Hello Y’all,

I have seen several incorrect postings on the web about the release date of “Cannons”, my new record. I believe that this is mainly due to the fact that the CD was initially scheduled to release September 4th, a date that even I had started shouting from the rooftops. But the posting of that date was premature. The label had brought the date of October 2nd to the table, and gave several reasons why it would be the best thing to delay the release a month. After much consideration, my management and I agreed to the new release date. So I apologize to those who have been mislead in the past, but now we are all on the same page. YAY! So if you would all clear your minds of September 4th , and highlight October 2nd on your calendars that would be GREAT. One more thing, the spreading of news by “word-of-mouth” is a powerful thing, but it can only happen if words are coming out of mouths… or blogs, myspaces, and the like.

So this is what I need you all to do:

1. Either pre-order the record off of my myspace/website or be sure to buy it the week it comes out..or both

2. Whether you have a blog or journal, myspace or virb, website or facebook, magazine or newspaper, voice or instrument, and you have connected with the music, then please help spread the word and tell some people about it.

3. Yes, quite.

4. Give more hugs.

5. OCTOBER 2nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Come see me when I’m in your area and give me a sweet high five.



~ by philwickham on August 27, 2007.

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  1. P.S. Sorry I’ve been away from the old WordPress for a while. I’ve missed you guys, and I’ll be around more often. Much Love.

  2. One sweet high five coming your way…October 27.

    And you can bet I’ll spread the word about the new album.

  3. well i must say i was excited for the september release, but i’m just as excited for october.

    so here’s what i’m definitely going to be doing:

    1. buying the cd the second it comes out.

    2. coming to see you when you’re im my area . . . i might even high five you.

    3. in the meantime, i’ll be giving more hugs.

  4. October 2nd is definitely highlighted on my calendar!
    Along with a pre-order purchase too!
    I wish you would play somewhere in Nashville..:)

    Hope all is well, and I am looking forward to the new CD!

  5. October 2nd=my much anticipated purchase! I’ll be on the lookout for your sweet high five Oct. 12th! Oh and giving hugs is always a nice thing indeed.

  6. Awww…I was going to get Cannons for my dad’s birthday…oh well, he’ll get a slip saying he’ll be getting Cannons on the 2nd.
    A sweet high five will be yours this Friday. ^^

  7. I PREORDERED IT like a month ago or whatever and I’m totally psyched.
    Plus I already told all my friends.
    I ranted about how I couldn’t wait until September 4th, and then when I found out that had changed, I preordered it, and told everyone. So yeah my friends all know.

    Oh and Phil I love ya, too [:

    P.S. PHIL YOU’RE NEVER IN MY AREA SO I CAN’T GIVE YOU A HIGH FIVE. Do something about it, I’ve heard my high fives are pretty sweet. [I live in Miami, Florida, by the way. I mean don’t you want to go to MIAMI?]

  8. I will see you in Novemeber with crowder. I will most definitly be giving you a sweet high five.

  9. so i keep the right date for the record: october 2nd and I’m going to spread… I need pictures to create a layout for my myspace… let me know when the wallpapers, pictures, etc are ready! God bless! I just don’t give a high 5 because I don’t know what is that :/ hehe, let me know so I see if I’ll give it 🙂

  10. Wow Phil! Is that really you??? lol We’ve missed you here on WordPress 🙂 Anywho, October 2nd Release is definitely being anticipated!!! I’ll do what I can to create some buzz!!! I already have your banner link in my myspace profile! Also, I will see ya in Orlando November 15th and will high five ya! Continue to do all for the glory of God!!! God bless ya, Phil!

  11. Thank goodness you posted something. I was about to die from lack of sleep waiting for a post ( although I did get a few winks in between the waiting). Anyways … Umm.. am I mistaken .. or was there no #3? If my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me I think you may need to take a Kindergarten class before the tour Phil. 😉
    Oh, and when I see you November 7 .. how about a hug since you were suggesting them in #4? Or both.

  12. Haha 1, 2, 4.

  13. Aaaaah my gosh i can wait till yall come to the house of blues in Anaheim! I’m terribly excited!! I think it’s gonna be a school night but whatever–I’m givin’ you a high-five!!

  14. I almost gave you a sweet high-five once. That was when you were at Calvary Chapel Modesto with Shane and Shane. I was the guy driving them around town, I saw you with Matt Kehler but you were busy. You’ll have to come back so I can give it to you, I owe you one.

