One Last Look

Presently, I find myself in the foothills just outside of Sacramento, California. The town is Auburn, otherwise known to the natives as “A-town”. Since last time we’ve connected I’ve been to a few places. The first was Creation West, which is quite a large Christian music festival that takes place in the state of Washington. The venue is a massive natural amphitheater that is nestled right up to the cliffs of “The Gorge”. The Gorge (not the “George”) is kind of like Washington’s version of the Grand Canyon, definitely smaller than the original, but still vast and majestic to say the least. I acted as kind of the festival worship leader for the first few days, leading in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings, along with teaching a worship seminar and playing a few sets of my own stuff. They kept me pretty busy, but I was happy to do it. It was actually a bit daunting at times, walking onto the main stage with just me and my guitar in front of 20,000 people.
After a few days at the Gorge, I traveled about a hundred a fifty miles over to the Seattle area, Bremerton to be exact. It was green and cool as Seattle always seems to be. I played in a venue called the Roxy. It’s an old theater refurbished with a rocking sound system and lights. It was my second time playing there and it’s always a good time.
Now I’m in “A-town” playing at a Calvary Chapel event. It should be a good time as well.

I do have a question for all of you, so if you have any input please respond. Here’s the question:
With the new record coming out there will be new merch coming as well. Me and the team have been brainstorming about it. You know, what kind of things to people want and so on. But I thought why don’t I ask you guys. What does someone want to buy other than CD’s and shirts? Any ideas?

Like I said before, the record is just about finished up. This little video is a bunch of random things from that process. Hope you like it.

until next time


~ by philwickham on July 29, 2007.

100 Responses to “One Last Look”

  1. Phil, I’m mega excited for you with the close of your recordings! Your music is such a blessing! Anyway, as far as merchandise is concerned I have a few ideas:
    1. Phil Wickham stickers, something you could put on your car, folders, whatever.
    2. Jewelry of some kind. Something that has the essence of Christian jewelry with a Phil Wickham touch? Mayber you have a special verse?
    3. This kinda goes along with the jewelry, but anything that’s considered an accessory, like keychains, wristbands, etc.

    These are juse suggestions as requested, so no hard feelings if you shoot em down! Take care Phil.

  2. Hey Phil.

    The bits and pieces from the album sounds GREAT. I really like that last song you were playing. The melody is beautiful.

    In answer to the question.. umm I guess you could get posters. I usually get those when I hear a singer/band I enjoy perform or lead worship. Oh yea, and thats totally awesome you got to sing in front of that big of a crowd. It must be an incredible feeling to lead worship and love Jesus amongst thousands of people.

  3. I would second the idea of stickers and posters. Those are good musician accessories. Well-designed posters are especially good.

    I’d also say not to throw too much of a range of merchandise out there; at a certain point I think it would start to feel too kitschy. I don’t think it would be ideal to offer too many different types of merchandise, many of which may be at best only marginally related to your music. Simply put, I’d hate to see you become the Phil Wickham Christian Bookstore.

    On another topic: could the new cd come out now? This whole “patience” concept eludes me.

  4. pins.

    everyone loves a good pin.

  5. Ooo, yeah I like the idea of pins especially. The other ideas are great too. I can’t think of any of my own… lol.

    That’s awesome that you went to Creation! I wanted to go to Creation East, but I’ve been sooooo busy, so I wasn’t able to. I was pretty sad :(! I’ve never been to Creation. I’ve been wanting to go for a few years now, but it never works out, hah.

    Cool video by the way. I’m glad I could hear “Must I Wait” again. I’ve missed it since you took it off myspace! And whatever song that was at the end of the video, it sounds awesome also šŸ™‚

  6. Hey, you were awesome at Creation West! As for the merch…posters and rubber wristbands (like the livestrong kind) would be amazing. Posters especially.


  8. Album seems to be looking amazing!!
    um…..a sweatshirt would be awesome….:] for ur old or new album. or maybe those rubber bands like the yellow livestrong but a phil one :] everything above that others say too r awesome.
    cant wait to hear the new album!!

