A Little Friendly Competition

The date is September 27th, 2007. The time is 4:19 PM. I am in San Diego. The sun is shining. A breeze is blowing. The birds are singing. To my right hand lies an iced Americano. To my left sits my celly. It has had a busy day. Final preparations, last minute decisions, ordering this, picking up that. There has been much to do, yes, much to do, for the time draws nigh. We are within the final week of waiting. Come this Tuesday, twelve songs will be officially released under the umbrella of a single word: “Cannons”. Even now they sit in their cardboard prisons, waiting in the musty dark for one such as yourself to free them from their current state and give them the listen that they so desire. For that is why they were created. Hewn from experience and emotion, fashioned in love, they simply ask you to lend an ear (as well as a small fee of anything from $9.99 to $20.00, depending upon the retailer). I am writing today, on behalf of these songs, to seek your aid. The circumstance is woebegone, but all is not lost. Their story must be told. The message proclaimed from whatever edifice you can climb. Here, on this site, we have provided one such edifice. Bookending this post you will find a link, a gateway if you will. Should you choose to help, then you need only click the link above or below (didn’t want ya to miss it) and further directions will guide your way. Oh, and you’ll be entered into a contest to win some fun stuff including an ipod. Who wouldn’t want a free ipod right?

I’ve also been reading this book by Tolkien called “The Children of Hurin”. The whole “world stacked against a hero” theme seems to have rubbed off on me.

Oh, and one more thing. If you don’t have a myspace then forget I mentioned anything about a contest. It has to do with your myspace profiles, so if you don’t have one then think nothing of it.


~ by philwickham on September 27, 2007.

87 Responses to “A Little Friendly Competition”

    Phillip, everyone knows already.
    Gosh catch up on your comment reading, will ya?
    But we still love you.
    A lot.

  2. Plus the new post made you blog all weird.
    But anything to get a free iPod, right?

  3. I’m reading Tolkien’s Children of Hurin too!!! It’s quite an interesting book.
    Entered the contest already. 🙂
    Your writing style is very entertaining. You should be a writer… oh wait. haha
    Can’t wait to see ya on Tuesday!
    God Bless!

  4. I am on My Space and I do have a profile where I plug Jesus and Phil and Evan “religously” (pun intended) 🙂 and I have Phil in my friend’s (how do you differentiate “Top Friends”) and I definately have Phil’s music on my “player”… but, I am ashamed to say I can be technilogically challenged and do not know how to set his default pic as mine nor can I get the banners to be on my profile page. How’s that for the longest run-on sentence ever? Can some kind-hearted soul have pity and help me figure this out. It is all in the name of spreading God’s message through Phil’s music… pretty puh-leese……………(and thank you in advance)! God bless

  5. Yes… we do know. And I already entered. I think I should win… My birthday is October 20th… that should win something, right? Hehe.

  6. My birthday’s on May 25th. That would be 5.25 and that’s probably what you’d spend on a plain v-neck at Walmart. That’s PRETTY important.

    Besides when is Phil’s birthday?
    It’s nowhere on the Internet and Phil is too cool to come down here [I guess] so I could never ask him.

  7. I like competition. 🙂

  8. ;p I entered the contest the first day it was started…kinda.

    http://myspace.com/hannahbanena – SEEE! I EVEN POSTED A BLOG!!!!

    I think I should start posting bulletins about the album.


  9. I remember Phil saying it was April 5th. He came to my college on April Fool’s and he said that his birthday was on the 5th. I remember that only because I made a note of it on my cell calendar that day and I scrolled back to see it. So, ladies and gents… Phil’s birthday is April 5th.

  10. ok….if his birthday is the 5th of april …I should win everything…cuz my moms b-day is the 5th…..and my b-day is april 25th. so, I am pretty sure that is important in the overall scheme of things……no objections…..great !!!!….I win Phil…..you can just save the postage and bring it all on by….Raquel…hop a plane girl and we will get Phil to drive around with us…we can take him thru the drive thru at starbucks !!!!!!!

