Who is B-Wack? This is:

B-Wack, otherwise known as Bilbo-The-Beatmaster, Soulpatch, or Jeremy, plays drums for the David Crowder Band. Every night he performs his percussive wizardry from his throne of leather and steel. With wooden sticks in hand, and a full heart in his chest he beats his instrument into submission with such commanding force that leaves every listener awestruck and wanting more. And today I sit beside him in a small starbucks in El Paso, Texas exploring the “WWW” for that which may arrest our attention.
Today is a day off. The first breather of a few that we have during this seven week tour. Last night was a great way to end the first leg. We played at the only outdoor venue of the whole tour. It was hot, it was humid, and it was very country.
Even the name of the venue says it: “Floore’s Country Store”. This is one of the most interesting venues I have ever played. Sitting a few miles outside of San Antonio this country store was not much of a store at all, but a weathered and historic venue that has had the likes of B.B. King and Willie Nelson singing from the stage. Though Floores sits a bit off of the beaten path, the 3200 person venue was a few hundred oversold, which always makes for a fun time.
It was a great night. So thanks to all who came out for it.
Tomorrow is Albuqueque. Looking forward to it.


~ by philwickham on October 8, 2007.

63 Responses to “B-Wack”

  1. Phil- We are all praying for you and asking the Lord to keep you nestled in the cleft of His arm. I’d also like to add how blessed it is for this fellow believer in Christ when I read your blogs. You are always authentic yet, encouraging. It is a testament to the workings of the Holy Spirit. I know (especially from Brody’s blogs) 🙂 that there are plenty of not so pleasant things and moments you could blog about. I do not know if you pray before you blog but, I have to say it sure seems like it. Humor, heart, humility…but, no negativity or judgement or ungrateful spirit. It feels like you work very hard to process difficult tour times with the Lord and your discerning Christian companions and family. The Lord will honor that. It seems that things are going well for you in this season of your life but, I’d just like to send a word and prayer of encouragment to you. If it is not needed today, tuck it away for another time. Remember – our sufferings need never be in vain. When we allow God to minister to us in our trials, He is glorified, the church is edified, and we are qualified for greater reward!
    In Jesus name – Melody

  2. Looks like you guys are having fun. You really like starbucks don’t you, well me too so I can’t say anything negative. Keep smiling and spreading the word of our God in heaven, he alone is worthy too be praised. Also, your hair is looking good, is there any haircut that doesn’t look good on you. Hey I found one, a bald haircut, have fun guys. You’re my example, thanks.

  3. Hey Phil are you gonna write a book or something because lately your posts have been unusually well written.

    I’ll buy it.

  4. Sounds fun.
    Is your facial hair different again? Lol. It just looks different.
    And, I think your posts are always well written, as are your songs.. I cannot stop listening to the CD.

  5. Floore’s Country Store is the place to be. I know you probably don’t listen to country music, and Texas Country at that…but Robert Earl Keene did a live CD from there. Great stuff man. take care of brody & watch out for those perverted runners. hahaha…that story cracked me up.

  6. It’s been a few days since I have been able to read up on your blog and “WOW!” To my suprise (ok, not so much suprise, but more like excitement) you have been very busy. I love all the pictures and the exciting tour news. Did you get a white chocolate mocha at Starbucks?– it is truly my favorite drink there. One of your previous blogs talked about the bridge in one of your songs that says “Jesus is alive” and how excited you are to get to that point. I am again so very blessed to read how eager and passionate you are about sharing the gospel through the music. It is amazing. I was on a road trip to VT this weekend and spent much time listening to your CD (no not Cannons– sorry I haven’t gotten it yet) 🙂

  7. B-Wack = batman + wickham attack

  8. whos batman

    anyway call me back hoemas
    see ya this weekend

    and maybe we’ll go to the hip spot in downtown and take a cool pic of us or i dont know what im saying but ya. i wanna see your face mr flowers!
    cal me now

  9. so…ever considered a career in journalism…you have the makings of a fine reporter…