  9. Dude, you were awesome last night, and handled the lack of speakers at points during your performance with charisma. But the beauty of last night was that it wasn’t about the sound system, or a cool light show etc… was a group of people who were wanting to know more about the Lord, and were willing to sit in the sun for it. Thanks for your music and the words in which it speaks in all of our hearts. As for merchandise, my only input as a recent college grad is CHEAP!

  10. Think outside the box….

    What’s something other artists don’t have that Phil needs at the merch table? What do you wish other artists sold?

  11. Phil,
    I think that you should write a book. Something that the Lord has been dealing with you about or your vision behind your music. Your love for God and desire to please Him is so evident in your songs. I know I’d love to read about your inspiration and how God puts these songs in your heart, I am sure others would too. God bless! =)

  12. I thought about what an interesting piece of merch would be and came up with a blank journal. Something with an image on the cover, maybe a few to choose from. When you open it there is an inspirational writing by you…. or a beanie might sell. lol

  13. Give me some time! I’ll figure it out in no time! In no time! Dont worry about it! Haha, Say hi in 1.2.3!

  14. i think you should make a DVD of your live performances!! =) also, a Live Acoustic Session on CD or DVD will be amazing!

  15. YOUR FUNNY! That video cracked me up. I’m crying! Especially the part where you were talking in your cell phone :)) haha!!

    Bobble head dolls is that what you said? Yeah thats a great idea šŸ˜€

  16. I think having a few nice things to sell are great….but, I agree with the statement above…you don’t want to become “a full line in the Christian bookstore”. I mean it would be a sad thing to see…a humble artist like yourself becoming the next Bob and Larry….uhh, you know, as in the tomato and cucumber….everyone knows they started out as humble servants….but, sold out to be forever immortalised as plushy toys !!!(LOL) I don’t think you are the type to do it…but, don’t sell out Phil, cuz there’s no turning back after they make a doll that looks like you…..stick with the simple stuff….CD’S and T-shirts are great, even V-necks…..but, I have always felt posters go a little too far for a Christian artist… is such a temptation for a young girl to look at that an begin to Idolize you rather than looking to the Lord in awe. I mean no disrepect for those who brought that up. I am just speaking from the perspective of someone who has been there…although years ago… my life. I am sure the Lord will give you the wisdom needed to make the right choices….Bless you as you continue in His service. Kim

  17. Definately bobble-heads and maybe even shoelaces, magnets, waterbottles, backpacks, Cell phone covers, pens, pencils, notepads, folders, and last but not last one of those look alike stuffed dolls so everyone can a little phil. šŸ˜‰

  18. Pillow cases with you face on it…ahaha but seriously i think a tee would be awesome, i remember actually searching the internet looking for one.
    p.s. I met you tonight at the Calvary Chapel show and i have to say that you not only played great, but you have excellent people skills as well. You can tell that you actually care about the people that came and you are very personable; even when some guy tried to marry you off to his daughter;)

  19. Nice to hear Brody will be your guy. He was with Shaun when my music pastor did a show with them. Shaun and Brody are such nice and personable guys. Guessing you are the same. Missed seeing you in Corona, Ca. when you were here on July 4th. If you are ever in the area let me know, I’ll be your “street team.”

  20. Phil Wickham bobble heads!!

  21. just spend some time and put out quality t-shirts. or headbands.

  22. I have to agree with “B” (above). Some really fine, cool, quality t-shirts would be nice. Oh yeah, and some Philly Wick stickers too. Hey, Phil Wickham scratch and sniff stickers, how novel is that?

  23. Hi Phil, I think what I would like to see is a daily devotional especially for worship leaders. Because of the circumstances in my pwn life right now, I have not led worship for about 2 years now. I still sing and write songs to the Lord and all, but just not corporate worship…But I am still a worship leader in my heart and my calling…and I know that as I continue to obey and walk with Jesus, one day, He will use me as a worship leader again. My life is my ministry, it doesn’t have to be on stage! And I think a worshipper or worship leader devotional would be a tool to minister and encourage other worship leaders…what do you think?????????

