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Hey friends,
First of all, thanks so much to all of you who have been spreading the word about “Cannons”. Your support is much appreciated.
Hopefully all of you who have pre-ordered the record have received your copy in the mail, and I also hope that if you never pre-ordered it then you picked up the CD somewhere, whether it be in physical or digital form.

I wanted to let you guys know about this thing I’m starting up called a “Mobile Mob”. It’s just another way to be able to stay connected with all of you. It’s easy to sign up too, and you get a free “True Love” ringtone after you sign up.

To Join the Mobile Mob: Text PHIL to 66937, get a free ringtone, tell your friends!

Thanks again everyone for all the support. Tonight the tour is in Austin, Texas at “La Zona Rosa”. Hope all of you Austinians can make it out to the show.


~ by philwickham on October 4, 2007.

31 Responses to “Join the Mob”

  1. Oh yeah we can text you or on that thing.
    But uh you never reply back.

  2. ah

  3. Thanks Phil for doing this. This is great. I love my new ringtone of True Love. So awesome!

  4. Phil… my preorder is on backorder… not sure how that works. Be sure to thank INO for putting up the “Listening Party!”

  5. i for sure got it… actually have 2 copies now!! :]
    i tried that mob thing a week or so ago and tried a few days after and the ringtone wont load…: /
    good luck tonite :]
    god bless,

  6. How long will this be going on for? I dont have a phone right now 😦

  7. Hey Phil….I am Italian….are you making fun of my Famailia….cuz I know a guy….lol. Actually I am only half Italian, so, I will over look the Mob reference….cuz once you are in….you are in for life!!!!! Don’t tell Vinnie I told you though…..he has a trunk full of horse heads…….

    btw….you mentioned having New Orleans roots…..but, you meant like they lived there right….someone else asked too….What is your nationalities???? I know for sure that Wickham is from England so, I am assume your dad is partly British….do you have some French going on there….that would tie in The New Orleaniness. Well, I am asking…..but, not sure if you will be able to respond….HEY BRODY…..CAN YOU ASK PHIL SO THAT YOU CAN RESPOND….CUZ IT WOULD BE COOL TO KNOW….AND COULD YOU GET HIM TO ANSWER THE SUPER HERO QUESTION…..PLEASE…..THANKS, YOUR A PEACH !!!

  8. i am the only super hero in his life

  9. YES.
    So many things I wanna know.
    Where in the world is Phillip’s family from?
    And just tell them you love Superman.
    Because great minds think a like and you an I have pretty great ones indeed.

  10. alike*

  11. oops…..I said your a peach…I meant you are/you’re a peach….duh….don’t tell my kids….I homeschool them and they will give ME a failing grade…lol.

    Hi Raquel !!!!!!

  12. Hey Kim (:
    I saw your comment on Brody’s most recent blog entry and I thought, “I guess she went to Starbucks without me.”

    Haha but hyper is good.
    I need some coffee.

  13. I pre-ordered your CD and I got it on October 2nd. I’ve been listening ever since. I love all the new songs, I love to sing them in my car, they are great prayer songs. Keep up the great work, by God’s grace.

  14. Phil,
    The CD is anointed. I have been so blessed by it, and God is continuing to use it to touch me. Thanks for following Him.

  15. You and the DCB are touching so many lives. It’s amazing to see God work. Did you ever think as a child that God would use you to spread his word so powerfully? Probably not, but aren’t you glad he can use us sinners to do such powerful evangelism. Keep up the humble, amazing passion, love, and kindness you have, because it makes people wonder what you got, and you just tell them Jesus. I’m praying for you guys every day, see you in San Diego. Have fun in Texas, make sure you do some square dancing. Take a picture and post it on your blog, that would be funny to see a guy in a V-neck square dancing. I love your style, if I were a guy I’d dress just like you. Anyways take care and God bless you.

    from a friend in San Diego, Ca.

  16. Phil, two days and counting until I get to see you in Houston!!! My friends and I are so pumped! WE look forward to hearing songs like After Your Heart and Sailing on a Ship. We’re also hoping to hear some oldies too! Especially “Grace” We love that song and would love to hear it in your set here!

  17. we don’t all square dance in Texas.
    i’ve never square danced in my life.
    i’ve never been riding on a horse either.
    less than two days and you’ll be back in H-town phil!!! yay!!!
    and i so have a surprise for you. you’ll laugh. i hope. 🙂


  19. Phil you rocked tonight!!! Great job! Everyone at the DCB concert was talking about you when you ended. Hope you had fun here in Austin!

  20. are there fees attached to being in the “Mob?” haha 🙂
    it’ll be worth it either way…

  21. Hey,
    This is Kim B.
    I created a blog so from now on my name will say Kimmyb.

    Just letting you all know 🙂

  22. Dear Phil,
    He chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things – and the things that are not – to nullify the things that are, so that no one may boast before him (1 Corinthians 28-29)

    Your humility last night (Remedy Tour, Austin Texas, Oct. 4) is a great encouragement to me. It is a blessing to see a brother in Christ worship God not only through music but through life. Your sensitivity to the fact that Jesus is still alive in us reminds us how we should live our lives; with the knowledge that Jesus lives.

    If we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord. (Romans 14:8)

    Continue letting God take the reigns and remaining in Him and His overflowing love!

    -Paul Liang

  23. HEY GUYS!!!!

  24. I know I am really lame….but, let me try this….if it didn’t work..then, I am missing a step and need HELP!!!!….lol

  25. A quick comment on a comment…

    Paul Liang…I say “amen” to what you said above…and I pray you’ll continue to exercise the beautiful gift you’ve been given…encouragement. Oh, how the Body needs to love the Word, love our King, and love each other fervently!

    We love and seek to honor You – King Jesus! Be glorified!!

  26. Hey Phil! I’ll be seeing you in Houston! You’ve been here several times and I’ve never been about to go, so I’m really excited that I’ll actually be there this time!! I’m not sure what you’re doing from your last album these days, but like a previous commenter, I would really love to hear “Grace”. But, I’m so glad I’ll be there, and I’m excited to hear whatever you’re doing.

  27. I’m really sad. I’m not allowed to send or even RECIEVE text messages. Cingular stinks, they charge to much money. I wish I could do that.

  28. I agree with Paul Liang, Phil worships God through his music and life so wonderfully. He is an amazing example to me of how a christian should live there life. Praising God through every thing they do. Let man see you glorify God through your life, not your works. All glory to God. May we all praise God through are actions. Can I get an amen. I’m not penecostal, I just like a good amen. Say it with me “Amen!”

  29. KIM GOT A BLOG. Woot.
    I’ll teach you how to link to your blog.
    Just go to “My Profile” and where it says “Contact Info” there’s a spot labled “Website”. There you put “” [minus the quotations, haha] and click “Update Profile” 😀

  30. did it, now I am going to see if I can load it 🙂

  31. yes…your new record is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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