The Desert Chronicles

Who knew that the road between Albuquerque and Phoenix could be so fun! I’ve been spending most of this month going from radio station to radio station talking about the upcoming release. The interviews have been fun, but the hours on the road can get a bit arduous.
So Kai-the-Radio-Guy and I started having some fun with the camera. What you see is the result.

Oh, and this is a Jackalope. It’s pretty much my new favorite animal.



~ by philwickham on September 19, 2007.

52 Responses to “The Desert Chronicles”

  1. Wow, first post! The video was awsome. You’re a funny guy. I hope you come play at CC Modesto again!
    PS- I couldn’t see the picture of the Jackalope on my computer. But I’m sure it’s pretty cool.

  2. Phil people already saw that video.
    That’s what you get for taking so dang long to post!
    I’ve seen it [seriously] about 5 or 6 times.
    It’s hysterical and my sister loves when you and Kai are singing.
    She imitates it flawlessly and makes me play it repeatedly.
    And for the second time, you say Cuba so funny!
    Not making-fun-of-you funny but cute funny.

  3. Haha and the picture isn’t showing up right now but I just looked up jackalopes and they’re like rabbits with antlers. Sweet.

  4. You probably don’t think about this, but you seriously brighten up people’s day. I was in a pretty bad car accident this past weekend (by God’s grace we are all ok… even if the car is not). I came on today, as I have been out of work this week… your silliness totally made me smile. Thanks and God bless!

  5. Ya.. I’m sure everyone who reads this blog religiously has already seen the video. I’m with you Raquel, I’ve seen it 5 or 6 times. Oh well, at least he posted somethings new …. but what ever happened to those details of the trip you had? You said there was a video or something? And I don’t believe that’s been seen yet? Hmmm…
    But the jackalope was a a nice touch! Haha,

  6. I look forward to the new album! I did a gig a little over a week ago to benefit a Christian organization (Romanian Orphans) that any and all proceeds go to and I sang one of your songs (I hope you don’t mind) and talked about you some. A little bit of promotion for you!! It was cool because some in the crowd knew of you and cheered! I said that you are a comfort to me when I long for more from Jeff Buckley. (I said more than that)

    Thank you for your rich music—I am glad God chose you as a mouthpiece.

  7. I have seen this as well, Actually I was the one that posted it in your other comments cause I wasn’t sure if you where going to.. It was to funny not to share.. Thanks for the laughs and putting smiles on everyones faces.


    p.s. Nice picture lol

  8. HAHAHA i love it! i actually fell out of my chair and hit my head on my couch and things were spinning for a while but it’s all good! Can’t wait to see you in 17 days!!! TTFN!

  9. Ok….I had not seen it because I have been dead to the world with allergies for over a week….of course being dead to the world is a good thing, I just don’t recommend it in the literal sense…..I mean the goal would be spiritually dead to the things of this world…, that took me awhile to get to the point!!!! Oh, the real point being I loved the video… have a beautifully warped mind… a good warped way….Thanks for the video, the good laugh…..especially the part where the radio host asked you questions and your responses came up on the screen, and all the video editing techniques…..very funnyyyy.


  10. If I could have a Jackalope…I would want this one.

  11. Oops.
    For some reason the picture didn’t show up ]=

  12. Jackalopes and a random Phil post… what more could you want?

  13. haha. that was a good one :]
    nice job singing the songs on the radio. lol
    u sounded awesome on that radio station. i cant wait for the 2nd.
    cuba….family dollar..jackalope…haha wow. awesome video

  14. Yeah get a bus, swing by Miami and pick me me up, too.

  15. sometimes you just scare me

  16. Great Video. Hope the Radio Tour goes well. Just saw you last week in Cali at New Cov Church in Fresno. Great stuff! Keep spreading the Great Word of our Lord Christ Jesus. I think we are all waiting impatiently for the release of Cannons! God Bless.

  17. Ha! Jackalopes are awesome.

  18. Hahahaha, you’re hilarious Phil! That video made me laugh so hard. I’m like sitting here all alone in my room cracking up… lol. I needed a good laugh. Kinda a tough week for me :\

    Well anyway, I hope the whole radio thing is going very well :)! God bless you.

    Oh, Family Dollar is a great store by the way.

  19. hey i drove to the grand canyon, to long of a drive! its one of those things u only need to see once! hopefully u will talk on the Fish 95.9 in orange county that would be kool. hope u have fun!

  20. Wait! Now why would you need clown wigs…?

  21. LOL, I seriously love you, Phil! thanks for a few laughs after a long day, although I’m feeling left out of what seems to be a super-fun roadtrip. Jackelopes and all. πŸ™‚
    Be safe & well. πŸ™‚

  22. did you know jackalopes are also called “antelabbits”? perty dang cool, huh?

  23. It’s such a wonderous thing to see you sing to Six Pence and get excited about Family Dollar stores and Jackalopes. Jackalopes are a big deal in Texas. haha. I have a really random question for you though. Answer me this: Have you ever been Snipe hunting Phil? It’s a really fun sport in Texas. Snipe hunting is sort of a right of passage to many people (the outdoorsy type, and i am not meaning “hick, redneck, etc”) in Texas… and I think it would be cool to make you, Phil Wickham, and honorary Texan.

  24. I can hear our King’s laughter and see His smile…as He delights in His creation with joy. All glory – honor – and power is Yours, Amen. Be lifted high King Jesus.

  25. Oh my gosh! Someone else knows about snipe hunting other then me!!! My friend learned how when he was in Tennessee and taught it to some of us Jersey people, lol. I taught everyone how to snipe hunt on a church camping trip back in August, haha. It was quite fun.

  26. it is quite fun! good to hear that people from the North are actually participating in the sport as well. Snipe hunting is not as popular in the North… not as many birds in the North as in the South.