  24. Can’t wait to see you and the David Crowder Band this Friday at the Anaheim Stadium…:-)

  25. Everyone already said most of my ideas. But I tried to comment yesterday but WordPress was being stupid…

    Ok so I like…

    -Stickers [BUMPER stickers!]
    -Jewelry [leather bracelets, AWESOME.]

    And I’m DEAD serious about this one so, Phil, do NOT laugh at me…

    -RED SUNGLASSES. With your name and “Cannons” or somesing [that was on purpose] on them so that everyone knows that they’re “Phil certified”.

    Alrighty then, I love you dude.

    OH and say hi back to your dad for me.
    My pastor knows him so I have connections…

  26. hmmm….quite a spontaneous video, haha. but what else for merch…mmm?

  27. I really like your videos. They make me smile like this =D

    I definitely think people would enjoy posters. umm you could do some signed stuff? Signed what…i’m not sure (posters, cds, tshirts, eh?), but people always like that I think. I dunno if this is a bad idea, but pens? i mean they’re practical and you can write whatever you want on the side of them.

  28. I’d buy a Phil Wickham hat. Baseball cap kinda thing.

  29. I think posters and shirts and stuff would be okay, but don’t do a whole bunch of stuff…just keep with the simple things, because it’d really suck to have you have a looooot of merchandise, then it kind of…takes away from God and your performances.

  30. I know you already mentioned shirts…but…sell Wickham signature V-necks. LOL

  31. …ok seriously though, window stickers for cars and what not. What a great way to promote, eh?

  32. Ya, I say a phil wickham dvd that teaches or at least shows you playing all your songs on Cannons. what else could you do? cuz you could get a phil wickham shirt anywhere, just go to American Apparel hahaha. How bout phil wickham guitar pics john mayer did that.

  33. Stickers!

  34. Hello Phil!

    You’re necklaces are too cool for school………something like your locket/key idea would be a hit for guys and the gals! šŸ™‚

  35. You could also do cord chart booklets (cuz everyone ALWAYS wants your songs to play) with attached PW guitar pics

  36. maybe some sweet v-neck tee’s?

  37. DVDs of your live performances will be great!!!

  38. i agree with the one above! dvds of your acoustic sessions will be very inspiring. Also, a live CD will be great too

  39. Phil- What about a Calendar? Each month could have a different picture of you performing live, or you just striking a pose (in a different V-neck-of course), or even you with the places/churches you’ve been to as a backdrop. I know I personally would love to be able to start each day off with a daily dose of Phil & it would also give people the opportunity to share you & your love for the lord at work or with family & friends. You could promote your tour dates, cd, websites…etc on the back of it as well. Also you could choose a song each month & descride what it means to you, how it came to be or something along those lines-or maybe even a Bible Verse to go along with the song. Just a thougt- let me know if you need me to colaborate! I’d be happy to!

  40. For each state you have a concert at, make a different tee (or v-neck of course!). It doesn’t have to be much of a difference in them, just a little something- like the state abbreviations. That way, they are all different, but yet the same… Christians. I even like the calendar idea, although my daughter thinks it’s a tad bit too GQ. By the way I want to know if you have a girlfriend, because I have a beautiful daughter you ought to meet. You’re an ideal boyfriend!

  41. Phil, you should totally write a book. Seriously. Please please PLEASE write a book!! By reading your blogs it seems that God has really gifted you in the area of writing, and reading a whole book by you would be such a blessing…Be it a devotional or whatever, I would be so blessed!!

    Then, you should put out a chord book. Like you know how Hal Lennard has those guitar books out with chords from all the mainstream Christian artists? I think MercyMe has done some stuff with those books, so I wouldn’t think it’d be hard to get that started…

    Anyway, that’s my thoughts on the matter. Buttons ‘n such are kinda corny to me–a book would help people get to know you better AND direct people to Christ, and a chord book would spread your music through people singing your music and worshiping Jesus with it. Just my thoughts.

