As I was posting the previous blog I realized that October 2nd is only ten days away, which means “Cannons” is only ten days away, which means I am getting very excited. Seriously, I’m really excited right now… it’s literally going to kill me… this excitement. What am I excited about? I’m excited for you guys to hear it. I’m excited to see and hear what the Lord is going to do with these twelve new songs.
And just to let you all know, a little extra help on your guys part would be muchly appreciated. “How can I help my buddy Phil?” you ask. Well, if you’re excited like me, then tell someone about it.
If you need some ideas then here is an example convo:

“Hey (insert name #1), you pumping some sweet iron?”
“Yeah (insert name #2), I’m trying to get my guns up to ‘cannon’ status in the next ten days.”
“What’s the occasion?” asked (insert name #1).
“Well (insert name #2), Phil Wickham’s new CD, “Cannons”, is coming out in ten days and I just wanted to be ready for it.”
“Yeah, that makes sense, and I’m glad you reminded me about it.”
“Me too (insert name #2), me too.”

Pretty easy right? Even the most mundane everyday activities can be used to spread the word! Let me know of your “Cannons” word spreading exploits. Anything from posting a link to shooting yourself out of a Cannon would suffice.

Y’all have a terrific day.


~ by philwickham on September 22, 2007.

77 Responses to “TEN DAYS TILL CANNONS!”

  1. Ha Ha! I don’t think I’ll be shooting myself out of a cannon, but I will let everyone know about “Cannons”. I can’t wait!!!

  2. Wow! 2 in a row!! You’re on the “cannon ball” Phil! (Wow, i feel incredibly cheesy and dumb). Anyways, already spreading the word .. but .. is there a link to copy and paste somewhere about the new album? Cus I have a link on my myspace, but not for cannons … so if you get a link on here, I’ll gladly put it up all over.

  3. I’m looking for a cannon right now so I can spread the word 🙂

  4. I talk about you and your music so much that a friend of mine gave me an allowance of how many times I can talk about you in one day. I send everyone I know to this site to see your videos and a couple of them are buying Cannons because of your desert chronacles 🙂 t\This means I’ll get to see you in thirteen days! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. I listened to the whole album a couple days ago. Its amazing.

  6. hello philip
    I am so excited for the new cd to come out! It comes out the day after my birthday… It is all i asked for. it is all i want.
    Anyways, I’m so proud of you and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to watch the continual work of the Lord in your heart and life. 🙂 you are such a blessing in my life and such a picture of what it means to be a man of God. Have a good day! 😀

  7. I am definitely looking forward to it…thanks for the reminder to remind others…

  8. I am soooo excited! I’ll definately shoot myself out of a cannon. : )

  9. AHHH Only 10 days!!! SO EXCITING! I wish I had preordered it though… I don’t know if there is any point in doing that now. I am definately going to try to buy it the day it comes out though! I can’t wait to be blessed by these new songs… cuz I just know I am going to be :)!

  10. Ummmmm, Phil, How about you have a little gathering….with all of us fun blogger peeps….then you can pump some iron, and then we will shoot you out of the cannon while you sing…then you can personally autograph all of our cd’s and we can sit around and chat with you and have pizza and soda……and you could put on a special mini-concert just for us…..while fire works go off behind you….uhhhh…or not. You let us know, K….when and where Phil????

  11. hey first of all i pre ordered the cd and the email they sent has the whole album and i am listening non stop! and the thing about the guns will work cause me and my friends are working out on monday in the morn! i have to practice what i am going to say bye!

  12. Today my roommate said “I really like Cheetos” and I said “You know what I like? Phil Wickham. And you know what else I like? October. October 2nd is my favorite of all October days.” She didn’t automatically get the Cheeto-Phil connection, but I’m fairly sure she respects my taste in music. So, I’m not a marketing whiz, but I do what I can…

    You’re welcome.

  13. Thanks for the reminder Phil… now only if this was available in India….

  14. Ha, thanks Dana!

  15. 9 more days!!! And PHIL… still no banner/link?
    What’s the dealio?

  16. I told every one of my friends like when I first heard about it. Mostly because, this may be hard to believe but, I’m probably more excited that you are. I put up a bulletin on Myspace talking you up and saying how great the new CD is and then I put a link to the site where you can prebuy it. And the font was freaking HUGE so it definitely caught people’s attention.

