La Zona Rosa

Last night we played at La Zona Rosa in Austin, Texas.
As an empty room it’s not much to look at. Asphalt floors, bare walls, a few large stacks of speakers, and a sour smell hanging in the air from the years of sweat and rock that has taken place on it’s wooden stage. But things changed once the show began. The entire place was packed. “Sold Out” as they say in the “biz”. And despite the kinks and bumps that always rear their ugly heads at the beginning of any tour, the show was great.
The Myriad opens the show with their epic sounds. If you don’t know about their music then you should go check it out. It’s rad. The David Crowder Band Headlines. I think that they’re the best at what they do. And I’m smashed there in the middle.

Today we arrived in Dallas. We’re playing at the house of blues here tonight and it is amazing. Can’t wait to show you guys some pictures of it tomorrow.

So there are two buses on this tour. One holds the David Crowder Band and their peeps. The other holds myself, Brody, the Myriad guys and some of the crew. There are twelve bunks and there are twelve of us. It’s cozy. Good thing everyone is cool.

Until next time


~ by philwickham on October 5, 2007.

29 Responses to “La Zona Rosa”

  1. It’s nice to be in the middle, look at the good side your always warm. Hope you guys are having fun. Keep up the amazing work, you’re an amazing example of a christian. I’m praying for you guys everyday. See you in San Diego.

  2. Oh and congratulations on the sold out shows. You guys are defenately touching lives with your modern sound on worship. God is using you so powerfully, isn’t he awesome. It’s funny to hear that even non-christians enjoy you’re music, but great non the less. Keep that great humble smile on. God bless you.

    From a friend in San Diego, Ca.

  3. Wow you guys are pretty snug in that bus, actully I’ll be praying for you guys twice a day. Keep cool, even though you’ll be pretty warm. Love you guys.

  4. I want

  5. to leave

  6. three comments, too!
    I’m taking that picture of you.
    Go Brody.

  7. At least I think it was Brody.
    Whoops that’s four.

  8. It was my first time having the first comment, I got a little excited. Hey raquel, what does TWG stand for? My guess is “The Wickham Girl”, is that right?

  9. If it is that’s kinda weird, but entertaining non the less.

  10. Hehe.
    Actually it’s the Weather Girl.
    Fomr a ircleslide song called ‘Weather Boy’ hence my blog’s name, “Today’s Forecast” 😀
    But I might change it now. Thanks, haha.

  11. No problem! It just seemed a little obvious, but hey if you like it, take it and run with it. I’m sure Phil would be happy, a little alarmed, but still happy.

  12. Oh he is way past alarmed when it comes to me.

  13. That’s funny, so I guess that just means we’re left with happy.

  14. I do not know what else to leave except for a :]

    I still need to get your new album.

    ARG. Me has no monies.

    I is sad.

  15. Response to Hannah Clark: Why are you always broke? It seems like every post, you’re crying about your financial problems. Don’t worry I’ll pray that you find a hundred dollar bill lying around somewhere and you can go buy the album. No need to thank me, it really looks like you could use the money. Let us know when you find it. Cause with God everything is possible!

  16. Hey Phil- The middle is a great place to be! Take the twinkie for instance- The best part of the twinkie in my opinion is the middle! I’m sure the best part of the Remedy Tour- for me- will be the middle as well! Thanks for the insight as to what goes on “behind the scenes”-as they say in the “biz”. Life on the road is not as glamorious as one would think- Thanks none-the-less for doing it anyway- in God’s name. Are you on the top, bottom or middle bunk? And Who snores the loudest- I’d guess Brody huh? Just curious??? lol

  17. Yeah, the middle of an oreo is the best part too! You’re blessed!

  18. i cant wait to see u when u come here on november 1!! im excited… good luck
    iN CHRiSt,

  19. Just keep praying Raquel, and God will answer you’re prayer. Phil’s bound to go to Miami someday, right. Who doesn’t want to go to Miami, I know I do.

  20. Hey did he delete my comments :O
    Oh Phil did you actually think I could get mad at you?

  21. Raquel ….thanks for your help!!!!! 🙂 ……i still need wayyyy more !!! lol.

  22. btw……fantastic pic of the concert Brody !!!!!

  23. I surely hope God answers my prayer.
    I mean it says in Psalm 37:4, “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart”.

    C’mon Phil when I start using biblical references you know I’m serious.

  24. i love batman

  25. Hey Guys…I finally have my own blog going…not a lot on it yet….but, check it out ….and see if I am able to work this thing as well as the rest of you do.You can click on my pics and comment…hopefully I will be posting some more in future. Thought I would start off with the Family.

    Phil, you should comment my page….you know…cuz it’s new and all…..and I put a link to you….so, the millions of peeps I know will be able to check out your stuff too!!!! (disclaimer…I do not know a million peeps.)

  26. Me neither.
    I personally think those little yellow, chick-shaped marshmallows are pretty gross.

  27. they don’t even taste good. the little marshmellow peeps.

  28. Hey Phil, glad to hear to tour is off to a great start. Cannons is a permanent fixture in the car these days, and it reminds me to pray for you and the rest of the guys on the tour. I know your blessing and being blessed!

    Remind me again why you’re not coming to Memphis? Nashville? Seriously… 🙂

  29. To Kimberly: Thank you. I think I do complain a little too much, but I guess thats just cause I’ve been a bit stressed lately. I barely make enough money to pay my mom rent. :/ haha, thats the part about college I hate the most. No money. All your money goes to college. Nowhere else.

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