in Philly. I loved it. I actually just recently discovered you on YouTube. You were helping out the Shanes when Shane B. was absent. And I just had to know more about you (you did a great job btw)… so weeks before the 11/8 concert I listened to as many youtube vids as I could and I fell in love with your music. I was so happy when I discovered the day of the concert that you would be there. You stole the show with your beautiful songs to and of God. I wish I had been able to meet you but I was boxed in from all sides … a wall of people on every side. But I just wanted to tell you … thank you 🙂

  28. thanks a lot phil for the great concert with DCB and the Myriad in D.C.
    I got your autograph on my ticket stub and it was really great to have you there.
    big bonus because all i thought i was going to have was dcb
    thanks again
    great stuff
    “we laugh….”

  29. Like the other people that commented before me..

    I like the scratchy voice. It reminds me of the episode of Friends when Phoebe got sick and loved how sexy it made her voice. Maybe you should record some songs early in the morning.. hahaha.

  30. Great from hearing from you again.. I cant wait to hear more from you.. I listen to your new cd all the time its awesome.. The words in true love are awesome and all your songs are touch by God. God Bless you.

    Hopefully we will see you around Reno, NV 🙂

    Thats a awesome contest you are doing. I cant wait to see which one of us will wim 🙂

    Also Happy Thanksgiving if your not on then 🙂

  31. PHILLIP!
    Today was definitely Phil Wickham day.
    I went to St. Augustine and on the way, I listened to your CD.
    I went to a castle in St. Augustine and saw like 50 cannons.
    I went to the castle gift shop and BOUGHT A CANNON 😀
    I went to Wickham Road [no kidding!]
    I saw a sign for ‘Wickham Radio’.


  32. did you enjoy “American Gangster?”

  33. PHIl,

    Congrats on being #15 for top song for After your Heart on K-love.

  34. That would be Philip with one L. Yep one L.
    Being such a P-Dub officianado and all, I thought you would like to know :).

  35. A friend of mine introduced me to your music about a year ago… imagine my delight when I travelled from Ireland to San Diego for a Youth Specialties conference and you were playing!!! Can’t tell you how refreshing it was and is (bought the CD!) to hear music that has depth, honesty and is a true reflection of praise to our King. Thanks for being obedient to the call God has put on your life and using the gifts He has given you to spread His truth. Keep ‘er lit =)
    Blessings, Nikki

  36. Yes forgive me.

  37. Yes forgive me.

  38. miss u so
    cant wait for your return batman
    we are going to have so much fun fun fun
    winter means cold and jackets and love and urban got our black jacket in blue and grey
    but ours are better!

  39. I heard you are coming back to Louisville, KY. I hope that the Bluegrass State treats you well while you are here. I have a small world story for you. My older brother was in the same class as you at MCA at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and we have a video of you singing and performing in front of everyone with the rest of the 5th/6th graders. You were a performer then and still one today. My family has enjoyed seeing your journey as a rising star in the Christian music industry. So from a CA “hang ten” to a KY “welcome ya’ll”, God bless you and your music. May your heart continue to shine for the Lord.

  40. Phil, great show in Atlanta. I met you after your set in the back. That was cool. I’ve been listening to your cd’s for so long it was good to finally hear you live. Peace.

  41. God is great, the tour was awesome, and it’s almost Turkey Day. You must be flyin’ high over Gotham. 🙂 Enjoy!
    Prayin’ for ya daily – Melody K. Milbrandt

  42. C:\Users\wallace\Pictures\2007-11-18 PHIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\PHIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 032.JPG

    Hey! The band wanted me to post this pic on your Myspace comment page. But I don’t have a Myspace… So I posted the link here. I hope it works! We saw you in Louisville tonight and the service was anointed. The music and the words match in power – I think that’s something you don’t see often. Thank you and your band for serving Him and allowing Him to use you. He is in mighty ways! God Bless.