    Phil don’t doubt when I say I’m your online promotions director.
    Lying is a sin.

  17. Hi Phil,

    I am still basking in the beautiful blessing of this weekend at the Unveiled Worship Conference in Evans GA. This was a powerful and exciting time and the opportunity to meet you and here your music live was at the very heart of it. Hearing “Grace”, “Messiah” and “True Love” x2 and feeling your amazing love for the Lord in your music while you sing was beyond special. I am so looking forward to “Cannons” release. I am also friends of the christian radio manager for WAFJ here and would like to recommend songs from the CD when made available. Do you have a preference which songs to recommend? Also I would like to begin praying for you and your mission. If you have specific needs please let me know. Keep pulling us into a lavish worship of our Lord and Savior. Much love to you in Christ.

  18. AAAAHHH!!! i cant wait…10 more days!! im sooo excited.
    i’ve been telling people all the time about ur cd coming out for a while….i’ve been soo pumped!! haha.
    god bless

  19. info about a certain CD (mmmmCANNONSmmmm)has been spreading like wildfire in a dry grassland here in a cold and wet MN.

  20. […] on my iPhone before my little meeting. Now I’m listening to my very own pre release copy of Cannons!!! Just kidding. Thanks for not being a pompous rock star Phil. Now you shall sing me to sleep and […]

  21. Hey Phil. It was cool hanign with you at The ATL airport for a few today. Thanks for taking time. I look forward to your album dropping and will tell the world to go buy it.

  22. I’ve been telling people about your music for a while now. Last week I got a coworker of mine to listen to your CD, and she tells me that she has everyone at her second job at a camp listing to it non stop.
    I keep on telling her “October 2nd!” 🙂
    My mom bought your CD for me about a year ago after listening to one of your songs online and knew that I would love it. The first thing I do every time I get a new CD is read the lyric sheet, and I must say I was blown away.
    I loved listening to both “True Love” here on your blog (it had me in tears) and “Sailing on a Ship.” And I am sure I will love the entire new album even more.
    Thank you for sharing!! I will keep on telling my friends, coworkers, family and random people on the street about your new album.
    God bless!!

  23. Is the CD gonna be available in the UK? Id love to get a copy…

  24. Conzo…. I will make sure of it…

  25. Phil- A friend of mine has about a dozen songs to choose from on her myspace page… I posted a comment to her as follows…”All those songs, and not one by Phil Wickham- what is wrong with you? You know his new CD Cannons comes out in 7 days…I can’t wait!!!” So that’s one down & about a bazillion more to go- in case you’re keeping track! lol

  26. Okay Pil- Now it’s 2 down & a bazillion to go…I just posted this comment on my pastors my space page…(yes i did say my pastor)- she’s cool like that…”I noticed that you have no song on your page- Might I suggest a nice Phil Wickham song?/! His new CD Cannons comes out in 7 days & you know I can’t wait!” I’d say I’m giving Raquel TWG a good run for her money as far as the title for promptions director goes, considering my myspace page & my recent comment postings, my phone calls & e-mails to K-love, etc…Wouldn’t you agree?

  27. Qeastion-
    Was it hard to balance yourself in that cannoe and did you use a cannoe because it sounds like Cannon?”

    Question 2- Will they be sent out in the mail on the 2nd?

  28. Shawn – That is not a canoe. It is a small boat.

  29. Okay, so we’ve all heard the Phil Wickham song, Divine Romance. We sing it, we love the tune…but what does that really mean to you? A Divine Romance with God? Sure, a romantic relationship involves love, being swept off your feet, generally between two people…people you can see. But being romantic with God? I mean, we can’t see Him…He can’t touch us and give us the butterflies…right?
    WRONG! ahh…that couldn’t be more wrong!
    God created relationships…He’s the number one wooer. He longs so much to be intimate with us…and when we finally understand what that means, to be completely faithful in Him, considering all things pure joy…it’s then when we open our hearts to the romance God is constantly revealing to us. He’s so personal that God romances us in our own personal ways…He KNOWS what captures YOUR/MY heart.
    For me, when it rains on a quiet peaceful day…my heart is totally captivated and I get that achiness inside that is wonderful. Or i’m in the mountains, breathing the crisp air at night, looking up into the white stars against the black backdrop…so breath taking! Hello…God created this earth to be so romantic…didn’t he? When you experience those things you love, the things that are personal, that’s Him romancing you.
    It’s a romance no person can top…no one has ever filled an ocean for me, no one has ever made me a star, nor put water in clouds for me…i’m so taken!
    Lately I’ve really just been sitting back and listening…opening my heart to the beauty He has to show me. He’s romancing me more and more each day…