  42. P.s. And I agree with some acoustic versions of your songs. šŸ™‚ Like when you played for Relevant at their office…That sounded wonderful. I wish I could get that on a cd! Maybe..?

  43. There are so many great ideas on here!

    Maybe a small worship leader book for those who have that desire in their hearts, along with bible verses that have helped you. Not to mention that you write and explain things so well!

    Well, if that’s too much, you could always do messenger bags with a great message on them? Or comfy hoodies are always nice =)

    I also agree with the others that said don’t sell yourself out because that would be crazy! A Phil-look-a-like-doll, hahaha. and a bobblehead??? LOL!

    Anywhoo I’m sure God will help you to pick some stuff out. God bless, love you, and take care.

  44. It sounds like the merch ideas are flowing.

    The first thing that came to mind was bobble heads, but it sounds like a few people have said that already. Although I have to submit that I saw a Michael W. Smith one that was downright creepy…I hear that he decided not to put it out because he didn’t like it. I don’t blame the guy.(The person who showed it to me is a very connected person in the CCM arena.) So if you do indeed go the bobble head route, I encourage extreme caution. šŸ˜‰ haha

    I’d definitely buy a zip-up hoodie or messenger bag, like a few others have said, and a button and/or sticker. I always find the artist merch that says something other than the artist’s name everywhere draws more attention/questions than something with just a name on it.


  45. Hey Phil,
    I think t-shirts are still the way to go. Do you have anyone to design yours? I went to school for graphic design and did my externship with my art teacher who specializes in band t-shirts. I can give you a link if you want to check it out.
    By the way, I saw you at creation east for the fist time. Thanks for coming and sharing your heart!

  46. I agree with those who suggested devotionals, chord books, stickers, and pins, and I reeeally like the idea of the custom Phil Wickham v-necks…. or how bout you just design a whole line of Wickham wear! lol. I’d so buy your clothes man.
    Just make sure you have a chick version of everything too if you do. I’m a girl ;-).

  47. Great Video.. Cant wait for your New CD…

    You could do key chains or hats things like that..

  48. I like the ball cap idea. What about socks? Or guitar pics? I agree, a signature merch item that no other artist has. (Ok, “socks” is a bit strange…) As has been said before, I’m not sure I like the idea of posters…but pins are fun.
    ~Hebrews 11:1~

  49. I would say tabs/chord charts to your music, wristbands, and posters. that’s all i can think of.

  50. no v-necks! please no v-necks!

    the small two string backpacks are popular.

  51. Maybe a shirt with some of your lyrics designed in a really creative way. I’d pay for that!

  52. Yes! A second for the hat idea, thanks Lauren.

  53. Yay. Finaaly some time off of work and a new Phil Blog! What more could I ask for?
    Ok…Merch ideas.
    I do love Hoodies .. so please have one of those.
    But something unique …
    I liked the Journal idea above .. with some lyrics of your songs on the bottom of every page. Thats the first thing I thought of. Maybe the cover could be a unique font with one of your songs completely written out. I would love that. Inspiration for anyone who writes anything.
    If not that … then a coffee thermous type thing. You know …the on the go things. I love coffee and everyone sees mine every morning. Haha.
    Thats about all I’ve got for ya bud.
    A little over a month!!! Yay!!! and a little over 3 until I see you! Yay!
    Take Care!

  54. a dvd of live acoustic set would be wonderful~and a songwriter’s journal would be interesting…

  55. live acoustic recording would be amazing. i definitely agree, and you can add here and there some comments of what God’s been laying on your heart.

    as for the posters, i was meaning more like a blow up pic of ur album cover.. nothing idolistic. ..
    or like a poster of your lyrics with an awesome background. I’d really like one of Divine Romance.

