Rescue Mission

The buses rolled into Boise at about 10:30 AM yesterday. Immediately after we arrived outside of the “Big Easy” (the venue we played at last night) Brody, my acting road manager, and I jumped out of bed. We had an unusual, though not unwanted, duty before us. There is a Christian radio station in Boise that has been kind enough to get behind my music and play some songs of mine over their radio waves. This same station has a close working relationship with the local women’s rescue house in downtown Boise. So the station thought it would be cool for me to visit the house, play some songs, share a devotional thought, and give out some hugs. I’m not going to lie, the whole thing was a bit awkward at first. As we walked through the front door we could hear a woman’s voice over the loudspeakers chanting, “MEN ON FLOOR, MEN ON FLOOR,” and like it was a practiced routine, the doors of the hall before us started slamming shut in hurried succession. We finally got to a room larger than any other we had seen. A small group of thirty to forty women filed in. One walked up with enough enthusiasm to light a bulb speaking compliment after compliment about me and my music, the rest just sat there quietly with curious looks on their faces. I sat down, pulled out my guitar and quickly started playing a song for fear of lengthening the uncomfortable silence that had overwhelmed the room. I sang four songs over the next twenty minutes. Pausing briefly before each one to tell their stories. By the time I had finished, the room had changed. When I sing I can’t help but expose some of my heart to whoever is listening. That’s where the songs have come from. That’s where I try to sing them from, and I think the women appreciated it. They gathered around me afterwards and said a prayer for me, hugged me, told me I reminded them of nephews, of sons. It was an interesting experienced, and an altogether blessed one.
A part of me wanted to ask them their stories. What kind of life brings one to a rescue mission in the middle of Boise?
Speaking of rescue missions: There are some seriously mean fires roaring in San Diego county. One of which is not too far away from my house in Escondido. I am in Colorado Springs at the moment, and it is strange not being with family and friends while they are evacuating to safer grounds. God hears and reacts to our voices, our requests, please let yours be heard. I am excited to hear the stories of how the Lord will use this devastation to bring people closer to himself.



~ by philwickham on October 23, 2007.

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  1. There are some raging fires by my house too. I live in Rialto right by the San Bernardino Mountains. It was raining ashes earlier today. Crazy. I’m keeping everyone in my prayers.

  2. Wow, I just realized I got the first comment.



  3. Phil, I think it’s awesome that you were able to minister to those women in such a powerful way. Who knows why any of them were there but I’m sure the Lord used you heart and willingness to serve to touch many of them yesterday. Your music has a way of speaking to the deepest parts of one’s soul and I’m sure the Lord’s presence was felt in that room. Your family and all the others that are affected by these devastating fires are in my prayers. Just keep sharing your heart and He will receive all the glory!

  4. “Brody, my acting road manager”
    Phillip. We all know who Brody is (:
    At least 97% of us do at least.

  5. thats awesome phil!! :]
    im glad it worked out… im not surprised… u inspire many, me included.
    i’ll for sure be praying for those crazy fires…good luck on the tour… its awesome how u guys r selling out places but not really cuz i cant go…. we’re still trying to figure it out… but we didnt know it would be sold out. we’re just praying there will be tickets somewhere…. i really hope… i seriously was starting to cry when i heard… i’ve been waiting sooo long!! but im not giving up yet!!
    god bless,

  6. That is so rockin’ that you were able to minister to those ladies.

    I have some friends that live in that part of Cali and it is heartbreaking to see what is happening over there. I pray that these Santa Ana winds die down and allow the firefighters to control and eliminate these devestating fires. I hope that your family and friends are safe and that their homes and your house escape destruction. God Bless!

  7. Did you ever check out the Video my friend and I made?

    its on Youtube under “After your heart”

  8. That’s great! I’m glad the Lord used you again … and I’m sure in way bigger than you know!!
    I’ll be praying for the fires …

  9. That is very cool how you went to the rescue mission. While doing an internship in NYC my team and I went to quite a few rescue missions and were able to minister. It is quite an amazing experience to know God is using you to touch people’s hearts. Thanks for being obedient.

  10. Wow! What an amazing story! I am sure God will bless you for reaching out to those women and sharing your beautiful songs with them. I’ll be keeping California, the families there, and your family in my prayers. God bless you and keep you!

  11. Phil, I just want you to know that my church had a prayer meeting tonight, and a lot of people prayed about the fire in California. I am kinda shy to pray out loud, but I was thinking about your family and church because I know they are located in CA, and just started praying silently in my head for their safety. I wasn’t even exactly sure if the fire was anywhere near them, I just felt like I needed to pray about it… and then I come home and saw that you posted this. God is awesome.

    I will keep praying!