  11. Although it doesn’t beat the fact that your mom’s birthday is the same day as Phil’s presumed birthday…my mom’s is the 18th, mine is the 24th, and my dad’s is the 26th. Weird, huh?
    Totally stoked for Canons. I’m taking my little sis to Phil’s concert Jan. 3, which just happens to fall on her birthday (apparently she was not clued in on the April thing 🙂 ) So excited!!!!
    < God bless!

  12. I have a blog. And I do have a myspace, but my husband is working on all that. Any way to get the banner on my blog?

  13. Wow, I love the way you write.

  14. I am on My Space and I do have a profile where I plug Jesus and Phil and Evan “religously” (pun intended) 🙂 and I have Phil in my friend’s (how do you differentiate “Top Friends”) and I definately have Phil’s music on my “player”… but, I am ashamed to say I can be technilogically challenged and do not know how to set his default pic as mine nor can I get the banners to be on my profile page. How’s that for the longest run-on sentence ever? Can some kind-hearted soul have pity and help me figure this out. It is all in the name of spreading God’s message through Phil’s music… pretty puh-leese……………(and thank you in advance)! God bless

    Melody Milbrandt

    In answer to your question:
    1) To set a default pic:
    ~Go to phil’s pics; right click and save his default pic.
    ~go to your account where it says “upload/change photos”
    ~at the top it will say “upload photos”
    ~upload the photo
    ~then it will have you add a caption, and click next. After you click next, there will be a button that says “set as default”. Click that.

    2: Banners
    ~click on phil’s banner
    ~click on view banners
    ~highlight and copy the code for the banner you like best
    ~then go to your site and click “edit profile”
    ~under whatever section you like (“about me”, “who I’d like to meet”, etc.), right click and paste the banner code. Then save changes
    ~Voila! you did it!!

    hope that helps!

  15. It’s a plan, Kim!
    And he has to sit in the back seat.
    So I really hope you can drive.
    And if Phil has any objections to this then he can tell us himsef but since he PROBABLY won’t reply, we’re good to go.

  16. And thanks for the birthday info.
    Ya know, I had weird feeling that his birthday was in April for no apparent reason. CREEPY.

    It’s cool because my other friend who is also is the music biz [he’s the lead singer of Circleslide] has his birthday on the 2nd of April so they’re pretty close together. Cool.

  17. ANya- that is so funny about the April birthdays, We both seem to have filled the month up….but, you don’t mind if I win…do ya ??? LOL……

    Raquel- Oh ya….I can drive. And you’re right….I don’t think he will comment a protest. So as soon as he drops off my ipod I will throw him in the back seat…so, he can sing. while I drive to Florida and pick you up for some starbucks…then we can just drive around Miami with him singing ….it will be lots of fun….of course the part where I go to jail for kidnapping Phil Wickham wont be to fun….but do you think they will let me keep the ipod??????

  18. Ha that’s what we want him to think.
    And hey sure keep the iPod I already have one.
    Besides I bet Phil Wickham would get me one, too ;]

  19. phil wickham bought me an iphone

  20. you bet he would Raquel !!!!!!

    Why would Phil buy Batman an iphone ???
    doesn’t he already have the Bat phone ????????

  21. YEAH.
    If anyone deserves a phone it would be Superman.
    Everyone agrees with me when I say that SUperman would beat Batman in a fight. He has the superpowers.

    As a nice segway,
    Does anyone here watch Smallville?

  22. Woah I spelled that wrong.
    Yeah there are time where logic takes over the way words are actually supposed to be spelled. HA.
    But I mean a segway is a personal transportation device which is also pretty cool.

  23. I’m in. Nicely written post, by the way.

  24. i deserve it and phil wickham loves batman more than superman.
    batman and phil wickham = bffs

  25. Hey you know, my friend called you emo. Not joking around, I promise.
    And the reason was really funny.
    I’d tell you but you’re gonna have to comment me back.
    so I’ll either have the pleasure of you talking to me or the pleasure of you not knowing the reason why you’re emo.

  26. I’m talking to Phil, by the way. Sometimes we forget whose blog this is. Haha.

  27. Phil, you are gonna have to do a CD with you just singing with a guitar so I can listen to it at college. God bless. Keep in His truth. Just keep focusing on Him!