  27. Hilarious, Phil. Now I have “I Hope you Dance” stuck in my head. Dang it! That whole take reminded me of Tommy Boy a little bit. πŸ™‚

    When I was 8 or 9, my family and I took a very long road trip out west with some friends. My brother was obsessed with jackalopes, and I remember those things freaking me out so much! I guess a modern day equivalent would be the liger.

    Good times! I’m anxious for the Remedy Club Tour. Hurry up and get to Cain’s in Tulsa!

  28. Phil, I love this song!!! “Cannons in the night!” Wow! The stars and the moon really do proclaim the glory of God louder than anything that mortal-man could create! Last night I went outside and looked up and was just blowing my mind as I meditated on the love of God towards man-kind, looking at the sky and worshipping
    Him. Thanks Phil for being so transparent and thank you Lord for

  29. Singing along: …I’m so unworthy, but still you love me, forever my heart will sing of how great YOU ARE…!!!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for your son, Phil. Thank you for your love for us while we were yet sinners. Thanks for by Your stripes we are healed. You are great and awesome. I pray you continue to use Phil/us for your glory as we look to your glorious appearing… Love you Father!! In Jesus’ name, amen!!!:-)

  30. Philly Steak n’ Cheese! I am so glad I pre-ordered because I am listening to “Must I Wait” right this very second. Please say you will be touring somewhere in 2008 because this fall won’t work. However, we worship the Lord everywhere! May His excitement and His love fill your heart as it fills mine to hear you worship Him!

    AMEN!!! YAY for growth, Phil.


  31. Phil~
    I am so looking forward to listening to Cannons again tonight when it’s dark outside, when I can look up and behold the glory and majesty of the Majestic One. And yet again, God is using the words that he put into your mind, that you then wrote down on paper and recorded to encourage my heart in the path of understanding and relationship with Him. It’s encouraging me to follow His call on my life into missions and not to fear, because of how AWESOME He is!! And so, here I am Yahweh, I’m after your heart.
    God bless you Phil as you continue to Bless His name!

  32. Wait how do you get to listen to the music access pass?
    I can’t find it :[

  33. Hey Raquel TWG, the music access pass code came with the pre-order purchase that I bought at a Philly Wick concert last month.
    Today I received an email W/ a non-downlodable link to THE WHOLE ALBUM!!! It is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!! Yay for pre-ordering and bonus gift access codes! This album is more than I hoped for. P-Dub does it again!

  34. Yeah I preordered it but I didn’t get the email.
    That’s not cool -.-

  35. Send Music Christian an inquiry. Hang in there, ‘all things work together for good….” πŸ™‚

  36. Yeah I did (:
    I’m a super hardcore Phil fan and WILL get my music access pass if it’s the last thing I do. Or like at least the second to last thing because I want the autographed CD.

  37. I like you lil’ sister. And… you have some fine composition skills too.

  38. Good seeing you in Georgia the other night…so I took your advice from a blog awhile back about Hot Diggity Dog in Nashville…I tried it, it was awesome! When they asked how I found out about them, I told them through your blog, and they gave me a message for you…
    “Hot Diggity Dog loves Phil!”

    There you have it.. πŸ™‚

  39. Who knew one could have so much fun in a dessert?!

    And, yes, that jackalope is one pretty spiffy animal. You have a could choice in favorites…

  40. What I meant to say was, you have a GOOD choice. Because, well, what’s a could choice?

  41. How could you like jackalopes?!?!? My favorite grandma was gored by a jackalope! Oh, such sweet memories πŸ˜‰ You’re new album is awesome Phil! Keep ministering to people, don’t forget to keep Christ the center as you become more famous πŸ™‚

  42. Thanks (:
    and I still haven’t gotten the access pass or a reply back to my inquiry.

  43. WOO HOO I got the email.
    Who said complaining is bad?

  44. absolutely hilarious.

  45. ROTFLMBO!!!
    Phil- this was….amazing.
    Long Road Trips + A Camera= LOADS of fun…
    …especially when you’re going through desert country. ><

  46. mmmmhaha. cool. but what’s not cool, is the bug crawling on my floor.

  47. It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun! πŸ™‚

    That’s awesome !!

  48. I was highly impressed with your video :)– It made me smile. There were so many favorites! I first heard of the Jackalope from Full House, but thankfully that was a long time ago. In all honesty though I am impressed with you. You are always pointing people back to Jesus and giving God all the glory…and sometimes you don’t see that in the “Christian” music circle. There were quite a few weeks where all I could listen to was Divine Romance and just worship…it ministered to me. I am so thankful God uses you in this way. He is an awesome God.

  49. Great video, it shows a different side of you, that’s so funny and down to earth. Can’t wait to see you on oct. 12!

  50. wow Phil haha! i love this video it the best! haha i showed the jackalope to my friends, they think its sweet. haha

    God bless you!

  51. Wow, this video made my day! No, my week…
    Plus I just heard the song “True Love” for the first time– ever. It almost left me in tears– It’s really beautiful Phil. I cannot wait to see you in concert again…whenever that may be. *come back to Savannah, GA…**

    Listening to your music and message reassures me that this “biz” is what I wanna get into. You are such an inspiration…
    Love the Jackalope by the way…that made me laugh…
    God Bless you Phil.

  52. Wow, this video made my day! No, my week…
    Plus I just heard the song “True Love” for the first time– ever. It almost left me in tears– It’s really beautiful Phil. I cannot wait to see you in concert again…whenever that may be. *come back to Savannah, GA…**

    Listening to your music and message reassures me that this “biz” is what I wanna get into. You are such an inspiration…
    Love the Jackalope by the way…that made me laugh…
    God Bless you Phil.

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