“After Your Heart” and a haircut… a really short one

Hey Guys,

I am so excited right now. “Why Phil?” you may ask. Well, for two reasons. First and most importantly, the first single from the new CD has been officially released to radio stations. It’s called “After Your Heart”, and it has already started getting plays on some major stations. Right now you can exclusively hear it on my virb page:


Soon it’ll be available on itunes and on myspace and all that. So now I need your help. If you like the song then call/email your local Christian radio station and be like, “Play Phil Wickham’s new single ‘After Your Heart’, YAY!”. A pretty big radio network called KLOVE has started playing it, so let’s all go to this address:


and give them a hearty thank you!!

The second reason I’m so excited is something entirely different, yet still strangely connected. With the new record, and the new single, and the super hot weather everywhere I thought that I would celebrate with a new haircut.
Not sure what I was thinking, but I went super short. Can’t tell whether I look like a musician, or a marine trying to look like a musician. Either way, it’s keeping me a lot cooler than that shaggy helmet of hair that I usually have. It’s actually kind of growing on me. I might stick with it for a while… I don’t know.

Anyway’s, I am presently in Orlando, Florida. I’ve been doing a bunch of radio station visits and interviews this week here in the deep south east corner of America. At the moment me and my traveling buddy, Mark, are sipping on some coffee trying to waste some time before we visit Relevant Magazine’s building. I’m going to be doing a podcast interview/performance with them.

ThisΒ is where you can hear it once they put it up.


So I guess that’s all for now.
Thanks for stoppin’ by.


~ by philwickham on September 5, 2007.

61 Responses to ““After Your Heart” and a haircut… a really short one”

  1. YEA ME FIRST COMMENT!!!!!! Looove, LOVE, LOVE the Haircut Phil. You look awsome.

  2. I’m liking the new haircut Phil. I can’t wait to hear all of “After Your Heart” it will be wicked awesome for sure.

  3. Great song. Can’t wait to hear the new album.

  4. One step ahead of you Mr. Wickham…I wrote my e-mail to K-Love yesterday…I was sooo excited to hear “After Your Heart” on the Radio, I couldn’t help but let them know we need to hear more of your stuff- we can’t get enough! BTW- The new do is so you- kuel!!! Blessings…

  5. Philip your hair is amazing and so handsome. I just left a comment on kloves website.
    yayyay Have fun at relevant πŸ˜€

  6. PHIL!

    I’m excited about your excitement! It is a blessing to see you blessed! I love the youtube videos on your myspace page, including the After Your Heart one. I think you look adorable with your new haircut, and I’m pretty sure my daughter is going to like it too, a lot! God Bless You!

  7. Phil! You cut it all off! I like it though….I have heard the new stuff…and it’s AMAZING!!! Come to Nashville soon… πŸ™‚ If not before, see you in November in Louisville!

  8. You’re beautiful. Your music’s beautiful.

  9. It’s so weird seeing you without your lovely hair. But I like the new cut! I’m excited for you! “After Your Heart” is wonderful. It’s so different to any of your other songs and I love it! Looks like God is doing some amazing things in your life right now!!! You’re in my prayers Phil!!! See ya in October!!!

  10. and by “without your lovely hair” I meant to say the abundance of… all your lovely hair. But I still love the hair.

  11. I’m a guy I don’t comment on hair. But I will ask, did you and Brody use the same hair stylist? Oh and congrats on the new post.

  12. Phil – God’s blessings to you. “After Your Heart” resonates my purest, deepest desire… To know my heavenly Father’s heart and to seek His will above all else. Thank you. I have ordered “Cannons”, emailed radio stations, posted your music and info, and am shamelessly propelling your witness for Jesus everywhere possible. The Holy Spirit speaks through your lyrics. Every chord strum echoes eternally. Your music is saving souls because you are obediently using your God-given gifts for Christ’s glory! Just like King David, you are truely a man after God’s own heart. I am praying for you and your loved ones. The next time you speak to your parents please thank them on my behalf for their commitment, prayer, and perserverance to you and your siblings and for keeping a Christ-centered home. Look what warriors for God have been raised up because of their faithfulness and God’s goodness. I pray the Lord’s perfect will for your life.
    Romans 10:9 In Christ, Melody M. in Missouri

  13. HE’S BACK.
    And you’re four hours away from me.
    WHY PHIL?!?! Just travel about 4 more hours south and I’ll be elated.