  28. i am phil wickham

  29. Hey Batman (and you are not Phil)….I don’t even think that Phil would be BFF’S with Batman….he probably wouldn’t even hang out with Superman….He just doesn’t seem the type….hey Phil…who is your favorite Super hero ?????? Maybe you are a Spidey fan…..can you devote a blog to your favorite Super Hero ??…and why you consider it your favorite?????? Just would like to know….I am sick and am going to miss Church in the morning….so…do it for me Phil…please….

    Bye the way Raquel….I like Smallville….but, I miss it a lot. And who is your friend that thinks Phil is Emo?….wow….he is the most positive guy I know….have them listen to his music. But, maybe it was because of his pics. although….I don’t know why….Phil is more “scene” than anything else. V-necks, the hair, the vests and of course the tight girl pants !!! Very Scene indeed !!!!!

  30. Two days, Phil! Two days!!

  31. Haha I’d tell you but Phil must comment me.
    And yes Phil is such a scene kid. Erhm, adult.

  32. Phil.
    I think what I enjoy most about reading your blogs is all your little shameless plugs.

    Either that, or your amazing poeticness, and, of course, grammar. =)

    Way to be.

  33. hey was at san diego this weekend camping down in san elijo. it was so nice and peaceful, got great weather, and now i am home:(! oh well now just have to wait for my cd to apear!!! bye

  34. Ok Raquel…I can wait to see if he comments about it….lol…..

    ….and while we are waiting for the blog about super heros…..here are some more to choose from:

    wonder woman
    flash gordon
    robin…uh…batmans friend..lol
    oh ya…
    underdog…but, not the new one…the original cartoon !!!

    plus, the ones already mentioned…


    If I am forgetting any add to them……so Phil can make a proper choice.

    we are counting on you Phil…..we are your devoted fans….we got your back…..we keep the blogs uhhh…interesting while you are busy….lol. So, let’s see that super hero blog.

    have a fab week everyone…haha…fab….lol….seriously though…Blessings, Kim

  35. I was in san diego at the same time! Too bad I didn’t see you. Let us know when your gonna lead worship at your home church.

  36. Pssssssst.
    Pick Superman, Phil.

  37. Two days Phil. Two days. I’m waiting for it. Two days… Not that me and all my family hasn’t enjoyed to listening party… But I need it on my iPod. You know how it is… Hi raquel! How’s life?


    P.S. I know you’re DYING to know why you’re so emo…It’s killing you inside :O

  39. I just needed to say blessings and thanks to Kendra for responding to my post and helping me complete the list of “to-do’s” on my profile so I could enter Phil’s Contest. I thought that was very kind. God bless you. Have a super October with
    “Cannons” 🙂 – Melody M.

  40. Wait isn’t the first set of winners announced today?

  41. A thought/question – Does anyone know if Phil and his web team will be posting the winners in his contest each Monday or if they’ll just be notified privately? I suppose it doesn’t matter but, I was just curious. It’s kinda been fun. I’ve never entered anything before but, there’s a first time for everything. Ha.
    Have a blessed day (“Cannons” tomorrow – yea) – Melody M.

  42. Yay. Just got Cannons in the mail. I was soooo excited. Now I can listen to it on my cd player rather than just my computer! 🙂

    I want my copy :[

  44. uhhhh, ya…….did anyone win…..i was hoping they would post them…..but, maybe not because of privacy….ok…..guess none of us from here won today though…..geez, and I thought we were his favorites !!!!…..lol.

  45. yay! i entered. dang it….you’re gonna be in houston area tmrw and I cant go cuz I have classes during that time and it’d be like an hour drive. I really wanted to meet you. oh well i guess i will just see you from afar on october 6 in the audience. I will wave to you. i hope you see me =( haha….

  46. Oh don’t worry, Kim, we are his favorites.

  47. I was in San Diego yesterday. I bet Phil was there, that’s too bad I didn’t see him.It’s ok though, because it feels good just knowing I was in the same city as him. I love San Diego, eventhough I only live 45 min. from there, it just doesn’t feel the same. I can’t wait to see him oct. 12, hopefully he sings “True Love”. I hope I can pull up the nerve to ask to take a picture with him, he seems like a really approachable guy, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

  48. PHILLLL!!! I heart the CD… Spelling error on sailing on a ship… fix it… “I leave it all behind to EACH for more” …just so you know. yeah…
    grave and peace….
    -shelby veneman

  49. grace* lol. i will also make my own spelling errors.