  10. Saw brody’s post about the runner. Hilarious. Lucky you!

  11. Oh geze. Bilbo-The-Beatmaster is the funniest nickname ever. Thanks for the laugh…

  12. Phil,

    If you do indeed read these replies, let me just say; you are truly an inspiring human being. This is coming from a person who is very agnostic in his beliefs. I may not agree with you on some things but to see a ‘soul’ so clear and well, happy, is just extremely refreshing and exactly what I needed at point in my life, just to know there are still people out there who are so selfless and open. You’re just so devout and courageous in your beliefs, something beyond rare in the media you’re exploring, and you simply radiate graceful things in your music and expressions, it’s beautiful, and wonderful to see.

    I can’t really tell you how beautiful the music you create is, because you already know that, but what makes it beautiful are the beliefs they’re grounded on, without that purity, that soul, they wouldn’t mean more than any other song. Please never stray from the path you follow and continue to enlighten others through your wonderful songs.

    Not sure what else to say, but thank you, thank you so damn much.


  13. A comment for Melody… Your beautiful heart of encouragement is releasing the fragrance of the love and grace of Christ. It refreshes my soul.

    A comment for Martin… You are loved beyond all you could ever dream or imagine. The God who watches over you…and delights just to hear you breathe…is calling out your name. I believe King Jesus is using Phil Wickham and others…to simply share His heart with you. You’re in my prayers.

    To the dear Mr. Wickham who hosts a vehicle that Jesus can use (this blog)…may you continue to run fast…looking to the clouds. He is coming! 🙂

  14. Phil;

    Anointed set u played in San Antonio, Texas Sunday night, we appreciate you coming down bro! God is so great! I will never be able to understand the immense quality of Love He has for us; He understands and can relate to every feeling, emotion, trial, tribulation, and temptation you go through- May you find your rest in Him during your intense and adventurous tour.

    Perhaps this may be a completely random question, but how are your t-shirt sales going so far? Correct me if I am wrong but I noticed on Sunday night at the show that there was not merchandise set up for you as far as t-shirts, I have only seen the 2 styles on your website. You’re probably thinking, what kind of t-shirt freak is sending me messages now, I assure you I am not a t-shirt freak, but I do design clothing and accessories- ok let me just get to the point, the reason for my random inquiry is in regards to a t-shirt design I made as a gift for you.

    I am sure you get wild and cwazy fans so I won’t ask for a particular location to ship to you this item for your own privacy sake, but if indeed you are interested in receiving this custom-made t-shirt, I can send you pics of the finished product via email or whatever is most convenient to you, that way you can see what you think.

    Once again, this t-shirt design is a gift for you; God has put it in my heart to do. If you like the turnout from what you see, you can email me and we can make arrangements to send it to you.

    So when you get a chance let me know if you are interested that way I can set up a couple of exclusive pictures within the next month, and don’t worry I don’t expect a quick response, I know you have a marvelously busy and holy schedule!

    God Bless you and your family Phil,


  15. Dude, may I suggest locking Brody on the balcony when he doesn’t have a cell phone.

  16. I am now enjoying the epic sounds of the new album (just got it yesterday). I am speechless. Can’t wait to hear it all live, and especially at Cain’s Ballroom. It’s a little smelly and old, but it’s a piece of Tulsa history. A small army of my friends I will be there to witness the whole thing. 🙂

    Traveling mercies to you, Brody and all the other kids on the road with ya.

  17. Shawn- Do you want him to break his ankles or something?

  18. Yes probably.
    Bad Shawn.
    Ha not really. It wouldn’t be funny if he got seriously hurt but it’d be funny if Brody gets stuck without his cellphone. Then it will really test if Brody is really willing to break his ankles to get off the four inch balcony (:

  19. no I don’t want Brody to break his cankles.

  20. uhhhhh…Shawn….just exactly where are Brodys CANKLES…????? LOL

  21. Oh they’re probably around the…or actually under the…or maybe above the…Hmmm.

    The mysteries of life. Like the function of the appendix.