  56. Phil Wickham Bobbleheads

  57. I’d like to make one more comment about posters. I’m not much for posters that are just a photo of the band/artist; honestly — and I say this as a photographer — those are too obvious. When I mention posters, I’m talking about posters more like this:

    Obviously, those won’t appeal to everyone, but that’s the sort of thing I mean when I say posters — not just a photograph of Phil Wickham, but a piece of non-photographic art that complements Phil Wickham.

  58. But Phil Wickham you are so studly and your hair is so spectacular you must be on the poster. At least a small photo in the corner, or somesing.

  59. U should design a vest! because u are always wearing them! what ever u make would me kool! c u tomorrow at angel stadium!

  60. hey phil. you should join… it’s a Christian myspace that not many big Christian artists are on. you should check it out, maybe you can get it popular by your awesome music and lead more people to it. i just joined recently. its just like myspace, but it’s Christian :] you’d be a big hit on there šŸ˜€
    -hhmmmm….u should have a poster, hoodie, or really anything of u would be awesome :]

  61. Stickers! Those are always fun! As will as posters…
    Yup. That’s a lot of yum!
    And I like that vest idea…

    But, honestly, with all these songs I’m hearing, Cannons will be enough for me to immerse myself in for about… forever…

    God bless!

  62. Dear Phil,
    Whatever you decide to produce for merch is going to amazing no matter what it is so I say just be creative. I think you should get some shirts and funny bumper stickers or something. Haha. I cannot even describe with words how incredibly excited I am for your next record. Please come to my home town and play (and you know, possibly meet me, haha). Well, knowing that you might actually read this is kind of weird and exciting at the same time haha. You truly are so anointed.

  63. What about a bible book cover?

  64. i would love to eventually see a devotional book, chord book, or Wickham-ized journal. Keychains are cool. A cool spining one that had a basic “PW” on it… which makes people ask what the “PW” means… which gives your fans a good method of getting the word out about you. Posters, stickers, and button pins are also must haves. And another set of rockin’ t-shirts (girl, guy, v-necks, baseball tees, etc.) and sweatshirts would be fun. If a doll has to come into the picture, then maybe a stuffed guitar that when you squeeze it, it plays a few lines of two or three of your songs. haha. And one last thing that I think would be really cool would be Phil Wickham-ized guitar picks. Some with your pic, some with your signature, etc. That’s about it.

  65. DVDs!!! DVDs!!! =)

  66. Phil Wickham wigs!
    Like in my story…
    You could make millions.

    Ha jay kay.
    I like to kid.

  67. Blessings, Phil šŸ™‚

    I would buy Phil Wickham t-shirts, CD’s (of course), hoodies, beanies, and sweaters. A devotional journal would also be nice šŸ™‚


  69. oh, and i love the teaser tracks in the video. =)

  70. hey saw u at harvest crusades! i felt bad that u only got to sing 3 songs i was the only one stading for u when u were singing! i saw u trip as u were going on the field! it was funny! hoped u had fun looking foward to find another concert!-kirstie

  71. Hey Phil. Wow, everybody else seems to be taking all my ideas…which aren’t all that original anyway, but hey. I’m kinda thinking something along the lines of C28 merchandise (trinkets, shirts, wristbands, etc.) Seems a bit repetitive, I guess, but eh. Hope you’re doing good, man. Take care,God bless.

  72. yea…true–everyone seems to be repeating the same things. Have you considered writing a book? Something short…or long?
    I like to reading books that give young adults the worship ministries a better perspective in leading worship.
    Well, hope next year (if you appear at Harvest) you get to play more songs…i agree with Kirstie, i was really sad you only played 3 songs šŸ˜¦ your music has really blessed me. Thanks for signing my shirt, and for being patient when my camera didn’t want to take a picture of you and my girlfriends! God bless.

  73. Guitar picks are fairly common, but if you had your very own Phil Wickham design guitar picks, they would definitely sell. And you can always make them into necklaces too, those are spiffy.