    God Bless,


  12. im not on fire yet

  13. Phil that is amazing. Your just an amazing person. I can’t say anything else.

    I am keeping your family and everyone in SoCal in my prayers. I really am.

    oh and I just thought I would tell you..the CD player at my job will ONLY PLAY YOUR ALBUMS. I’m not lying. I tried to put a Falling Up CD in but it kept skipping. Your albums are the only ones that work. Not lying. At all. It skips but thats only because its a really old CD player and its really sensitive to bumps and movement. But your album is the only one that will actually play!

  14. I just interviewed a guy who works with the Red Cross in OC. You and your family (and everyone in the fires) are certainly in my prayers.

    That’s a sweet story about the women’s home, as well. I had the opportunity to spend a week with a mission team at a girls’ home in Nashville and it forever changed me (and those girls, God willing). There’s something powerful about sharing part of your heart with complete strangers. God always has something up His sleeve, doesn’t He?

    Take care out there!

  15. I attended your concert at the Big Easy and your music touched me. I know the rescue mission here in
    Boise that you are talking about and go to another self help group with many of these women. What an awesome gift you gave them. Bless you and keep you.

  16. My aunt lives in Escondido too and she had to evacuate, because of the smoke. I’ll be praying for your family and house. When I walk outside I can see fires left and right. Not close enough to get me, but visable to see the devastation. I know the Lord will use this for good. Hope everyones going to be alright. Including your family.*Praying* Everyone please keep these firefighters in prayer also. My piano teacher’s son is a firefighter and he hasn’t slept since the fire started. Keep safe Phil, hope everythings turns out fine.

  17. On to a happier subject, that’s amazing what you did at the rescue home. I’m sure those women were extremely blessed. With such powerful messages put in to your songs, I’m sure you got them thinking. Hope the Lord uses you in even more life changing ways. God Bless you Phil.

  18. i cant believe that youre in c.springs!! you should play a show there. seriously. actually, you should play a show in boulder cause i moved there for college. id force…i mean, recruit lots of people to come. haha. but seriously, your music is amazing! keep it up!

  19. I attended the concert in boise that night ever since have felt inclined to thank you for being so vunerable…to get up on a stage in front of thousands of people every night has to be pretty intimidating. Your music has blessed me so much. It continually challenges me to grow in my walk. I also want to thank you for going out of your comfort zone and ministering to those women. You and your family will be in my prayers along with the rest of SoCal. God Bless!

  20. Ok Phil, I was on Youtube and I found this awesome video. It’s a guy who’s singing “Divine Romance”, but in his interpretation. I am sure you’ll be blessed by it. Go to Youtube and type in “Divine Romance, worship song”. It should be the first one. Wow, so many people are being blessed by that song, including me. I am in the process of learning the guitar and my goal is to play that song. I tryed it on the piano, but it’s not the same. I hope you enjoy the video, I know I did. – Kim

  21. beautiful.

  22. Continuing in prayer for your family and all of SoCal. My parents and family live down there also. I echo your thought and prayer that we will hear many stories of people who have come to Christ through this devastation. “Father God have Mercy, Hold back the winds and bring a cleansing rain….and draw the unsaved to you….may they hear the Spirit call and come, Amen.”

  23. I pray every night for the fires in California because we live by them. We live in Oceanside and this is day two of waking up with ashes on the ground,smoke smell in the air, and the sun not showing through very much (more today then yesterday). I am thankful that we final have a break in the winds enough to get the fires contained. The I-5 was closed and part might still be when a fire by Camp Pendleton broke out early this morning. The fire in the rice canyon was coming towards the city of Oceanside by it turned east and went towards Fallbrook. Its really scarey that the whole state seems to be on fire. So we are praying for you and yours and all others involved. Keep us updated and check with your family if you havent already! blessings

  24. Hey Phil, glad God is using you at that women’s rescue mission. Things are crazy in San Diego. Me and my family have been praying non-stop for the fires to be put out and for the evacuees. No major ones in Oceanside yet but I’ve been keeping your family in prayer in Escondido as well as everyone else. I know God will use this for the good and to bring many to Him. Here’s a couple of verses He gave me: The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. James 5:16. God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble. psalm 46:1. The Lord, The Mighty One, is God, and he has spoken; he has summoned all humanity from where the sun rises to where it sets. From Mount Zion, the perfection of beauty, God shines in glorious radiance. Our God approaches and he is not silent. Fire devours everything in his way, and a great storm rages around him. He calls on the heavens above and earth below to witness the judgment of his people. “Bring my faithful people to me- those who made a covenant with me by giving sacrifice.” Then let the heavens proclaim his justice, for God himself will be the judge. Psalm 50.
    Keep California in prayer guys. God is working mightily here and will use this to bring many to Him.

  25. I hope your family and friends will stay safe and that this madness will soon come to an end.

  26. praying for you, your family and friends’ safety.