  15. I am very excited about the new cd! I’ll be seeing you when you come to Cypress, Tx on October 6th with the David Crowder Band! Yeahh!!

  16. i was so looking foward to sept.4th but now i have something to look forward to in oct.! but ohwell! ill be counting down the days!

  17. Ah, I still haven’t preordered the cd…

    I HAVE been telling my friends about it though! I just can’t keep quiet!

    I want to try to see you and the David Crowder band for my 18th birthday in November along with my youth group. I hope everything works out, because that would be totally awesome… 🙂

    Maybe we can all get a high five??? Haha 🙂

  18. I was told by Brody I needed to come by and check out your “blog.” Duty done.

  19. Shawn (with a “w”). You said Duty.

  20. Hey,

    I just wanted to let you all know that if you go to and pre-order Phil’s CD Cannons, you can get an autographed copy. That is what I did and CANT WAIT!!! My first one is autographed too. =-D.


    P.S. What is the general age of everyone in here? I feel like an “old fogie” I’m 26 and it seems that everyone is much younger.

  21. Lyndsie.

    28… I just play a 12 year old on T.V. and in blog comments.

  22. 14.
    Yeah I know I’m reeeeeally young.
    And I hope someone can convince Phil to come to Miami or somewhere close.

    BRODY, tell Phil about the great air boat tours with Captain John!

  23. Aww come on brodyharper what is all that supposed to mean?? You totally confused me there, with that commment. So how old are you really?? And, do you really work for T.V?? =-D


    P.S. Anyone have extra tickets to see Phil October 13, 2007 I think it is at the House of Blues in Anehiem, CA. I was going to get tickets but waited to long =-( now, I can’t go…. I am sooooooooooooo upset. I’ll pay ya!!

  24. Hey,phil will definately give you a high five oct. 12 in san diego. hope everythings going good.May God give you his peace and joy. You’re awesome. God bless you immensely!

  25. oh, by the way if it’s not too much trouble try singing divine romance on oct. 12 house of blues. That would be amazing! Once again another God bless you.

  26. Lyndsie,
    I feel that way too, sometimes, though I’m only 20. But Phil does such a wonderful job of reaching out to all age groups. Way to go, Phil!

  27. Yeah my five year old sister loves Divine Romance.
    She even has hand motions for it and everything.
    I promise!
    I could videotape it and send the link to you. Haha.

  28. OHMYGOSH. i can’t believe the anaheim tickets are sold out. i’m so bummed! :[

    well i’ll try to make it to the l.a. show.

  29. Hey guys, I previously asked about some tickets to see Phil, It seems as though, I not only got some dates, but venues mixed up as well. It looks like I will still be able to get tickets just not at the place I preferred. But hey, I’ll still get to see Phil AGAIN!! YEAH!! GO PHIL!! See what your music does to all us “crazy” fans LoL

    Gott segen

    Lyndsie J.

  30. Wow. I like how you sneakily added a #3.
    You are quite welcome Phil. 😉

  31. how was budapest?!?!? i planned a mission trip there last may!

  32. I’m listening to Evan’s CD “Mysterious Things” right now… let him know it rocks! I’ve encountered both of you and I must say you guys are the most humble servants that I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. God bless you & your family!

  33. Hey Brody,

    You know why I said “duty” on Phil Wickham’s blog? Because I’m the…so Lyndsie you feel old? Me and Brody are sadly older than you. Maturity is not and should not be a gauge for age.

  34. Hey I’m a poet and didn’t know it, gauge for age…that’s funny, I crack myself up!

  35. Shawn,

    Since this is Phil’s blog this will be my one and only message to you directly. I am a little bemused by your statement, “Maturity is not and should not be a gauge for age.” This statement is somewhat vague and inscrutable to me. It seems more of a cacophony of misinterpretation to what I have previously aforementioned in regards to age. In short, I was not trying to divest nor put a fissure between myself and those younger than I. I simply was asking the question for curiosity sake. Never was I trying to imbue in minds that I was more mature for the mere fact of my age in relation to others here.

    P.S (Shawn) Musings is not an apogee!!!

    P.S.S. Sorry Phil just felt I should annotate my previous text regarding age, seems as though I offended some.