  22. You were in El Paso?! That’s where I live! Oh man, I wish you could have played in concert here….I saw you in concert…uh….was it a year ago? You had just released your first CD. Anyway, you have a LOT of fans here, you will always be welcomed with open arms should you decide to have a concert here. God bless!

  23. the area where his calf and ankle blends.

  24. Oh see that makes sense ;]
    Now being a medical whiz, what the heck does the appendix do?

  25. The appendix is believed be part of your immune system and helps maintain the proper level of bacteria in your intestine. I don’t have mine anymore though.

  26. Emphasis on BELIEVED.
    It’s like wisdom teeth. They serve no real purpose, but nevertheless they bother a lot people and then they have to get it [appendix] or them [teeth] removed surgically. Fun.
    I have to get my wisdom teeth out next year. Bleh.
    Ya know this is a very nice conversation to have on Phil’s blog comments.

  27. The thing that sticks out most in reading your blogs is that you go to Starbucks. Like, a lot. And the reason that this stands out is simply because Starbucks is my second home, basically.

    So I say that when your in the northern New Jersey area and you’re feeling a little parched and your throat is all dry, and you happen to be passing a mall so full of filthy rick people that even the name sounds “snobbish”, if you will (seriously: The Mall at Short Hills… what is that?!) I’d say stop in, and I’ll give you a free Americano. A venti. =)


    Happy day!!

  28. that is “rich”… I don’t even know what a “rick” person is…

  29. Shawn….so, you have an “improper” level of bacteria roaming around in there…it figures,…..lol….. 🙂

  30. Okay Phil- It’s about time for a new topic. You have them talking (ok-typing) about unnecessary body parts, bacteria & starbucks. Not a good combination! Hope you enjoyed your down time & that you got some well deserved R&R! You’re awesome- See you in 30 days & counting! Looking forward to a sweet high five! lol

  31. you got a stasche!

  32. batman doesnt have an appendix
    neither does tofer brown who co-wrote Must I Wait

    crazy huh

  33. Haha good point, Kim.

  34. Thanks Raquel !!! lol.

  35. Phil …
    It’s been 5 days. 5 days.

  36. Count ’em.

  37. Alright, i am stoked, i AM EXCITED, but I am plain tired. So tired, on such a dreary looking day, that I am not in the concert-sort-of mood. BUT, there is something lingering in the cold air outside of the bookstore I work in. It is whispering my name. Wiltern…..Wiltern….Wiltern. So tonight, I grab my jacket, and journey to the Wiltern to worship my King. Enjoy the beauty of grey clouds that have been hiding from sunny so. cal, and I will see you tonight.

  38. hurry up

  39. Phil,

    I purchased your CD only two days ago. I feel as if I have a lot to say about it, but I’ll be as brief as possible.

    You have progressed so, SO much since “Give You My World.” It’s not that your voice is “better” or your songs are “better,” but you seem to now create a central message, or focus, and illuminate a unique atmosphere within each song.It gives me hope as a musician as well to keep trying new things while being bold in the songs that Lord has given you–I believe that is what you do!

    I have been listening to the song “Beautiful” over and over. It’s pure, it’s simple, I love it. Can I just tell you that I was listening to that song in my car, and the Holy Spirit filled it when I was listening to it. His face is beautiful.

    Thank you for pouring life into song and lyrics. God bless you.

  40. SO….WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO MICHIGAN!!!!??? hmm….^^

    (Romans 12) God bless and JESUS LOVES YOU!

  41. Soon to be one week. 7 days.Gracious.
    Brody … some help?…..

  42. Hi Phil, I was at the Wiltern and was blessed to worship with you. You have an amazing voice. Love your songs.

  43. give me your scooter?
    happy bday

  44. Yay for Michigan! I’m with you there, Elizabeth.

  45. Phil Wickham. you are just wayyyy too phantasmagorical for your own good. why oh why aren’t you EVER coming back to Virginia Beach land? devastation.
    have a super stellar day, mister. :]

  46. Phil come to South Florida, too.
    I was at a Kutless/Newsboys concert last night and it was amazing. I even met and talked to Kutless a bit. They’re ultra cool. You know if you don’t come quick I will make Kutless my new favorite, since they are nice enough to come down to South Florida and I won’t ever comment your blog ever again :[

  47. And now … it’s been one week.
    Thought you’d like to know.

  48. Hey Phil…What ya doin’????? uhhh…Phil ????? Bloggers to Phil….come in Phil…..

  49. Phil,
    Dude…last nights show at the Fillmore was epic.

    I’ll confess that I hadn’t heard of you before the show (we’ve been Crowder fans since the “suburban and a trailer” days)…but your voice, passion, charisma, etc are amazing.