  50. Phil – Got my autographed copy of “Cannons” in the mail and man is God surrounding me as I listen. Every fiber of me soaks up His perfect abundant love. Praise the Lord for your obedience to Him and your yearning to be one with The One!

    “I’m heading deeper into Your heart. Your mark is on my chest. My sails filled with Your breath…”

    In Christ’s love, Melody M.

  51. October 2 is here!

  52. But apparently it’s still 9 pm where Phil’s from, but whatever.

  53. batman lives in san diego



  55. Yay! October 2nd! May God Bless you abundantly today Phil!

  56. OCTOBER 2ND! Yay for Cannons!! 🙂

  57. Go with God Phil—All TO JESUS!!

  58. TODAY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Well done Phil !!!!!! We survived not getting the CD in September…and today is the big day !!!!!

    I do have a question though…who won round one of the contest???????????? I thought for sure at least one of your faithful blogsters would win….hmmmmm….My A.D.H.D.is kicking into high gear….well, I don’t really have it….but, I do get insomnia…so do let us know.

  60. I can’t seem to find the cd anywhere, someone help!!! Every retail store just says “Phil Wickham?????. UHHH don’t have it.” I’m becoming very impatient, so pray for me. I need to hear sailing on a ship. Oh and congratulations Phil, hope you’re immensely blessed today.

  61. Merry Wickham and Happy Cannons to all er, uh… Happy Wickham and Merry Cannons to all um… well, neither sounds quite right but, it seems like there should be some special greeting fo this October 2cd doesn’t it?
    Enjoy His big Jesus hugs to ya Phil.

    To God be the Glory – Hooray! Hooray! 🙂 Melody

  62. I have it- “Happy- Finally Phil Day”…kinda like Finally Friday- but Way Better! The “Finally” signifies that the wait is over! It is soooo worth it! Well Done Phil- You never dissapoint! Thank you for all of the sacrifices you have had to make in order to make this CD & Tour happen- such as sleep & privacy just to name a few! lol The retailers may not know you by Phil Wickham just yet- but I’m sure before long you will be known as Phil…A.K.A. (That guy with the awesome voice & heart for Jesus!) I am soooo excited for you & what the future has in store…Blessings & safe travels dear Phil!

    I feel reeeeeeally crappy right now but nevertheless happy Cannons day!
    Haha today all of my friends from school was like
    “Hey it’s October 2nd that guy Phil’s CD comes out today.”
    I did a very good job in advertising (:

    Why in the world is Phil not posting on his own CD release date?

  65. I know this is my 3rd comment in a row but I HAVE MY COPY!
    It’s beautiful.

  66. i won

  67. I’m going to have my brother buy it for me at K-Mart since he gets a discount…not that I wouldn’t love to give all of my monies and quarters to Phil…but…unfortunately I have no money. I am flat broke.

    I love you Phil.

  68. Phil is playing tonight in New Orleans. He probably left early this AM to make it there!

    Let’s keep him and the whole tour in prayer. God wants to do so much in people’s lives!

  69. hey philly wick!! ❤
    i cant wait until i get your cd.
    i’ve been waiting like forever…:]
    i’m sooo excited/pumped!!
    today was kinda of depressing tho, i preordered the cd and it didnt come today!! :[ i wanted to cry…haha. i hope it comes soon tho…i cant wait any longer!!
    good luck on your tour… i cant wait to see u when u come here…i love your music and you have made an impact on my life by your music and love for god.
    god bless…<3,

  70. hey congrats on the third cd coming out! it is pretty amazing! i got my cd 0ct 1! but the worst part is i dont have an ipod cause it just got broken 😦 but i entered ur contest so… hope i win cause i am wishen and hopen! so hope ur having fun celebrating!

  71. Phil must have flown out very early from San Diego this morning. He was on KSBJ radio in Houston this whole afternoon and into the early evening!!!!!! It was incredible! They broadcasted Phil
    live in concert from their studio auditorium! It was beyond words AMAZING! Yes, he sounded amazing (as always), but more than that we were all just so spiritually BLESSED! The Lord really moves through Phil Wickham. Let’s all commit to praying for hom on this tour. The schedule looks grueling!! I just love what God does through Phil. I love amd appreciate you Phil, so much.