  36. Lyndsie,

    By no amount did your previously aformentioned statements regarding age translate in my observance as though you were attempting to scoff at people here. Furthermore I will circumvent being crucial in my efforts to take this too seriously and prolong this stimulating word crusade.

    P.S.I will emphasize that apogee is not a word but sarcasm, mokery, cynisism, and acerbity truely are.

    P.S.S. Phil I apologize for being sarcastic. Obviously as an intelligent man once said, some christians don’t have the gift of interpretation.

  37. I apologize first and foremost to Phil for using HIS blog as “word ping-pong” and I too, apologize to you Shawn for my sarcasm when using the word apogee in my previous statements. We are all Christians here and need to lead our lives as such. Therefore, apology to all….


    Love ya guys (even you Shawn LOL)… bye bye for now XOXOXOXO

  38. I apologize first and foremost to Phil for using HIS blog as “word ping-pong” and I too, apologize to you Shawn for my sarcasm. We are all Christians here and need to lead our lives as such. Therefore, apology to all….


    Love ya guys (even you Shawn LOL)… bye bye for now XOXOXOXO

  39. Opps…. sorry again looks as if I mistakenly posted that comment twice!!!!

  40. “Bemused, inscrutable, cacophony, aforementioned, divest, fissure, musings, apogee, circumvent, observance, stimulating word crusade…”


    Is this a “big word” fight or can we just give an internet hand shake and move on?

    I really am 28, and I have nothing to do with TV. I will be working with Phil next month though. That’s kinda like TV… only more rockin.

  41. And Lynsie just to be really honest. I am 29, and was just being sarcastic. I was making fun of Brody and myself by saying maturity should not be gauged by age. I have no hard feelings, but I totally think big word ping pong is fun, especially when you can do it in a sarcastic way. I was quoting Shaun Groves when I said “some christians don’t have the gift of interpretation.” I think it is hillarious and I also believe blogs are just that a forum to discuss so I believe it is okay to directly name another poster. Like I said no hard feelings, I find it rather amusing, but from now on, please don’t take me seriously, especially when I am using big words. Also if you have a chance to get out and see Phil, try and meet Brody, he will be the guy standing in the back of the room with his flip-flop covered feet crossed doing nothing and getting paid for it(that’s kind of a joke too).

  42. Hey Shawn, I too LOVE the word ping pong, just not too sure what others think ya know? I have no hard feelings at all. Truthfully I found it a bit exhilarating. I had fun…I am not able to do that too often. I will definitely look for Brody at Phil’s show if I am lucky enough to get tickets. I am trying!


    P.S. Thanks Shawn for letting me know that it is Ok to directly to name another person on a Blog, I just did not want to form any disrespect for Phil. I have lots for him, his music and who and why he is doing it all for. =-D have an AWSOME DAY!!!

  43. Yeah maturity shouldn’t be gauged by age.
    I hate it when people don’t give you the time of day, simply because you’re younger than they are and think you’re immature.
    I mean one of my really good friends is a college freshman and I’m a high school freshman. And she doesn’t tolerate me just to be nice when she’s secretly annoyed with me or anything [I hope, haha] so I don’t understand why everyone can’t be like that.

    P.S. I’m not talking about anyone on here!
    P.S.S. Hey Phil nice number 3. It’s lovely.

  44. Giving you a high-five would be grand. I heard that you’re on tour with David and the band. I was talking with David earlier this week and I told him that I desperately want to make it to one of his shows when he’s in Ohio… and then I found out that you’re touring with him, which makes me want to go all the more! But… I’m almost 16 and just about the only teenage girl I know without a license and so I still need to find a ride around.. and no one is able to take me to the show in Cinncinati.. which just isn’t cool. So, I wish I could give you that high-five… it’d be grand. But do well anyway, and tell David that he needs to share the “Evil Squirrel’ story even though I may not be there. 🙂

    Seek Jesus and be His…

  45. By the way… I found this odd today. You have the same name as someone I know – my Youth Pastor. And you look SO MUCH like a friend of mine – Ryan. I thought it may good of me to share. *grin*

    Ohio tends to leave people random…

    Blessings! (Ps. 86)

  46. philly! i cant wait for your new album. but pertaining to #6, the only way i can give you a sweet high five is if i can meet you. seriously though, i’m going to see you on october 6. is there ANY way that me and my friend could meet you??! all my other friends are going for david crowder…who is good and all. but me and my one friend are coming just for YOU. sooo….any way we can get the hookups? if not…i understand *sigh* haha

  47. Brody,
    Shawn says that I should “try and meet you” if I should have a chance to see Phil. Would you be at his show that I believe is October 12th or 13th in Hollywood? Asking only because you mentioned “rockin’ out” with Phil next month. Let me know if ya will be there in October as well so that I won’t be looking (As Shawn describes you) for “your big flip-flop covred feet LOL.