  74. Hey Phil as always anything to grab anyones attention as a use to witness would be amazing! Personally I feel I need to make a T shirt in neon orange saying PHIL WICKHAM SAVED ME!! on the front and the back will say (Only though god can you recieve eternal life, but Phil does capture your attention and want you to be a better person šŸ™‚ so ask me how he helped change my life!!) No lie I will do it, bc I dont think your label can make shirts like that lol but the mall can!!! I would buy anything binders, backpacks, hats, t-shirts, stickers, buttons! Hope everything works out for only the best!!!
    God bless Phil
    ~Jessica Ellermets AkA: Jessi

  75. Ahh yah and ANY musical instrament get-ups are quite fan-tabulas if I do say so my self, I dont play guitar, but if u did make guitar picks, I may just haveto learn!! Neclaces and guitar pick earrings are the bomb and anyone can wear them, well any girl that is lol
    God Bless Phil
    !Jessica Ellermets ~AkA~Jessi

  76. Hey Phil! I can probably help you out a little bit!
    1. Maybe some bumper stickers would sell pretty good,
    2. or yea like a lot of people said jewelery…such as like necklaces {you can put like crosses or anything and have your name on the back}, or like those “Livestrong” wristbands that a lot of people wear, you can make some that say like “” or “cannons” or anything.
    3.maybe even cellphone covers šŸ˜€
    4.posters, or pictures, or maybe even like record covers {even though theyre old}, my family hangs up record covers on our wall, id love to have one of you in my room or something :] would be great!!!
    6.anything you can really hang up on your wall
    8.books!! yea like a biography or anything. i bet you could write a great book because you write amazing songs!
    9.alot of stuff that these other people said

    well those are all i can kinda think of
    i hope that helps!

    God Bless,

  77. Phil,
    Anything Inspirational! In this crazy, currupt mixed up world we need all the daily encouragement that we can get. This is what the music that the Lord has gifted you with and the lyrics that he has placed on your heart does. It lifts our eyes to heaven and gives us a heavenly persective. Phil, you don’t need any kind of “stuff” to do that with. Keep worshiping Phil:-) So that we may worship along with you. Because he is so worthy of our praise… and we are in such great need of his Grace…
    Abraham pitched tents. Abraham knew this world was not his home. He also built altars wherever he went. Altars for worship. Worship that lifted their eyes off of the things of this world. Eyes that saw the Lord, and gave them a heavenly perspective:-)
    Worship Phil, Worhip! šŸ™‚


  78. Phil already has stickers. Its a picture of him with LOVE on his hand and it has his myspace and regular website on them. Just sign up for the street team, they might still have it. They give you like 100 free phil wickham stickers.

  79. DVD’s would be good. Concerts, interview, gag reel, oh and make sure to plug the website b/c its really nice.
    *For a bonus you could have some DVD-ROM extras with some of your website stuff and some links to stuff you care about like Harvest Crusade and other stuff.

  80. track jackets…those are sweet. just make sure you make t’s and jackets that have that girl fit. thanks!

  81. Make sure you have T-s that are youth size. My girls are 6 & 4 and are blessed by your music as well.

  82. CHIA PETS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love plants…


  83. Hats….I like hats.

  84. hahahaha, your dad makes me laugh really hard in this video clip.

  85. Stickers
    Like the DVD idea

    El fin.

    Oh and also, I can promise you that if you wrote a book I would be sure to read it.

  86. I love his dad!

  87. Bobbleheads would just be great!

  88. Hello

    Very interesting information! Thanks!


  89. Definitely a Live DVD/CD

  90. chords

  91. Phil,
    Can you send me the chord charts for “Cannons?” I’d like to add it to a worship set I’m working on.
    I first heard it at the Houston David Crowder thing. Awesome.
    (I was hoping to see Chord charts in the CD- maybe on the next one?)

  92. Posters would be awesome- and stickers are a good idea too!

  93. Definitely posters! I was just searching to see if you had any, only to find none! šŸ˜¦

  94. Hah am I literally the first comment to your incredible writing?!?

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