  30. Haha Laurie I claimed the job.
    But you’re still cool.
    I mean the only thing I haven’t done is call my local radio station but they’re bing stupid and not playing the new song.
    And the only way that they get new music is a special voting thing so you can’t just tell them to put it on :[

  31. And you’re not giving me a run for my money because I have no money. Hehe.

  32. phil, who took the picture of you on your myspace with the red wallpaper in the background ?

  33. Just watched the new video on Phil’s myspace page…Phil is literally glowing, shining from the insdie out- his smile is simply radiant. It is obvious that he put his heart & soul into Cannons & his excitement for its release is written all over his face. (figuratively speaking- of course) Bravo… Mr. Wickham you’ve done the hard part, now sit back, relax & enjoy the ride! I’m sure it will be an adventure of a lifetime. Just don’t ever change- Keep doing what you are called to do- Worship Him! By the way Raquel- Just added the banner to my myspace page…I only have 39 friends so far- new to the whole myspace thing- but that’s 39 down & a bazillion to go…are you counting?

  34. Yeah I added banner now and 155 or so friends (:
    And I used to have a band/artist of the week thing and he was on there once. And I’ve had a picture of him in my “Who I’d Like To Meet” section for a while now. But I’m sounding like if I’m competing with you. Haha.

    Let’s do it for Phil!

  35. I don’t know what’s more amazing! The album or the conversation to prep the albume!

  36. I’M SOOO EXCITED!!! IM TOTALLY IN THE MYSPACE CONTEST!!! yay!!! aaahhh…. yay phil!! im sooo pumped for october 2nd!!! its gonig to be amazing!!!

  37. maddy,
    The first “question” is parathetical question. Sarcasm, satire, a joke. I do want to know the answer to the second question though.

  38. Shanw, I asked customer service about that when I asked them to resend the music access pass link and they said that they ship them as soon as they get them and they try to do that as close to the release date as they can. So there is no specific/planned shipping day.

  39. Thanks Raquel

  40. Shawn*
    Sorry I’m a stickler for grammar and spelling.

  41. Ok….I entered the contest too….I never win anything, well, except for some motor oil when I was like 10….but, I didn’t even get to use it…I had to give it to my dad….so, I thought ” Heck, what do I have to lose..??” So, ya, I am not opposed to winning…winning would be just fine with me !!

    By the way Phil, I absolutely love the new layout on your Myspace !! And keep the videos coming…as long as you are not too tired from all the traveling….they rock !!

    AND ALSO PHIL…..I noticed and really like the new feel to your new album !!! It makes my heart sing and my feet wanna dance….all for Him !!! Gods special Blessings and Travel Mercies for you ( because you are everywhere lately !!)

    =} Kim B.

  42. Can’t wait to play “after your heart” and “true love” over and over and over again! I’ll be the first in line to buy it, well hopefully first. Anyways keep the heart moving,tear jerking, life impacting songs coming. I only live about an hour from your home church, so let us know if and when you’ll be leading worship. See you oct. 12. Make sure you give an autograph to the girl in the front begging for one, not that it will be me, I’m just guessing there will be a girl asking for one. Take care and keep smiling for the lord.

  43. I can’t WAIT!!!!!! Pre-ordered it the other night when you were in Evans!!! My older sister’s met you twice and is too scared to take a stinkin picture with you, haha!! Hopefully we will get to see you again sometime in November!

  44. I entred the contest, too (:
    And I hardly win anything. Except once but I cheated and entered three times with different email addresses. Haha. I won but I KNOW it was still wrong.

    And Phil why do you assume we’re your buddies?
    Maybe we think you’re a random nobody and we just comment you fr pity?