  48. Hey now Lyndsie, I never said Brody’s feet were big. I just said they would be flip flop covered and crossed. I have pictures to prove this. I like giving Brody a hard time about not doing anything. Truth is he works hard to make sure everything is in order for whoever he is working for.

    A few words of advice if you meet Brody, first start by giving him a full frontal hug and maybe even one of those “greet him with a kiss” type Biblical kisses.

    Second stand real close and either open mouth breathe or breathe through your nose hard enough for him to feel it. If you are refering to Hollywood California, this should be even more effective than the humidity rich state of Florida and a slight residue should start to develope on his arm.

  49. Shawn –
    your outa control, weird

  50. Haha.
    Shawn [with a W] you’re flipping awesome.
    And pretty gross but that’s a-okay.
    Lyndsie take his advice if it’s the last thing you’ll ever do!

  51. Haha. It WILL be the last things she’ll ever do, from what I’ve Poor Brody.

  52. Oops. Normally I post as alyssa, but I forgot I was signed in my wordpress account. o well. but it’s me… Alyssa.

  53. Yeah… no hugs, or kisses, or breathing is needed. I will be the one with the flip flops on and I will be running around with Phil most of the night… maybe see you then.

  54. I don’t believe you one bit “I will be running around with Phil most of the night,” Yeah…I have this funny feeling you aint runnin anywhere Brody.


    you need to outweigh the amount of advice you are receiving here.I suggested you do those things, Alyssa (alymic or whatever) suggested you do those things, and Roquel said “I was awesome,” and you should do these things.

    Brody is just trying to play the modest Nashville superstar, I think you should do exactly what I suggeted. He even started it off with “Yeah,” and by all accounts with my vast knowledge of psychology, this being the first word out of his mouth, means he really wants you to do those things.

  55. xD. Wow…this is one random conversaton.
    Brody, will you by any chance be at Phil’s concert this Friday?

  56. October 2nd really is highlighted on my calender 🙂

    I can’t wait!!

  57. Yes, quite. (‘Cause THAT makes boat loads of sense!)

    Well, 1, 2, and 5 are done… I just repeated 3… I’m definitely up for number 6… and number 4 is a possibility.

    Just 4 weeks and 6 days!!!


  58. Nice advice Shawn (Biblical type kiss?? LoL nice touch) Hey, you never know, as you should already know from this Blog, I am not the shy type of person. I have no problem going up and hugging someone. After all, it is just a hug. Right?

  59. OM MY GOSH!!! I just have to say this again.. That song GRACE ROCKS!!!! Phil’s CD is in my player at work and that is all I listen to all day is that CD and I have like 10 others to choose from but Phil just stays in there LoL… =-D

  60. woohoo!! see you in orlando! 🙂

    [and do it, Lyndsie!]

  62. Oh, I plan on it Raquel just for the mere sake of seeing Brody squirm like a little worm.

    P.S. Does Phil actually read all these messages in his blog? Does anyone know? If so, I am just curious to know if he remembers meeting me a week and a half ago at the Riverside Church where Greg Laurie preaches. I’ll I have to say is, …… Looooooooong NAILS and not able to open CD package (if Phil remembers he will know exaclty what I am talking about.)

    P.S.S . Yes I know I post on here all the time like I am IM’ing everyone, I just have a job where I am at a comp’ all day and have lot’s of time usualu so I come on her often. Just thought that I shuld mention it because I looked and I do have quite a view posts up. =-D.

  63. Hey Lyndsie,

    that church would be called Harvest where Greg Laurie preaches. Did Phil do Day 7 or something there? I used to go there when I lived out west. I plan on seeing him in Orlando and giving Brody an nice big hug and maybe nose breathe on his shoulder since I have the height advantage. So I guess I will be seeing Lindsey (with an i) in O-town too.