  72. Watch out New Orleans because Wednesday night your going to be

  73. You did amazing tonight Phil!!! Everyone was sooo blessed.
    I can’t wait for all of you to see Phil live!
    Thanks for playing “Beautiful” tonight as well… t’was…well… beautiful.
    You’re hilarious. I-RONE-Y. haha. And ehem maybe you shouldn’t read Emma. haha. I’m just kidding. You should!
    Hope you had a safe flight and I’ll see you Saturday.

  74. Ahhh. Phil! I’m sad because I couldn’t get out of the house today to go buy Cannons. My family isn’t really big on ordering things, so I decided I just wanted to go out and buy it… but I ended up being too busy to go out today :(! I did celebrate the cd’s release though, by listening to After Your Heart and True Love a good amount of times. Hah 😦

    I think I’m going crazy. I can’t wait to hear the whole cd!

  75. Words cannot express how amazing this album is… I love the newer versions of “Shining” and “Jesus Lord of Heaven”.

    Ok, so I had been waiting for Cannons for what seemed like forever!!! I’ve been asking every day, “IS MY PHIL WICKHAM CD HERE YET!?!?!?!?” Then, my mom calls me at work today and says “Oh, this package came in for you yesterday [a day early mind you!!!] I thought it was for me and I forgot about it. I’ll give it to you when you get home.”

    It was agony staying at work Cannons-less! I actually took a drive tonight, so I could listen to it without interruptions!

  76. Celly? I’m going to punch you in your kneecap.

  77. batman won the ipod and everything
    cuz batman rules


  78. ……uhhh…you must be awful short to punch him in the kneecap….lol !!!

  79. Got your disc yesterday at Borders—the only copy!! I was pretty annoyed because Best Buy did not have it although they said they had it in stock. Whatever.

    The music really reminds me of Coldplay in places. Very X&Y. I love how the whole disc seems to revolve around Christ’s return. I thoroughly appreciate that since our lives need to focus there every day as Christians. —Eternal perspective.

    One of the songs that really moved me was “Beautiful”. I loved the woman’s voice on BGV, and it almost sounded a bit eerie. When all the voices come in at nearly the end of the song (when the saints are in heaven adoring the face of the Lord) it sounded frightening. Not frightening in a way that is bad, but because it is so foreign to our human state—the sound of the voices all combined was like an explosion—like seeing a real angel in the flesh sort of frightening. It is amazing how music can evoke such emotion from us by hearing it.

    Thank you for sharing your music. It is beautiful.

  80. I’m liking the new stuff. The Light Will Come is sounding like my favorite for today.. Good music has come out – new Tree63, new Phil Wickham, new Mae, new Mainstay (which I have yet to listen to)

  81. So, who won the contest on Monday?

  82. Holly- That seems to be the greatest mystery…..no one knows…..Phil ????….or, maybe Brody knows….?????….anyone ???? uhhh….except for Batman…who obviously doesn’t even have a clue to anything !!!

  83. Is New Orleans going to be blessed tonight or what? I wish I could go to every tour date. I’m only going to one though, which is o.k., because it’s in his hometown San Diego. My cousin though gets to go to the one in San Diego and Anaheim, lucky! Can’t wait and love the new cd, I listen to it every chance I get. Hope there’s a fourth.There will be, because God is really changing lives through Phil’s music. God bless you Phil, I pray for you every day that God gives you his strength and joy. Continue to love on people with your kind and understanding heart.
    sincerely your #1 fan, see you in San Diego.

  84. Yeah I really wanna know who won.
    It’s bugging me >.<

  85. OOO… Mae has a new CD? How did I not know this?


  87. aaahhh!!! yay… my cd came in the mail today!!! i now have 2 copies cuz i couldnt wait yesterday!! haha. phil, its just soooo great!! i cant stop listening to it. it definately lifted me up and showed me some encouragement…awesome worship! i cant wait to see u perform… i’ve been telling all my friends about u… some want to go to the concert!! yay philly wick!!!
    god bless,

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