  27. hi Phil, i’m jean and i went to your concert at Fillmore Auditorium (Denver) tonight. my comment has nothing to do with your post, but i just wanted to drop a thank-you for the wonderful time of worship i was blessed with. for me, the highlight of tonite’s concert was the intimate, truth-filled time of worship God used you to take me into when you worship led. i needed it. i am reminded of the freedom found in surrendering to Christ in the midst of uncertainties. thanks for your song “Divine Romance” 🙂
    hope this would return to you at least a little bit of the blessing you are! praise God for revealing His beauty and glory through you!

  28. Just talked to my dad tonight…our cousins house in San Diego was just spared being burned. The fire took out all the houses coming up to theirs on the block and burned their fence and blew out the windows on the house. Thankfully they were not home at the time and are fine….and now living in a nearby hotel until the neighborhood can be inhabited again. They are believers and I know they will use this as a testimony in their witness of our God.

    Let’s also remember to pray for the fire fighters….I heard there is one women fire fighter who has been severely burned…they are working on little rest….God be with them.

  29. Hi Phil, saw you in Seattle a few days ago. It’s always amazing to see God’s love pouring through you. You are one of God’s blessings.
    On an unrelated note, I hope you and all of your fans go catch the movie “Bella” this weekend. The production company/director/lead actor are all Christians, and this movie was made to involve and inspire in this time of trouble and hatred.

  30. I don’t know if the fires are still going on right now but the air is pretty bad. My town Simi Valley was basically surrounded by the many that were on fire, in fact i think part of the town caught fire for a few hours, but now the air is horrible. i will pray for your family and friends that they would be safe. God Bless!
    …oh and the show at the Wiltern was awesome and the place itself gives off a cool vibe from the history. Hope the tour continues to go well and that it would be a blessing to both you and those who hear you. 🙂

  31. Awww… Simi Valley.

  32. As of today, Friday you can actually stand to breathe the air in Escondido.

    The reverse 911 saved many lives…we will never know how many. Thank God for this…and it was a lesson we learned from the Cedar fire unfortunate as it was.. 😦 The fires have been very devastating…but a great opportunity to minister and give to people who have lost their homes or been affected by it and cannot return due to smoke or fire damage, etc. Stay safe all. It’s just STUFF..we can’t take it with us!!

  33. Wish I could have seen you at the Big Easy. My husband and I saw Eisley there with the Colour. Pretty awesome. This was a couple of years ago though before we moved out east!

    It is funny but I know the radio station you speak of and the rescue mission! I wish I could have heard you sing like that—I love it when you just play guitar and sing—that is what I love about Jeff Buckley. You got it.

    And I can’t stop listening to track 1 on Cannons. Perfect.

    I would see you at the nine-thirty club, but we are a little afraid to go there, frankly! It is really sort of scary that way.

  34. Hey:)
    I think you’re just amazing Phil! I love your songs, and i wonder if you’re new cd is coming to Norway to? And are you going to Norway in the future? I discovered you on Youtube accidentally. and a week after I forgot your name and i got panic:P I searched everywhere on Youtube:) And then yesterday i found your videos,and i was so glad! My favourite song is I will wait for you<3 🙂

  35. And I love your voice:D! It’s so lovely to listen too:) Hope you will continue for a long time! I just wondered do you have your T-shirts in ane other colour? Or just grey?

  36. That seems like it was an awesome experience at the womens rescue place. Im glad you were blessed and I pray that you will continue to be blessed on the tour Phil.

  37. You know, Phil, we would be nothing without God. I thank God for you and pray that your desire would keep burning like a million stars as you keep reaching out to Him…gladly He is in your heart. May you…we continue to be men and women after God’s own heart as we give Him our world. Only our Lord Jesus Christ gave you the words and music that moves and trembles the mountains. Those words He has given you are so very applicable and pierces to the deepest of hearts. Wow! Our God is good, “…holy, great and mighty…I’m so unworthy, but still you love me–forever my heart will sing of how great You are…”

  38. hi
    where are u
    call me

  39. hey phil! talking about missions i hust went to mexicali for a mission trip it was like u said rough in the begining and at the ending it is very rewarding! hope to see a new blog! -kir

  40. Just a quick question. Why do you always wear V-necks and vests?Or do you just like clothing that begins with a “V” -a slightly concerned reader.

  41. I have some friends in Escindido who had to evacuate on Tuesday. They were able to come home Saturday, but they said many people lost everything. Is everyone you love ok?

  42. *Escondido

  43. I have a challenge for everyone today:


    Love ’em like Jesus

    Like REALLY love them

    No matter how weird, scary, or annoying they are, pray for God’s heart, His compassion.


    overlook yourself, mortify the flesh and LOVE.

    love you guys =)

    Forever His Clay <

  44. He likes V-necks and vests because they’re awesome.
    DUH (:
    He also likes Vans and…Uhhhhh…Violet colored pants.