  64. AWWW Yes, thank you Shawn, for some reason or another I drew a blank when it came to the name of the Church. As for if Phil did “day 7” I am not too sure I can answer that since I am not sure what you are talking about lol.

  65. I live from hours from there, in Miami.
    Phil. How hard is it to make an unexpected visit South?
    And yeah I like talking to the people here, too (:

  66. There meaning Orlando.

  67. Well if he played there on a Sunday night it would be a program called Day 7. Well atleast te used to have that.

    Oops and after taking a lok at Lindsey (with an i)’s blog, I am not sure if I can talk to her in Orlando in November. She’s a gator (a proud member of the gator nation) and I am what “they” call a “gator hater.” That just means I went to a school where academics was a priority, not sports.

  68. HeHe I am such a “retard” I guess “day 7” would be referring to Sunday (7th day of the week) Oh, well give me a lil’ breal I’m at work and therfore, not fully focused. =-D But, to answer your question, Yes it was day 7, to be exact it was August 18, 2007. My friend was getting her lil’ baby dedicated to the church. We don’t live to close to Riverside (about 30-45min away) so we don’t go to that particular church every sunday.

  69. Gee Lyndsie,

    With all the time you have on your hands at work, you should have a blog. I know if I had that much screen tie I would be better at keeping mine up. I would already have written about Brody and Shaun Groves from last weekend. But I procrastinat, I mean seriously. Why do today what you can put off tomorrow?

  70. Ha I have too much screen time.
    But I don’t have interesting things to talk about all the time :[

  71. Glad to know we are boring and not interesting…all you Californians are the same. By the way I was born in Fontana and grew up in Ontario.

  72. Oops, misread that, sorry Roquel thought that was Lyndsey replying. All you Dade county people are the same…I live in Palm Beach County, yeah so oops.

  73. Haha. Not you guys but like my life is a bore outside of the Internet. You all are VERY interesting.

    I may just have to make a post about you guys now.
    Or maybe later I also procrastinate.

  74. Oh and Raquel is spelled with an A not an O.
    That was just bugging me a bit [:

  75. I thought that it might be fun (yes I know knida’corny) to make up our own creative “writings” about when we meet or first heard Phil’s music. I choose to write this corny poem below. ENJOY!! Look forward to all the other creative ideas.

    To the church I went one day
    I needed some of Gods’ sunlight rays.

    A Pastor introduces a guy named Phil
    Once I heard him I thought, is this guy for real?

    I became an instant fan
    For this awesome singin’ man.

    I thought to myself, I must by his CD
    For all my friends to hear and see.

    Than low and behold…..(after I bought it)

    Could it be?
    That Phil is right there in front of me?

    So that is the “short version” did not want to torture you guys anymore with that horrible poem , I literally wrote it in like 3-4min so don’t be too hard on me, (SHAWN) LOL. Anyway, hoped you guys at least got a little chuckle.

  76. Agh!!! I’ve been so excited!!! No fair! I’m like dog sick and I could still jump up and down when I was telling people that your cd was comming out Tuesday. :”( Man. K, so instead of a high-five, you owe me a hug when I see you in Dallas, k? See you see! ❤

  77. Wow Lyndsie, I wish I had your job. I would love to be able to blog and such all day. Hah. And i’m going to add you to my blogroll shawn.(not that anybody will see it for a while .. not many read my blog .. and I just decided to actually start keeping up with it)….but I will still add you to it.

  78. Ahhh my poem was too long to pot in a comment.
    I’ll have to post in on something else.
    Check it out in a few minutes.

  79. I will post pure genius…

  80. Lystrosaurus (meaning ‘shovel reptile’, pronunciation in IPA: [ˈlɪstɹɒˌsɔɹəs]) was a genus of Early Triassic Period therapsids, which lived approximately 250 million years ago in what is now Antarctica, India and South Africa. It was a common synapsid, a group of animals ancestral to (and including) mammals, more frequently referred to as Mammal-like reptiles. More specifically it was a dicynodont (which means “having two dog-teeth”, a characteristic of one sex, supposedly males). Lystrosaurs were heavily-built barrel-chested medium-sized (about a meter long) herbivorous animals, approximately the size of a pig, with very stout limbs. Their teeth had become reduced to two long tusks protruding from their upper jaws. Originally they were thought to be amphibious, a sort of small reptilian hippopotamus, but some more recent evidence indicates that they lived in arid environments, which were becoming increasingly common as the Triassic unrolled.