  43. I’m posting a comment here, since it’s the last update. Just wanted to say thanks again (even though I’ve done it personally twice); I saw you last evening at the vine in Louisville was truly blessed by the time of worship. It’s been a while since my heart has been able to connect to God through musical worship . . .but the way God uses your music has helped to slowly open up that door again. Oh, and even though I told you how much I appreciated your response to me, I don’t think I ever truly responded to your question. I feel like even though my dad passed away a year ago, I’m just now starting the grieving process. I’m still reconciling my trust for God and opening my heart to His promises. Well, that’s the short version. Thanks again and be blessed! Laura

  44. I hope these links work better!

  45. It has been entirely too long.

  46. Agreed.

  47. Does anyone remember who’s blog this is anyways??????

    haha…..j/k…..have a blessed Thanksgiving ya’ll…..I will be in SoCal…..yeah!!!!!!!! be back in a week!!!!

    In the meantime….if the author of this blog comes out from hibernation….give a rebel yell!!!!

  48. Happy early thanksgiving to all..

    I think I am starting to hear crikets again lol 🙂

  49. crickets*

  50. Does this blog even have an author anymore? What happened to “more blogs coming soon”? Oh well, as usual your forgiven! Phil, I hope you and your family have a Happy & blessed Thanksgiving; and for anyone else reading this – Happy Thanksgiving too! 🙂

  51. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL. I’m grateful for you and your obedience to God, Phil. Thanks for sharing the talents and gifts He’s blessed you with for us all to enjoy. Our hearts rejoice in worshiping Our Father God with you. We are lifted up because of it.
    “I will bless the Lord at all times: His praise shall continually be in my mouth.” Psalm 34:1
    Melody Milbrandt

  52. Happy Thanksgiving 😀

  53. Happy Thanksgiving, Phil, and everyone else here also!


    Have a great day!

    God Bless.

  54. Hey Phil can i diss u on purpose(nothin bad)….It wouldnt be rite w/o ur consent first

  55. When are you going to make sheet music?! Its driving most of us who want to play your songs absolutely mad!

  56. C= Phil got eaten by evil zombie jackalopes.

  57. C= Philip is out doin’ some shopping and having Starbucks. Believe it.

  58. Hey Phil,
    You are one of my biggest inspirations of all time. I am an artist in the making (hmmmm along with millions of others eh? he he he) anyways I attempt to write songs, sing and play the guitar. The moment I heard one of your songs for the first time I was in awe. Instantly I grabbed the worship leader (after he was finished singing) and requested where in the world he found such a beautiful song. He looked at me like I had grown up underground my whole life, “Phil Wickham of course.” So I bought your album and fell in love with your music even more. Everytime I hear your songs I’m drawn into God’s presence. Thank you so much for that, it’s an amazing gift. I hope one day to get the pleasure of meeting you! God bless!

  59. C= Phil found the only department store in the world that sells nothing but V-necks and skinny jeans and can’t resist the temptation to look through every rack on the floor.

  60. Sammi,
    YES he’s definitely back in San Diego!
    What’s Phil’s girlfriend says is true. Everyone in San Diego dresses like that. Creepy.

    C= Phil got attacked by the Mystery Men.

  61. haha yup thats pretty much true. everyone is sd dresses like that.
    but its not creepy! its cool :]

  62. Whoa… I just got real confused. I saw the person above me post, and I was like. WHAT? I don’t remember saying that! Haha. I didn’t expect to see another person named Sara without an H… ^.^;

  63. Yeah it is cool.
    And yeah it really isn’t creepy. Everyone dresses the same here, too. Haha.

  64. Hey Phil!
    I saw you at Trevor Davis @ Loud & Clear last night! Two of my favorite artists in the same room…so exciting! I chuckled at your similar lyrics (Trevor’s “How long shall I wait for your love?”)

    I am absolutely loving “Cannons” so thank you for the passion you put into what you do.

    Will you be at Rebecca’s soon? Or are you doing anything else while you’re in SD?

  65. The whole idea of conversations in the comments section kinda freaks me out, honestly. How can you carry on conversation for so long about someone you don’t even know? Keep it real, guys. For your sake, our sake, and Phil’s sake.

