True Love

Hello Everyone,

The release of “Cannons” is quickly approaching, so I’ve been spending a lot of my time doing promotional stuff for the new record. The video below was shot at the offices of Christian Musician Magazine where I did an interview, and played a few songs for them live. True Love was one of those songs. As you watch and listen try not to get too caught up in the massive production of the video, and try and focus on the song itself. I especially like the ficus tree in a few of the shots.


~ by philwickham on September 14, 2007.

65 Responses to “True Love”

  1. Phil – God bless you for sharing things like this recording of “True Love” with us. I know the Lord uses it for His glory every time. “True Love” is breathtaking. I am emailing it to my mom. Today, Sept. 14th is her birthday and she is feeling lonely and missing my dad who’s gone on to be with Jesus. My father had a lovely voice and he would always sing to mom. She loved that so much. Their special song was from an old musical with Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Grace Kelley called “High Society.” The name of “their song” was “True Love.” How awesome it will be when I send her your “True Love” tune to help minister to her spirit and remind her that her ultimate True Love – Christ Jesus will never leave her alone. Hearing “True Love” on this special day is a big Jesus hug! God bless.
    Melody Milbrandt

  2. Very cool song.

    I look forward to seeing you live in Orlando in November.

    Out of curriosity Do you ever read your comments?

  3. And Out of curiosity, do you ever run spell check when you post your blogs πŸ˜‰ You must fix your spelling of “focus”!

    Can’t wait for the new album!!!

  4. Hey Phil, since you’re so busy promoting the album in concerts I’m your ‘official blog promotions director’. And by NOT responding to this you’re acknowledging that this is true (:

    Oh and yes I love the ficus. I’ve loved ficuses every since that Pringles commercial came out when the little kids are offering to do different chores for their mom because there’s only on Pringles pack left. And the one who watered the ficus won, Of course.

  5. and Raquel:D, I don’t know if Phil can employ you, there is a thing called child labor laws by the way.

  6. Kjaere is confusing me….
    but phil.. your hair is so hot. i cant believe it.

  7. Wow!

    Loved it.

    So is it October 2nd yet?!?

  8. That was simply amazing……I don’t have words for how moving of a song that is…..and to silence me is an accomplishment!!!!! In Christ, Kim B.

  9. Love It!!
    Seriously can’t wait for October 2.

  10. I noticed your spelling is already corrected, somebody’s on the ball. πŸ™‚ That was fast. (By the way, we don’t really care about the condition of your grammer, just the condition of your heart… and that seems to be right where it should be – on Jesus).
    Blessings to you – Melody M.

  11. So you correct your mispellings hastily but only post every once in a while?

    Where are your priorities?

  12. Yay! True Love! I love this song. I heard it at one of your concerts I went to back in April. It’s possibly my favorite from your new album that I’ve heard so far. Beautiful Lyrics πŸ™‚

    Thank you for sharing this video with us!

  13. Awww. yay! That was great! One more reason why I can’t wait for the pre-ordered record to come!! Oh and btw, I’m so happy that I now know what a ficus tree is for car insurance sake. Haha.

  14. Before you push play on that youtube video the picture of you looks like a young elvis.

    uh huh.

  15. Brody,
    You mean once you hit play “Houndog,” isn’t the song that plays? Well heck with that, I aint hittin play. Should have left the spelling the way it was, added way more character.

  16. Hey Phil~ Don’t know if you ever read these but I just wanted to say I love this new song! Every time I hear it all I can think of is the cross. I recently saw you when you came to little ‘ole Puyallup, WA & I really enjoyed your concert. I have to say, it was one of the best concerts I’ve seen this summer – it ranks right up there with Creation NW! Almost every song on your current album speaks to my heart & I can’t wait until Oct. 2 & then Oct 20 when you come back to Seattle w/DCB! Thank you for sharing your heart with the world and allowing the Lord to use you for His glory. Have a blessed weekend! ~Samantha

  17. Wow that was so amazing!!! The lyrics are so powerful and your voice is awsome and it is evident just how much god is working in you and through you. It also shows how deeply routed in god you are because you can’t sing with that much passion and not have experienced it. God bless phil and keep seeking and growing in god!!