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  81. Wow that was inspirational.
    Haha I wrote ‘pot’ instead of ‘put’.
    I’ll try to put mine on here again…

    I was with my friend named Brie.
    Driving was her mom, Jessie.

    She turned the radio on very soon,
    And I heard this very catchy tune.

    I didn’t know the words to the song,
    but I wished that I could sing along.

    So searched all over for a song that said,
    “For you I sing, I dance.”
    And then I found out that the song was,
    Phil’s “Divine Romance”.

    I downloaded the wonderful song
    into my CPU,
    Then I said to myself “I wonder
    what else can this Phil do?”

    I heard Messiah on his sites [actually on Myspace, whatever!]
    I desperately wanted his CD, there could be nothing better!

    When my mom got it for Valentine’s Day,
    I jumped [SLASH] leaped for joy.
    This album was way better than a
    new and shiny toy. [?]

    I fell in love, I learned the words, The CD was flipping great.
    I added him on Myspace, he’s impossible to hate.

    He posted a bulletin on that very fateful day.
    He started a blog so I could read all he had to say!

    From that day on I bother him, he must think I’m crazy.
    And not only can I talk to him, but to other cool friends daily!

  82. Yessssss.

  83. Niiiiice Raquel. You’re the new Dr. Seuss.

  84. phil should be proud of his solid fa base he has here in Florida. I mean for rizzle look at us three go!!!

  85. fan base, the word missing an “n” there is fan. I am tired. And I am not going to make fun of you all for writting poems about Phil…atleast not on his blog.

  86. oh I feel so entertained! keep up the good work!

  87. i came here anticipating to read something from our dear fellow phil, and low and behold, and i am now thoroughly entertained by you folks and look forward to reading this, as i am sure phil does too!

  88. I never thought I would leave a response on your WordPress wall, but I have to say…HEE HEE! to numbers 3-6.

    We are all praying and cheering you on here in Michigan, Phil. We miss your stories and your smiles. Be safe!

    Jenny J
    Ann Arbor, Michigan

  89. Yes, Phil should be so proud that he has to give us awards or something.

    OR he should come down to Miami :[
    Or anywhere closer than an hour away on a weekend.

  90. Awesome poems, you guys! ^^
    Yay! I’m seeing Phil tomorrow!

  91. Becky. I think it was you who asked if I would be at the show tomorrow. I will not. I am in Canada right now… with Shaun Groves, rockin some Canadians, eh.

  92. I can’t wait for the new album!!!
    And for Oct. 6th, when you’ll be in Cypress, TX!!!
    I seriously think that you should come back to Sam Houston soon. And I speak for many many students here. 🙂

    Oh, and I am taking a guitar class here at Sam and we are allowed to bring forth one song that we would like class to learn. I picked “Divine Romance.” So, hopefully your song will get picked!!! I hope so. So, that’s my input on getting your music out and about. I also tend to randomly bring you up in conversations. There are many new Phil Wickham fans on campus and at my church now. I am also continually trying to get you back on the radio in Houston. They took you off and I believe it to be an unfair situation. So, I’m currently pleading with them to play your music again. If you would like to contribute, email and kindly ask them to put Phil back onto the air. The staion is KSBJ-Houston.

    Also, Brody, I linked you. You have very interesting, entertaining, and fun blogs, sir. So, yes.

    Can’t wait to see ya at the Berry Center Phil!!!

    God Bless!

  93. oh, and i didn’t mean, when I said, “If you would like to contribute… etc.” “you” Phil. I meant to direct that to other readers. I mean, if you want to, you can email ksbj and say, “Why are you not playing my songs anymore?” and sound very hurt and sad. But that is entirely up to you. haha.

  94. ditto to what Jenny from MI said…Michigan does miss you, but I think Nashville misses you more…

  95. That’s to bad…oh well. Yay! 9 more hours!

  96. Miami doesn’t miss you because you haven’t been here :[
    And if you have and I missed you then we miss you the most times infinity. So get here ASAP.

    Come and I’ll give you a cupcake 😀

  97. Hey guys……OMG!! It seemed as if I was banned from this websit for like 24 hours or something. I just could not log into it for the life of me. I WAS GOING CRAZY!!!!! Anyway how are you all doin’ nice poems guys. Love em’ perhaps, I’ll write another one, I made this one short because I did not quite know the reaction that I would first get. So…. hope to “blog” with you all again soon now that I can get back on… YEAH!!!!