  45. come back 😦


    someone please comment

  47. the natives are getting restless

  48. ZZZZzzzzzz…..ZZZZzzzzzz…….ZZZZZZzzzzz…….

    Someone wake me up when he comes back…

  49. Will do, Kim.
    ACK tomorrow is the grand prize drawing for the iPod in Philly’s contest.
    I wanna wiiiiiin 😀

  50. Oh my word, the part about the women chanting “men on floor, men on floor,” that’s protocol in women’s shelters (I used to volunteer at a women’s shelter). That’s so funny, I never thought about it from a male’s perspective…it must have been a freightening experience! I’m glad the women warmed up to you via your heartwarming music considering what they have been through in their abusive relationships with men (as trust with men is usually lost in those circumstances). May God continue to open the hearts of the broken with the music you create with your open heart. Thanks for sharing your reflective experience!

  51. My sister got to go to your show in Denver and I haven’t been that bummed out about missing something in a long time.
    Hope you’re doing well.
    We miss hearing from you, but I know you’re busy havin’ a blast.
    Take care. Hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

  52. Phillip.
    You have been gone for TWELVE days.
    We miss your well-written narratives about what happens in your very eventful life.

  53. Yes we do! And I heard you are/were in fort wayne!! The radio station shouldve invited me to come…because I have been asking them to play your songs for over a year now! Maybe they finally will!! 🙂

  54. Maybe he’s been playing at so many radio stations his fingers fell off and he can’t blog anymore. In the words of Kimmyb, “ZZZZzzzzzz…..ZZZZzzzzzz…….ZZZZZZzzzzz……” we are waiting patiently…

  55. Phil has been in Chicago for the last few days, and you ask where he is today? He is stopping by 5 radio stations today!


  56. i love reading these blogs from phil. I truly will never forget the days of 11-3-07 and 11-4-07… i saw you in chicago 3 times… definitely the best 2 days ever!! im so glad i had the chance to meet you again and take some pics… your music and you mean soo much to me phil.
    i cant wait to give u my special gift**!! special gift from amanda… haha.
    i hope everything is going well for u phil… this morning i woke up wanting to see more of you… this past weekend was so amazing, i could just watch you perform and lead us in worship all the time… haha :]
    cya in december philly wick!!
    thanks for coming here that many times… it means a lot to me for how tired u were that u stayed and talked with us and still performed… you’re truly a blessing.
    god bless,

  57. Is there any chance you were in Atlanta on the 3rd? I was watching a Mute Math show there that night and my sis thought she saw some dude that looked like you. I was like, I dunno, I read his blog but I don’t know what he looks like.

  58. *sings* Oohhhhh, how long must I wait for a new blog post???

    Hahaha 🙂

    Oh so that’s what he’s up to, Josh. I’m going to see him in concert on the 10th. I’m so excited! My youth group is going.

    I hope I get to meet you again, Phil 🙂

  59. Phil, I hope that the blessings were reciprocal at the women’s shelter. whomever brought up about trust in men being destroyed was on target! My family has been involved with the shelter in our town and it can be quite difficult to watch them walk the walk that they have to. I also hadn’t thought about the “men on floor” routine from a man’s perspective, that must be wierd. But, take heart, it is normal! I haven’t been able to see you out on tour yet, so come to Abilene! (tx) Sounds amazing, can’t wait for more updates! God Bless Phil! Hope everyone’s family in CA is doing well, conditions definately taken into account!

  60. And the Lord God said, ” It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to to him.” yea it just wasn’t right without us. very awsome part of Genisis 😉 lol. My sister and I love your music I can really connect to God when I sing them. I especially like, i will wait for you there, i adore you, always forever, and true love. I feel like i can tell God how much I love him when i sing them. I hope he takes care of your family and blesses your ministry.
    ❤ Cordova

  61. […] You can read the rest of this blog post by going to the original source, here […]

  62. Hi, this is way outdated but I was doing research tonight on the mission and happend to run across this page. I hate to be a party pooper since it was a great thing you did but the rescue mission you talk of is called City Light Womens Shelter that is run by the rescue mission of Boise but it is not the rescue mission. Also the local Boise radio station is KTSY and its not in Boise, its in Caldwell and the metal station in located in Twin Falls. Anyways, I figure seeing as I live here I thought I would share. I lead worship twice a month at the Boise Rescue Mission and its definitely a humbling experience playing worship to these guys who have nothing (including God) God Bless you and keep up the good work,look me up next time you come into town

  63. Hey! That’s City Light! That place does a lot of good for women and children. I used to play there when I was in college. The current director is an awesome lady who is very dedicated to those ladies.

    I really glad that you got a chance to go there.

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