  66. Oops…I take it back. Trevor lyrics are “how long shall I wait for you Lord”. Still, similar. Gotta give me that.

  67. Happy 20 days since Phil has blogged!

  68. hey, umm yea, ummm i forgot what I was going to say… oH, my friend is really inspired by your music, i was looking at some of your pictures and he sometimes looks like you. I would want him to not only look up to singers like you and most importantly God but for him to build his own image…what do you have to say, what would you tell him? Thanks for the update on the MOB thing, I would feel pretty dumb winning it since i dont practice as I should.

  69. Phil, you’re awesome. I have pictures to send you from the concerts down here. Remember we went to Applebees in Grants Pass? I’m sure it’s hard cause you’re always meeting new people…but I’m excited that I finally found a way to get the pictures to you. haha.

    You are incredible.
    Keep writing music that makes souls desire and love the Savior more…
    I have recently been blessed with music that is starting to do so as well. 🙂 (God is so good, and MERCIFUL too!)

    You’re a blessing, keep it coming, and come back to Medford. 🙂
    It’d be great to hear from you.


  70. Phil – I recently saw you in DC with DCB. I wish I could have talked with you afterwards, but there were too many girls wanting pictures:/ I really appreciate your new song true love, I think it is the richest song on the album. The song points passionately towards the cross of Christ, the most important truth that every believer needs to be reminded and more convinced of every day. The truth that Jesus is alive is enough to silence any earthly fear, threat of unbelief, and temptation to sin. Thank you for pointing myself and others towards to gospel, I hope that my music can reflect the truth of Jesus Christ in the same way. Continue to use your gifts to magnify the gospel and the hope that you have found at the foot of the cross.

  71. please please please pray for my boss and his wife. He had surgery yesterday to repair a hernia, and he fainted today and they aren’t sure why. It really scared his wife. So please pray for his health and peace for her. Thanks.

  72. You know Phil, I always thank God for His instruments, such as yourself for as a song goes, “…when I’m down He lifts me…when I’m dry, He fills my cup…” It is so very true! He gives us the perfect verse, song,…when we need it most!! I pray we will all continue our strolls with God for our Daddy is so very good and gracious!

  73. I have been following phil wickham’s music for quite awhile now and honestly right now i feel like he is way overproduced. sometimes i just wish he would put out a cd with just him and a guitar singing worship, no fancy sound effects, no crazy production just raw worship.

  74. raw worship? worship is so much more than our opinion of cd production. come on guys, does anybody read the lyrics anymore? And besides that, worship isn’t always music…..

  75. someone needs to seriously update their blog…
    my birthday will make it one month since you’ve updated
    it would be a lovely birthday present if you updated. haha.
    we all miss your witty words of wisdom

  76. someone needs to seriously update their blog…
    my birthday will make it one month since you’ve updated
    it would be a lovely birthday present if you updated. haha.
    we all miss your witty words of wisdom

  77. and it even says that the video isn’t available. sheesh.

  78. Happy one month since Phil blogged (:
    Has it ever been a month?
    I don’t think so. This is big.

  79. We should throw him a party for this momentous occasion. We shall raise our glasses and express our deep sorrow and wonder if he forgot his wordpress password. We love you, Phil.

  80. I’ve been trying not to say anything about how long Phil’s been gone, but I can’t help it! I know he’s probably so busy… I understand that, but I still miss hearing from him.

    I always love to read about what he’s been up to 🙂

    Come back Phil!

  81. He’s really not that busy..well if you would consider shopping, hanging out with his girlfriend, and going to starbucks being busy. Then he definitly is.

  82. Oh, well I guess those things are important too. :\

  83. hey phil :]
    it was great to see you last night.
    i hope you come here again soon.
    i was also glad to be able to meet you again and i was able to give you my gift. yay!! i hope you liked it**
    thank you for coming here and just thank you for what you do:]

  84. i wonder if he’s been reading brody’s “it’s still not happening” series….