  98. Oh and Shawn, you previously mentioned that Phil as an awsome fan base in Florida. What about GOOD OL’ CALI?? That is where I am from and A HUGE FAN!!!!! =-p

  99. Lyndsie,
    California people are weird man…I know I was born in Fontana and raised in Ontario and I am weird. Brody…Weird. Phil…weird. Switchfoot and all people tht size…weird. I was talking about the awesome fan base he has here in Florida which is evident by the three people commenting on here who are from this swamp…I mean state.

  100. I just wanted to be comment number 100…

  101. Shawn……Pep’s from Cali are WEIRD!!! I will vouch for that, because I too have neurosis of “this and that”

  102. You so just made my point…Weird!

  103. Yea but that is what makes us the cooooooolest people EVER!! AND the most fun to hang’ with….. =P Normal is sooooooooo boring (as cliche as that sounds) SMOOCHES

  104. I once heard, and laughed at really hard, that California is the granola state. The land of fruits and nutts and the ones that weren’t fruits and nutts were flakes. Lyndsie feel free to check out my blog, just click on my name.

  105. Hmmmmm…swamp.
    Yup, that sounds about right.
    And yeah people from California are weird.
    I know about a dozen of them and ALL of them are unusual.
    Just how I like people.

  106. holy comments
    send me home plez

  107. ps. the show in anaheim is sold out


  108. Phil, come to Massachusetts in January when I’m home from school… I will give you a high five!! I sadly have to wait until December for your new CD, but I can’t wait.

  109. Yay! Phil, in case you read this, you were simply amazing last night at Solid Rock. I was going to give you a high five on my way out, but you were busy talking to somone and my youth group wanted to go. So…:( Next time, then.
    And what about Oregon? There’s a huge fanbase in Oregon, AND we’re totally and completely strange! (Especially Eugeneans)

  110. Can’t wait bro. It’s gonna be tight, that’s all I know!
    Waiting for the day!

  111. hi phil..
    its me diana [your romania friend]
    just happened to stop by
    im and sound
    i was just looking at your traveling
    schedule on myspace and i said a
    little prayer for you.
    i hope God is showing you His amazing
    love…His Glory is unexplainable but
    its songs like yours [and so many others]
    that give us little people just a glimpse.

    I cant wait to see you in anaheim..
    [tickets are sold out] but ill find away

    may god bless you richly

    diana xo.

  112. COME BACK TO PRINCETON! God bless you!

  113. Looks like we’re stalling at 112(113 counting this pointless observation)

  114. Born and raised in Chino, California…..I prefer to be called “certifiably special” instead of weird….LOL…..But, I am really old compared to the rest of you….so, I am kinda “old school” like that…..and yes, even old ladies can appreciate good Christian music when they hear it….but, I try to remain young at heart…..cuz the hair dye and wrinkle cream can only do so much !!! hehehe….I enjoy this blog….you all are entertaining….and Phil too, when he throws us a crumb from time to time. Hey Phil, don’t forget to take time out for yourself sometimes…and while you do… !!!

  115. hello y’all?!?!

    some carolina correction here…
    u NEVER put hello and yall in one same greeting. never. hey yall.. whats up yall… that works.

    just a heads up.

    .. oh yea were excited bout the album. :]

  116. Actually Phil I heard a GREAT place to take some time off for yourself and do some blogging is MIAMI, FLORIDA.

    And while you’re there you could come visit my church. Visit a guy that hasn’t seen you since you were tiny [my pastor] and he’d love to see you. I promise I’ll give you that cupcake and a prize if it helps to get you here!

    But I mean a concert here would be fine, too.

  117. Roquel,
    Maybe there is a reason he isn’t visiting Miami. I mean lets be real. I avoid Miami when I drive to the keys, I go through homestead.

    You were born in Chino? You weren’t born at the Chino state correctional facility were you? I was raised in ontario, there is nothing like the smell of chino during a santa ana wind…

    And Ronna,
    For those of us that would prefer to mock to term Ya’all, Hello Ya’all is perfectly acceptable.