    And I like the new haircut.
    I have to admit I preferred the old hair but I’ll get used to it.

    Wow this is like dejavu. This other guy also had amazing hair and he cut it off like 6 months ago and now I’m pretty used to it.

  14. I’d like to see a big fat mustache along with that sweet haircut.

  15. well, i was fully prepared to proclaim my love for the new song when i was distracted by how much more i love the new haircut.

    apparently phil wickham can do no wrong.

  16. Lookin’ gooooood Phil! The haircut definitely suits you. I’m pretty much excited for your upcoming album, and your newly released single!!!! I’ll be listening for you on KLOVE! Take care.

  17. Hey Phil, in case you are ever in PA, and traveling south on I81, stop in a little cafe called Pure & Simple in Greencastle. You’ll love it, I promise. And I’d love to meet you! Great hair cut, by the way.

  18. Nice brother. First an affinity to cannons, then the military cut … is enlistment in the near future?

    The rockness of the tune and the bossness of the hair are equally matched.

    Love you Phil!

  19. I love After Your Heart!! It’s reeeeeeally good!
    And nice haircut…I think I like the old one better, but than again, this one keeps you cool AND is cool.

  20. After Your Heart is awesome! I was so happy to finally hear the full song after listening to it in that video you posted awhile ago when you didn’t have the full song yet.

    Oh, I like the new hair cut, but I must agree with a few of the other people here, I liked the old one more :p

    The new hair makes you look alittle bit like this guy Alex I met on a mission trip I went on last year… haha weird! That’s not a bad thing by the way… incase you thought it was.

  21. Phil!!

    I like the new hair cut! Sometimes change is good! And being cool in a hot city is even better! I KNOW! I cant stop listening to “After your heart”!
    And I emailed KLOVE! I was going to email them before you even said it! CRAZY!
    Keep it up man!

  22. First like the hair! I did the same thing last year except i cut 13 inches off for locks of love! It feels real different like u lost something! but u get use to it! love the song and counting down for the CD! enjoy

  23. Dear Phil,

    The verses in Ephesians 5:19-21 have been my heart verses for several months and I have been immersing myself in Christian music from many singers I have not previously enjoyed. Well, a friend who knew of my meanderings gave me your CD “Phil Wickham” two weeks ago and I am still absorbing the beautiful Holy Spirit manifested in your lovely lyrics and voice. I’m finding it hard to find the correct adjectives that would do your music justice, so I will use an old faithful – Amazing. I was so pleased to find that you are releasing a new CD in October. You are also coming to my area on September 20 – In Focus Worship Center and The Township Auditorium in Columbia SC in November. What a beautiful worshipful creation of God you are.

    Love in Christ!

    PS… WAFJ 88.3 is our radio station here in N Augusta SC. They have your Sept. 20 date on their calendar, and I will be encouraging your playing on their station. Am eagerly anticipating your new CD. Thank you for your love of Jesus. Thank you for your desire for the lost and your encouragement for the saved.

  24. Sweet new hair, although I loved the old, new is good every once in a while. I think the in-between stage is the best.
    And I agree with you Brody, although, how about a sweet manly thick beard? Haha

  25. Loving the haircut Phil; just went to KLove to show my support! Looking forward to seeing you in Cinci next month and can’t wait for Cannons!!!

  26. phil this is off topic but u need to plan a concert in orange county soon cause i need to go c u again! play at the flock! hope u do and love the doo!

  27. yay i love relevant magazine! cant wait to hear the interview and performance! the last performance you did for them was really awesome, i love the acoustic!

  28. I like it – now bring your talent to Toronto!!!

  29. I second Kirstie, we Cali’s already miss you and want you back!! Of course, God comes fist (Matthew 6:33), thus, I pray He will continue to lead you per His will…it’s great to be a Jesus’ freak!!! I actually found myself humming to “After Your Heart” tune and yes, the hair do is nice. πŸ™‚

  30. I really like the new hair cut. I like it alot better then the long hair. Cant wait to listen to your song.. Cant wait for your Cd..