  18. I needed that reminder… Thank you.

  19. AWESOME, AWESOME, I love that new song so bueatiful.. I also am digging the new hair cut. it look really good.
    I thought the part where he said that he thought the strings where going to break was funny.

  20. I think this song is what I’m most looking forward to on October 2. You have a wonderful heart, Phil. May God bless you as you continue to be a blessing.

  21. Lol, I know what you said is a few replies back now Brody, but I thought the same thing when I saw the video before I played it, haha!

  22. Responding to what Christina said, I loved the ending, too [:
    But I must admit that when I’m playing guitar I also love strumming really hard because it gives the song more intensity and it lets people see how into the song you are.
    But my strings haven’t broken YET, hehe.

  23. Praise King Jesus – He is alive!!! What a blessing! Thank you for sharing.

  24. mmmm, quite a lovely song. thank you.

  25. Thanks to Samantha, Joanna, Paige, Jessica, and all the rest who have responded
    so encouragingly to the song. I do read these comments on occasion, and it always brings a smile to my face to read how the Lord is using the songs in peoples lives. Hopefully I’ll see all of you this fall on the DCB tour.
    continually be after God’s heart,

  26. ‘And thanks to Raquel for asking people to vote for me’

    You’re welcome, Phil.
    And you won’t see me on the tour because you’re not swinging by :[

  27. Have you guys check out his youtube page??? He has a Super silly/funny video of him on there. It is the main one.. Its great, so if you haven’t check it out you should πŸ™‚

    Welcome Phil, Your music is great and we love hearing it. Great music to praise God to.

  28. Sorry but its a different one, the one he had there has now moved down, so just check on the one with him and the guitar.:)

  29. Absolutely incredible. Thanks for sharing.

  30. He left a comment…

  31. amazing. its great to be reminded of True Love. im especially liking the part it the bridge? .. where u repeat Jesus is alive
    its awesome how passionate u are. i also love the song showed in one of your vids.. Cannons? i think thats it…
    well anyway your songs are a blessing. thanks a ton!!

  32. Hey I have an idea.
    Phil you should totally come down here and go on Spirit FM [a christian radio station here] to promote the album. Some others go on there, too and it’s not in Miami. It’s in Pompano Beach so you don’t hve to deal with the evil people from down here.

  33. have*

  34. You love what you do, don’t you, Phil. Good music is passionate. And that was a good song.

  35. Phil~ This song brought me to tears. Thank you for your honesty about your love for Jesus. You inspire me to write…with such passion..for GOd. Thank you!

  36. Christina H. Thanks for letting us know! It was quite hilarious! And hey, Phil actually wears something other than v-necks!!

  37. Phil! wow, so moving, so amazing. i heard it at Lifelight but this time I could catch all the lyrics. I look forward to sharing it with my roommates and friends. the Lord has given you a voice that one can’t help but be moved by. I CANNOT wait to get “Cannons” in my mailbox on Oct. 2nd! God Bless you, Phil! Stay safe on the road! πŸ™‚

  38. YES I see him in a polo shirt and I was astounded.
    I didn’t know he voluntarily wore something other than V necks.
    I mean I’m guessing during photoshoots people choose what he wears…

  39. I love this song, too. ^^ Thanks so much!

  40. Awesome! God is truly working through you. Your parents must be so proud of you!! I use your music daily in my spiritual reflection time, and I pray during that time that my unbelieving daughter will hear you and take one step towards the Lord. Actually, I pray that your words and music will reach all of the unbelievers, and that you will be safe in your travels bringing your faith to the world! God bless!!