    Hehe Just kidding. You personally told me that I was your friend and that is true 😀

  45. What contest are you girls talking about? I am out of the cool loop.

  46. Check out Phil’s Myspace for the info.

  47. Phil, you said y’all. You’re from san diego. We don’t say y’all.

  48. I have definetely been telling everyone about your new album every chance I get. I AM SO EXCITED!

    I have also definetely entered the contest. My MySpace is totaly decked out in everything you. Haha.

    Keep doing everything you do that is so awesome


  49. Oh and one more thing, I have a friend who absulutely hates Christian music, and “Christian rock”. I told him, ODVIOUSLY YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF PHIL WICKHAM.

    Then when I was listening to you on my laptop at school mannny a people asked me who you were.

    I was happy to oblige (sp?) them with the answere.

  50. Phil – I have been listening to “Cannons” over and over and over… Great big huge whopping Jesus hugs for me. Yea!!!!! Through your music I see, I hear your journey, your desire for your Heavenly Father and it makes me think about Daniel 10:12. …”Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to them.” Oh Phil, please know that the Lord has heard you and has seen into your heart. His Holy Spirit is using you to spread His vision to a lost and hurting world. I am praising my Heavenly Father for His goodness to you (and to me through you).
    In Christ – Melody Milbrandt

  51. He’s been spending too much time with those Texans, I think. But then, you shouldn’t listen to me…I’m from southern Pennsylvania and we say “ya’ll” all the time.
    BTW Phil, I have been telling everyone about your new album. I’m excited to see what God does through you.Thank you for being such a willing instrument for Him.

  52. Phil! only 7 days now! woohoo! I am so, so excited to finally be able to hear all of the tracks! I was so blessed the other morning to wake up to Air1 and hear them doing an interview with you! I was like, “yeah Phil! yeah Cannons! yeah Jesus!” 🙂
    I have been telling everyone I know on Facebook to be looking for it next week! sadly, I haven’t been to the gym lately to use your oh so helpful convo example to promo it even more, haha 😉 you are wonderful!
    K, 7 days!!! yeah!! 🙂
    Be safe and well.

  53. there’s nothing wrong with hanging out with Texans.
    we’re a good influence 🙂 haha
    I think everyone within a 100 mile radius knows about it too.
    My close friends are just about fed up with my giddy proclamations of excitement for the CD release.
    Can’t wait to see you at the Berry Center again on the 6th Phil!!!

  54. Hey phil!

    My sister, allison, and I used to see u at calvary camps n at calvary vista on sunday nights. i remember even your very first cd, the one that was kinda blue-themed. it’s so awesome to turn on the radio and hear you FINALLY on there..geez took you long enough…

    it warms the heart to see how much God has blessed you in the past 5 years…
    congrats with everything and glory to God for all that He has chosen you to do 🙂

    Thanks for all those blessed nights of sincere worship!

    Cya soon i’m sure..

  55. Shawn…….dude…how could you not be in the cool loop ???? Are you telling us you don’t check Phils mysapce on a daily basis….like maybe some of us might admit to it if we had to ????? Go ahead….I am sure there is no shame in a guy putting all the Phil banners up….etc…but, if you win the ipod….you best be sending it my way….lol !!!

    Charleen…..I remember the
    “real first” CD also…..I still listen to it….the first time I saw Phil was right after he came out with that one….gosh..he was just a kid !!!!! I always thought he would have been ” a household name” years ago….but, it has surly happened in Gods timing…and I believe that Phil is as humble as he is because it didn’t happen over night. Praise God.

    Goodnight everyone…or good morning as you probably will see it tomorrow…duh to me !! ;] Kim B.

  56. I think I have been on his myspace once to look at tour info. Other than that to answer your question, no I don’t go on Phil’s myspace daily.

    I don’t have any “Philbanners” up and I do think there is something wrong with a guy doing that for some reason.

    Although I bet Broady Harper owns a tight V-neck “I heart Phil” T-Shirt.