  31. I LOVED the New song!!!!!!! Now I really cant wait for the new CD!!!!!!!!!! Great Job Phil

  32. Love the new song…reminds me of another band I know….but, I can’t quite figure it out…..hmmmm…..I must admit I was shocked when I saw the pics of the new cut…..but, you could probably use a weed wacker on your hair and it would somehow look good on you !!!! lol…..I vote for a Gotee….it seems more Wickhamish to me.

  33. Ahhh- Phil, his new CD & a Gotee…
    Now that’s Heaven on Earth!

  34. ….pass on the gotee please.
    hahah that would crack me up actually.
    maybe a mustache.

  35. love the cut. you are so adorable. i’m trying to come see you in puyallup on sunday. so excited! i’ll have to talk myself out of a family gathering though… hmm… pray for me. ;o)

  36. I’m guessing that the short hair feels great in Florida. Especially when it’s 80 degrees here in Michigan.

    Likin the new song.

  37. We’ve loved After Your Heart from the first time we heard it in Auburn! We also talked about your hair that night (rmeber BJ’s?) and I can say Im surprised by the new do! It looks like you let some clippers get near you, always a tragedy. But on you not so bad. Hopefully we’ll see you again soon on this side of the Americas?

  38. amigo…i have always been a loyal fan of your music but never a fan of the long hair…let me congratulate you on your new cut…

    is it funny that you have reached the point where you get 30 comments on your new haircut in 24 hours?…i’m glad lots of people are hearing your music…

  39. Yes that IS great Florida hair.
    Hmm but it’s PERFECt SOUTH Florida hair.
    *wink wink*

  40. Nice haircut! I would have to say that I’m becoming more excited about “Cannons” every single day…not only is the cover art the best I may have ever seen, but After Your Heart, and now Sailing on a Ship are both fabulous, stupendous songs.

    Keep it up!

    -Darren (a fan in Senegal, West Africa)

  41. BY THE WAY.
    I loooove Sailing On A Ship.
    Phil will you ever do something wrong?

  42. wow, I loved your hair… now it’s all gone… ok it’s going to take me forever to get used to it so don’t get creeped out by me staring at your pictures for hours on end…

    I HEARD “AFTER YOUR HEART” ON THE RADIO THIS MORNING!!!!!! I’ve been writing to K-LOVE since I met you last September trying to get them to play your music and today they finially did. I was so excited that I screamed when I recognized your voice and I nearly made my mom wreck the car. I was screaming so much that I didn’t get to hear much but the “After yuor heart” part. I’ll see you 3 days after the cd is released and you still owe me that hug. See ya soon!

  43. new album on October 2nd Awesome!!! My birthday is October 20th
    I think I know What I want For my birthday now!!!

  44. Wow! You do look like a marine or Paul Wright. Maybe definately Paul Wright. Did you keep the other hair? I bet you could sell it somewhere to somebody.

  45. Well… I must say. I am a judge of hair. I like a little hair on a guys head. Haha. Anyways. I think a little off might have been fine but honestly, I think you took a bit too much off. MISS IT! BRING IT BACK! Anyways. Yeah just thought I would say that you should let it grow a bit but not too much. An inbetween might be better :)) Okay have fun with the new hair cut till it grows again!

  46. Lookin’ good, man! On the charts and in person! πŸ˜‰
    -Heather πŸ™‚

  47. phil i love you so much! i love that you think getting a new hair cut is a big deal and worth sharing with us! this is what life is made of, all those little joys! i love the new hair do too. you’re super hot any way you look at it, but the shorter hair shows off those great eyes of yours! i liked your hair in that “meet phil wickham” video on youtube. it was shorter there too. anyway, i’ll see you soon in dallas. bringing a possy of friends i hope.