  41. Phil.

    I remember hearing this song live and thinking it was just so utterly amazing.
    Though, the first time, it was when I first went to see you in concert ever and that was last August. I don’t remember you playing it at all, but I filmed about 20 seconds of it, and when I got home, I decided to watch all of the videos–and though I didn’t remember the song, I remember LOVING it, and the lines that really, really, REALLY stuck out to me were “When blood and water hit the ground, walls we couldn’t move came crashing down.” Those two lines have been just SUCH an encouragement to me over the past year.
    Last time I heard it was in April, after you declared the rainbow over-head a “Jesus-bow”… I just thought it was so amazing, once again.

    You, sir, have been such an incredible blessing. I pray that God blesses you always!!

    PS: I do love the look, with the new hair and all!
    PPS: I also love the sudden change in moods after the song was done. =)

  42. PPPPS: (I promise, this is my last one!) I was nearly blown away by “the massive production of the video.” Truly. I was so breath-taken, that I nearly forgot that there was such an awesome song being sung by an incredible musician!

  43. hey phil.

    Thank you. Love your music and will let everyone know about your music as the Lord leads. Bless ya bro.

    Hey I am releasing my first record. Could you stop by my space and give me some pointers? it is at

    if not it’s cool. I know your busy. later dude, keep up the good music.

    Shane Facchinello

  44. Phil, True Love rocks! God is using you and your gifts in mighty ways. I pray that God may continue to use you and use this song to minister to people’s hearts.

  45. Dear Phil Wickham,

    It is awesome to see the Lord in your life by the way you share Him via praising Him, etc. Praise God for making you a man after His heart and may it always be!
    -“A man’s heart plans his way,
    But the LORD directs his steps (Proverbs 16:9).”

    He is our everything and our True Love! Glory be to God for being our hope through His life, death, resurrection, ascension, and His coming again to take us, His brides, home!! πŸ™‚ Continue your strolls with Him Phil, as you fall even more in love with Him as it was first with each passing moment that is a gift from Him to us to make the most of by serving and worshiping Him in Spirit and in Truth! He is the reason for ALL seasons!! May He have His way always!!!
    -“Then Jesus said to His disciples,
    ‘If anyone desires to come after Me, let
    him deny himself, and take up his
    cross, and follow Me. For whoever
    desires to save his life will lose it, but
    whoever loses his life for My sake will
    find it. For what profit is it to a man
    if he gains the whole world, and loses
    his own soul? Or what will a man give
    in exchange for his soul? For the
    Son of Man will come in the glory of
    His Father with His angels, and then
    He will reward each according to his works
    (Matthew 16:24-27)…'”

    In Jesus’ precious name, amen!!!!!!!

  46. Very tight. I am so looking forward to the new album and seeing you on tour with Crowder (they happen to be my all time favorites). I heard you on the Relevant podcast last week, too. Another amazing performance. πŸ™‚ I help manage/edit content for the Relevant site and went to school with Jesse…so it was great to see that they got you on their radar. I was starting to wonder if they’d pull you in for an interview or not!

    All that aside, rock on man.

  47. hey love the song since i saw u in june at hunnington beach! ur cd is the next thing i am lokking foward to then tanks giving and so on! ur music i really moving, i love it so much if u saw my 25most played its all of ur songs.Thanks!!

  48. Why is the comment number all retarded?
    It’s staying the same even though people are adding comments.

    Oh hey Phil. You say ‘Cuba’ funny.
    I guess it’s a Hispanic thing [meaning my hearing not your speaking, obviously].

  49. Phil, Phil…
    What a beautiful song. I love all the videos you posted before when promoting your first album, and now with this video I’m really happy!! It’s good for us to know the album in a different way. LIVE!! Once it’s possible you to read this, why don’t you make other Interactive Learning video with TRUE LOVE song as you did to the last one, with lyrics and all? Thanks for sharing such a blessing and it’s great that you have the same passion and the same compromise of the first album. I say ‘the same’but of course with something else, once each project shows many things, including how the artist is growing…. but I say about the compromise that I see very often in some artists: it changes.. sometimes they don’t talk about Jesus as they did in the first record. I’m glad to see that in you! Many prayers and God bless your new record! Plus, your hair is really good! New album, new hair, and the good and ‘old’Phil, hehe πŸ™‚ God bless!!!!!!