  118. “Ya’all” is spelled wrong.
    The correct spelling would be Y’all. Take it from a Texan.
    Even Phil knows how to spell it. And he even made positive commentary on our “Southern” words and uses those words seemingly without the purpose of mocking them. haha. 🙂

  119. Yeeeeah.
    Miami stinks but it’s not my fault my parents moved here :[
    But I shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences. Haha.

  120. Phil’s CD would’ve been coming out tomorrow 😦

    I think, Phil, that since the release date was moved you should do another one of those 24 hour listen to’s on your myspace tomorrow.Ya? 🙂

  121. Shawn,
    uhhhh, nope, that would be a negative on the correctional facility, and a negative on the mens prison….and the womens prison….lol. But as for the lovely smells of Chino….ahhhh…that I know all too well!!!! The winds were bad…..but, the rains mixed with the dairys… that was, well, uhhhh…..just plain gross!!!!! I lived in Chino until 6 years ago….then moved up to Nor Cal. But, all of my family is still down there ( again, not at the prisons ) so I go down as much as possible. My home church down there was Calvary Chapel Chino Valley….and I miss it sooooo much!!!!! Anyway……Chino is still cow town too me…..and I definately remember the cross town rivalry with Ontario!!!!! lol……Go Chino!!!!!!!!

  122. What’s up everyone?? How was Y’all three day weekend?

  123. Lyndsie I moved over the long weekend, I need another one to recover. Good news is I am 5 minutes form the beach not 20 minutes. Kim I used to cruise by and listen to David Rosales(?)teach once in awhile. I went to Chino Hills with Jack Hibbs. I went there when they were still in the wharehouse building. Anywho the rain mixing with the dairies is even better when it is cold and rainy out and you drive through a huge puddle with your heater on…now that’s what you call aroma thearapy Chino style!!!

  124. Where did you move to Shawn? Lucky you being only 5min from the beach. It looks like I had much more fun than you did over the weekend. Busy, busy, busy but fun stuff…..I got to go to the beach 4 times all together. Along with ‘other stuff’

  125. I watched Mr. Beans’ Holiday!
    It was funny.
    And hey ‘After Your Heart’ is on Phil’s Virb.
    It’s sweeeet.

  126. Ahhh Raquel, thank you for mentioning what Phil must have forgotten to tell us! I’m so happy that now I can listen to “After Your Heart”!

  127. My Bad, Phil. It was on myspace. You’re the best!

  128. ok, so. the orlando date listed on YOUR website isn’t listed on david crowders, and it’s not on the hard rock live’s website either. pleasepleaseplease tell me you’re coming.

  129. Lyndsie I live in Jupiter, no really I live in Jupiter. While I am not from Jupiter that is where I reside now. I am sure you are thinking I am pulling your leg, but I promise I live in Jupiter.

    Oh and Raquel, I saw Mr. Beans vaction this weekend and yes it was awesome.

    Peace, Shawn

  130. Hey Phil,it’s glorious hearing “After Your Heart” on KLOVE. You are raising the bar out there in radioland. It sounds soooooooooo good! We’re thankful for you Phil, prayin’ for you too.


  131. Shawn….

    yes, My old and still very dear pastor is David Rosales…..I miss that church….but, I go while down there. I know that Pastor Jacks church has grown alot since the warehouse days!!!!!! Have you ever seen the new building????? It’s amazing. Oh, I prefer my aromatherapy to relax me…..not make me wanna vomit…haha…..still Chino will always be home this side of Heaven. Do you still attend Calvarys even in Mars….or was it Jupiter?????…..oh, and Hi Phil…..I felt I better mention him cuz it’s his blog……so I guess if all of us that chat to each other just say hi Phil each time we wont get into trouble with him…..hopefully???? P.S……I am actually heading down south on thursday for a few days….so I hope Phil has a new blog up when I get back!!!!!! Everyone have a great week!!!!! Blessings, Kim

  132. No he’s not kidding!
    I know ;]
    I want to go to Jupiter :[

  133. Definantly live in Jupiter.

    Kim B.
    I used to go to Calvary Chapel, I do something a little different now. Feel free to click on my name and check my blog out. I will be glad to tell you what I do for “church” now on there as this is not a place to share those things as I know I could very well start a big debate with it.
    Peace, Shawn

  134. Yeah. I heard your song on KLOVE for the first time yesterday. I was like, “No way!” I always get excited for the locals. Congratulations! =)

  135. […] Three? Yes, quite. Four? Give more hugs. […]

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