  48. The haircut is awesome! πŸ™‚

  49. Duuude…that’s a sweet lookin’ ‘do you got there!
    very nice ;]

  50. Great New Haircut to Welcome the New Album!!! Thank you for sharing your new tunes with us (After your Heart and Sailing on a Ship) before your record was even released πŸ™‚ Enjoy Orlando. Make sure to apply that sunblock; the heat can be brutal (hehe). I know, I live in Miami. Good thing that by the time you’ll hit Orlando’s Hard Rock Live in mid-November, it’ll be a whole lot cooler. If you have time and have not done so, check out the Holyland Experience theme park. God bless you, Phil!

  51. Hey guy! The do is very stylin’. πŸ™‚ Just downloaded “Sailing”…getting excited. Hugs to you, have fun, take care of that voice and I will see you on the road…hopefully. πŸ™‚

  52. Phil – I checked out your live performance on the relevant podcast. You performed flawlessly, as usual. I was so jazzed that I got to hear the title track “Cannons.” Now I’ve got “After Your Heart,” “Sailing On A Ship,” and “Cannons.” Thankyou so very much.
    The song “Cannons” has such a beautiful message. Looking up at the heavens I often feel my spirit well up with gratitude and awe. In “Cannons” you give voice to those emotions perfectly.
    Your podcast was a tremendous blessing but, not only because of your music. The way you boldly proclaim your purpose for Christ and always give all the glory to Him is what sets you apart. There’s never this quiet mention of God stuck on at the close. The beginning, the end, and all in between…you make the message clear that you are a disciple of Jesus, spreading the promise of His kingdom through your music. Praise the Lord!
    God Bless You – Melody M.

  53. Hey Neko, My birthday is the 20th as well! Sweet! Never known someone with my birthday.

  54. your hair looks alright… haha bet you weren’t expecting anyone to say that! but for real it’s pretty tight. if you like it, i think you should keep it that way, because it’s pretty spiffy.
    by the way, i’m super glad that you’ve put “jesus, lord of heaven” on cannons! i love that song. i love all of “give you my world” i hope to see you and mr. crowder and co. at the chicago house of blues soon!
    “their bread is VERY good.”
    if you know where that quote is from, i’ll give you five bucks

  55. “After Your Heart” keeps playing over and over again in my head. I can’t get enough! I don’t think I’ve been so excited to hear a song on KLOVE! It would be nice to play that song on my MySpace profile [hint, hint]. =)

    [laughs] And by the way, I was looking at the “Cannons” album cover and thought, “Is that Lake Hodges?” It sure does look like it. Every time I drive over that lake, I think of God’s faithfulness. I remember when we didn’t have rain for the longest time and the lake was drying up. Then we had all those fires in L.A., San Bernadino, Valley Center and San Diego. And then the rain came! The land was greener than ever and we got our lake back!

  56. I have the pleasure of a pre-elease with 4 songs from Cannons through where I work, gotta love Christian retail. You are definitely growing as an artist, it is hard for people to maintain their edge but keep it fresh and new. I love what you are doing….and what you have done with your hair. May God bless you richly.

    Your Sister in Christ


  57. er…make that http://www.foreverhisclay.wordpress.com

  58. Hey Phil! I love your hair! πŸ™‚

    I’m sure with your legions of friends/fans you wouldn’t remember me. Anyways, I saw you during the Saddleback Worship Conference and Festival, I got the chance to chat with you (Im from San Francisco). I just wanted to say hi, tell you how much your music has really touched me and blessed me with a great connection with Jesus Christ. Im going to the David Crowder @ the Fillmore and I remember you mentioned that you’re part of the tour. If you have time when you’re in town maybe you can hang out and my friends and I can show your around San Francisco. Let me know!

    Have a lovely week and may the Lord continue to bless you! πŸ™‚


  59. Hey Phil!

    First, I have to say that I love your music, and your haircut looks good too! But I really wanted to thank you for coming to Solid Rock Fellowship last month. You have no idea how huge a blessing that was! Not only did that bless us here, but also our brothers and sisters in Africa! So take care and thanks again.
    God’s blessings!

  60. Great hair, like the old one better, but it’s still awesome. the plus side is though, that we can see your cool green eyes. Nice!

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