  85. Where ya been Phil?

  86. guys, its kinda getting old with the statements on how long phil hasnt blogged for.
    he may be busy or he may not be. his free time shouldnt always be to blog for us.
    not trying to be offensive, but appreciate what we get already. we could have no updates or anything at all [which would stink], but he gives us this. he doesnt have to do this, so just be thankful for what he gives.
    i know we all want to hear from phil, and when we do, we will. just be patience guys.
    god bless,

  87. give poor philly wick a break. he’ll update soon i bet, just calm down..haha

  88. Yeah, I bet he will :]

  89. Miss hearing from you Phil!
    Hope all is well. 🙂

  90. I agree with Amanda. I just hope he could give another update before Christmas.

  91. WE LOVE PHIL here in Toronto!! Dude, how do we contact your PR people to book you?!?!?
    I think your website’s down and I can’t find any contact details on the web…

  92. What happened to Phil? It’s been a little to long if you ask me.

  93. contact third coast artist agency to book phil –

  94. Ya see phil…this is what happens when you don’t update for over a month, you end up with a ton of comments which are all asking where you are or the commenters have decided to talk to each other instead. I’m sure you could get many more meaningful comments if you would update more ^_^

  95. Yes she is right.
    Look see:

  96. Wow, you guys are seriously obsessed with Phil. Give him a break, let the poor guy live his life. He’ll update when there is a need to.

  97. This is gonna end up turning into one of those rants/arguments you find on youtube video comments or something. This is where I leave :[…

  98. lol, that was my first comment here… it was intended to be funny. In all honesty, I am not obsessed… I could not name even 2 songs that Phil sings, that’s how un-obsessed I am. I was just checking here from a friends site and noticed how long ago this post was written. I hope that y’all can just laugh it off ^_^

  99. i agree with mike.
    we all love phil and want to hear from him, but he has a life too :]
    he’ll update when he wants to.
    hopefully he will soon, if not, we’ll hear from him when we hear from him.**

  100. $5 says that Phil gets a kick out of us jokingly begging him to come back.

  101. Hahahahahaha. He probably thinks we’re creeps :[

  102. No Zach.
    I bet $10, Phil wants to KICK US very hard because we’re jokingly begging him to come back.
    $1 dollar says he hasn’t even read these yet. Haha.


  103. I don’t even think he will read these if he hasn’t already, haha.

  104. Phil, my name is Darin and my brother is Brant Hansen from WAy fm in florida – also of Kamp Krusty blog fame – he is friends with Shaun Groves – i wanted to ask you something – could you possibly email me at or


  106. Merry Christmas and why not start your own blog and stop communicating on someone else’s? Maybe some people have chosen to stop “blogging”. Maybe they find it boring and have chosen to get out there and actually talk to live people.
    I dunno, just a guess.

  107. Merry Christmas, P.W.

  108. Hey. Just got your CD. Love it!

  109. does anyone know who won the guitar?

  110. Yea you guys cant you see Phil is ON A TOUR!? hes doing concerts and stuff, he doesnt have enough time to do a blog everyday. Give him a break he’ll come back soon. 🙂

  111. Phil might be at the family dollar store dont forget that 😀

  112. Phil I need your help! I sent this to your booking agency and I have forwarded it to you a couple times as well.

    Hi my name is Ashley Lowery and Phil Wickham came to my church to lead us in a
    concert for New Years Eve (Calvary Tucson). My brother, his girlfriend and I
    were all so excited when we were given the opportunity to meet Phil and take
    pictures with him. On New years day I was going through the pictures on my
    camera and I accidentally deleted the picture of my brother and his girlfriend
    with Phil. I am completely devastated and upset. I was wondering if there was
    anyway you all along with Phil could do something to help us out? My brother
    really loves Phil and his worship, and most importantly his love for the Lord. I
    know that Phil will be coming back for our church’s Past Present and Future
    conference in May of this new year and was hoping that I would be able to get a
    picture of them with Phil? I dont know if you could guarantee that could happen
    but we would be so thankful. If there is anything you all can do I would really
    appreciate it. Thank you for taking time to read this and
    I would appreciate it if you would write back. Thanks again!

    Ashley Lowery
    Tucson, Arizona

  113. Phil..*SNIFFF*..please update?? Something??? One word would be okay?? We miss you greatly! 😦

  114. […] today, I went and I expected to see what I’ve been seeing for the past two months: “MOB Contest and a little update.” But no, I did not see that but a brand new post title and no comments. So yeah for those […]

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