  50. Sweet ficus tree, but you know what’s better? The song πŸ™‚ Totally bent on seeing you Jan. 3rd in Branson. God Bless! <

  51. Your welcom, Alymc.

    I just got a blog so my name is different its christina7 instead of christina h.

    Anyways for those of you who haven’t seen this video go here.

    I hope you like it. Maybe he will post it on here himself. We will see, but you will have a good laugh. Yes he is waering a different type om shirt πŸ™‚

    Also, I have more Christian music videos on my

    page for anyone that wants to see good christian vids..

    Yes phil is on there of course πŸ™‚


  52. Sorry cant type that great tonight πŸ™‚

  53. wow phil…. just amazing. all the new songs i’ve heard r all awesome. i cant wait for the cd. like how the new hair cut looks too. haha. but seriously phil, u truly r an inspiration… ur songs have really changed my life. thank u. god bless.

  54. i wasn’t going to say anything in response to the song; however, i was genuinely moved. you definitely sing out God’s heart in it. It is amazing.

  55. yeah, it was really hard to focus on the song, what with the tree there, the chair, padded chair with a box on it, the film strip behind you, well, that was just so much to look at… πŸ™‚ you’re right though, the song is profound and very beautiful. oh, i like your soccer hair cut! you look like one of the players at the soccer world cup! bring it! can’t wait for the new cd. so excited!

  56. “True Love” was absolutly beautiful, it made me cry =) it reminded me of the movie “the Passion of the Christ” and what ture love is and how so very much HE loved us to suffer like that, that we can be saved and live in paradise w/HIM forever.
    And as christians we sometimes forget of what being a child of God is and we take our eye’s off of Jesus and look at the problem or other christian’s, which can make us go off to the side line’s.
    We got to keep strong in Christ, (HEBREWS 12, i love this chapter its encouraging to me).
    Really enjoyed and loved your beautiful song, it touched my heart deeply. =)

    In Christ Love,
    Romie Alvidrez

    P.S. Keep seeking Him, living for Him, and loving Him, we were made to love HIM. =)

  57. I kind of miss making Phil’s blog into “Phil’s message board for bored people.” How is everyone doing?

  58. Well, we may be able to safely assume that everyone’s not as bored now… I know that’s the case with me, anyways.

  59. i honestly cannot stop watching this video!!! its sooo amazing and inspiring. i keep telling people about you phil and showing them your new stuff. you’ve got some enw fans… yay!!!

  60. that’s some powerful lyrics. i cant wait to see you on october 6 philly!! i know i already asked you… but just lemme know if it’s possible or not. is there any way i could meet youuu???

  61. Hello! I am so stinkin excited for your new record!! You had showed us a few acoustic songs after a baseball game here in Arizona. Remember we ate at chipotle and cold stone creamery?? haha Anyway I’ll see ya October 11th with DCB! Can’t wait!!

    God Bless! ~Ana

  62. Oh I’m definitely bored.
    I was just not saying anything because no one else was.

  63. Amazing song, makes me cry every time I hear it, It keeps my relationship with God still burning.

  64. I absolutely love this song. I can’t stop watching it over and over again.. you sing it with such passion and heart.

  65. phil, this song is incredible. The Lord is using you in sUch incredible ways.
    it’s funny sitting here thinking about junior high listening to you, evan, and
    sandy singing on wednesday nights for us. i guess we should’ve gotten your
    autograph back then, huh? :] you and evan are both so talented. thanks for
    leading us then and leading us now. every lyric to every one of your songs is
    so powerful and worshipful, thank you. God has blessed me so greatly through
    your music. God bless you!
    ~ruth sherlock

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