  57. Just did a survey via e-mail for K-Love Insiders & After Your Heart was one of the songs to review…I gave it the best mark a 5 & suggested that they play it more often. I’m doing my own little part to get the word about Phil out there more. I told them I love the station, my only suggestion would be “PLAY MORE PHIL WICKHAM!” Phil should go do a live interview at the ranch w/ Jon & Sherri of the morning show-(David Crowder was there last month!) Not to step on the toes of the self proclaimed promotions director Raquel or anything…I’m sure she’d agree! Right Raquel?

  58. I just introduced my best friend to your stuff…she’s the editor of the student newspaper at ORU here in Tulsa (you guys will be here Oct. 26!) We’re attempting to get comp. tickets, since Cain’s Ballroom has always been good about letting us in with press/photo passes. I have a feeling the review will be on a full-color page, but you have to promise to smile pretty for the camera. 🙂

    Counting the days til Cannons/Remedy Club Tour/extra happy things.


  59. Yeah.
    And it would be better if he came down to our local Christian station. But unfortunately it was sold to some other organization and is shutting down.
    I’m depressed :[

  60. 6 DAYS PEOPLE!! 6 DAYS!!

  61. Hey….I wanna “I heart Phil” t-shirt….why should Brody be the only one ??????????

  62. Haha I want an “I Adore PHIL” t-shirt.
    Like the song “I Adore You”.

  63. Hi Phil, I am such a big fan of your music and new haircut! I was listening to K-Love today and my jaw dropped when I heard you sing. I just sent them an e-mail and told them to keep playing your music. Enjoy the journey God is taking you on. Cannons will be a big hit. I am counting the days.

  64. aaahhhh!!!! im sooo excited… im like counting down the days!! the day is coming so soon!!!… im sooo pumped!!! phil ur amazing…god bless :]

  65. Wow. So… yeah. wow. I am thouroughly enjoying reading raquel’s comments. they are HI-larious.
    And Shawn, there is nothing wrong with owning an “i heart phil” tight V-neck t-shirt. they rock. :OP
    well. anyways…. where is BRODY????!!!!
    you know you’re excited for phil’s CD when you can’t stop singing all of his songs.


  67. Hey Phil, I’m a Covenant College student and just wanted to say that I’m obsessed with “sailing on a ship”. I have listened to it about 72 times since your concert. Pretty sweet. The whole album is pretty amazing in general and I’m definitely a fan. I’ve also infected my roomate with phil-eria! Thanks for coming. It was a great blessing and I wish you could have stayed for the week. It was absolutely phenomenal!!

  68. Thanks Shelby (:
    And Kim I’ll go to Starbucks with you!
    I’m addicted to coffee.

  69. So, I throrough enjoy working in Christian Retail. I have the pleasure of receiving a pre-release, and, Phil, I LOVE it!!! I praise God for the passion that he has given you. You have been given a great gift and have been faithful to to and our wonderful Father, and I know he is proud of you. I can only imagine how it feels for Him to hear your words of adoration and love. How beautiful. Thank you for striving to express praises for our King.

    Your Sister in Christ,
    Forever His Clay >

  70. WOO HOO!
    I just got an email that my copy of Cannons has been shipped (:
    Now I have to wait anxiously for its arrival -.-

  71. Hey, I received no such email. Mine better have been shipped too!

  72. Ok Raquel…..It should only take me about 50 to 60 hours if I drive straight thru to Florida……by then I’m sure I will need some coffee!!!! heheehe

  73. Haha and I live all the way at the bottom.
    In Miami (:

  74. just found out that Phil is going to be having his CD Release Party here in Houston on October 2nd!!! So excited!!! Philly Cheesesteaks will be served in honor of Philly. haha.

    Can’t wait to see you on Tuesday Phil!!!

  75. It feels like a countdown to New Year’s Day!!! Cannons! Cannons! Cannons!

  76. Just got the CD today and once again, your passion and love for the Lord is wrapped in every note of each song; it is contagious as always! Thank you so much Phil for choosing to give your gift and talent back to the Lord and sharing it with all of us! You are truly a blessing for your worship extends through the speakers into my heart. A job well done. I can only imagine how you make the Lord smile! Can’t wait to see you on October 16 alongside David Crowder Band at Downtown Disney House of Blues! I look forward to a full night of worship!

  77. Very interesting site. Are you tuned in to my longings outlook Wanna good joke? What kind of music do ghosts listen to? Sheet music.

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