    You are truly blessed with talent…and we have been blessed to hear you. Praise God!

  50. hes not going to south florida
    get over it

  51. Phil, you were AWESOME at the Fillmore last night. Rock on, and may God continue to grow your incredible talent.

  52. I am soon going to stop checking back for a new post … haha.

  53. I already stopped checking =(

    No new posts and my Cannons cd has still yet to come in the mail.

    I am sad.

  54. Phil,
    The wiltern was great. To be honest, we left before David Crowder, shhh…don’t tell him. But we had been pinned against the back wall of the first tier. The worship was phenomenal! I was surpirsed though, I was having a wonderful time singing along, and I only heard one other girl singing with me (and you). I guess I figured the world knew about you too…not just everyone at Calvary Chapel. BUT, ALL those people got introduced to the gift you have been given. I heard a lot of people saying they hadn’t known who you were but loved it. Thank you for your nice acoustic worship set, and tell your one man band, Gibson, that he did good too =). Praise God!

    Your Sister in Christ >

  55. Philly, i want to thankyou for your music. It is an amazing gift from God and has gotten me through some really tough weeks. Jesus is amazing!

  56. Yay, My Cannons cd came in the mail today finally. It’s phenomenal! I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite out of your cds. All the songs are just… so inspiring. Amazing lyrics. God bless 🙂

  57. Phil….???

    Uhhhh…..I think we need a new blog…I for one am tired of seeing B-Wack…I am sure he is a nice guy and all but, geez….give us some of your wonderful witty insight to the happenings on the road !!!! Brody is keeping up his end pretty well…even with all the drama he has been going through….lol !!!!!

    still. even without the blogs….whimper, whine, whimper…..I am glad to see you are touching so many lives….through the working of the Holy Spirit !!! Praise Him for He is worthy to be praised.

  58. Ephesians 1:3-9, 15-23, 2:4-10, 3:14-21, 5:15-21, 6:10-20, 23-24.

    Praise our Beautiful – Reigning – and Coming Kimg Jesus! Praise Him – for He is worthy of all praise, all glory, and all honor. Amen. 🙂

  59. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh how long must I wait for you to bloooooog?
    ‘Cause I’m so bored, oh I’m TOO bored.”

  60. This was a sweeeeet performance!! my group was sitting near the bottom left hand of your picture. it was fun cause i got to go down to the floor with some of my friends, somehow we got like 5 floor tickets and got a bunch of people down there. we danced and it was an awesome time!

  61. I was at that show at Floores. Its a shame that you saw the country side of San Antonio; Floores is literally about a mile outside of SA. I must say, you played an amazing show – I absolutely LOVED IT! The outside venue concert was awesome. All the Christian concerts I’ve ever gone to were a bit boring because they were all in seats, and this was the first one I had gone to that was G.A. & I love outside shows, which both equaled AMAZING! Sorry about the weather. . . it was gross. But our weather now is fantabulous.

    Here is a clip of your show from that night. Enjoy!

  62. Sweet Rhodes Mark I on stage! I just bought an ’81 Mark II 73-key recently! It’s awesome!

  63. Hey Phil! I am a HUGE fan!!! I am also a HUGE fan of the David Crowder Band, well of course I am, my cousin is B-Wack! I am inspired by your music, when I grow up I want to be a Christian singer, also a Special Ed Teacher, also a wedding planner, well any way yours and DC*B’s music both inspire me so much, thanks very much for the wonderful music you write!!!

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