C= I miss you all, but I really wanted my next post to include a little studio video that me and my buddy Brody put together (actually it was mostly Brody), but I have yet to be stationary for a long enough period of time to upload the quirky little thing on youtube.
“Lame excuse,” you say back to me. Well, lame or not it’s true. With all the airports, houses, and hotels I’ve been in over the past week and a half there has yet to be any internet for my blog-happy computer to log onto. Or, if there has been, it’s been in short five to ten minute increments, barely long enough to watch bloopers of the office on youtube let alone upload an action packed studio vid myself.
So sorry for the feeling of neglect I have inspired in your kind little hearts. It has not been purposeful whatsoever. I feel like a soldier who’s been away on the battlefield writing back to his most beloved family. Speaking of battlefields… and war… and… countries…and freedom… and independence…and stuff. Today is…
Fireworks, flags, fun, and red sunglasses.
I hope yours is as fun as mine.

P.S. If you have no idea what that “C=…” thing means at the beginning of this blog then read the comments on the last blog called “Home”.
I love you


~ by philwickham on July 4, 2007.

94 Responses to “C=…”

  1. Yessssss first comment!
    As much as I love you, Phil, I [and everyone else, I guess]totally think that MY “C” was waaaay better [:
    Nice shades you should include those packaged with every one of your new CDs in September!


    [you better have read what I wrote]

  2. Welcome back Phil. I was running out of lame things to say about you.

    Now let’s see some mad blogging…

  3. Yay. A new blog! I know if I were you and had to choose between office bloopers on youtube or a blog for my fans … I would totally choose office bloopers every time as well. Haha. Just messin around. You’re awesome and yay for the freedom to blog! Well peace out until the next blog.
    P.S. Those shades were suh-weet! Where can we all get some ? πŸ˜‰

  4. And we love you, Mr. Wickham. Welcome back to bloggerland. Now we know that Shaun and Brody will taunt you incessantly next time you go more than a day without a post. πŸ˜‰ It was entertaining in your absence, so I’m thinking they did you a favor by rallying the troops and getting the whole “C+…” thread going.

    Happy Independence Day…one last time.


  5. *ahem* I meant…”C=…” Oops. πŸ™‚

  6. Yay! Welcome back our friend! We missed you. Just wanted to stop in to tell you that you made my day at creation east when you waved back to me when you were back stage getting ready to leave. You were one of the main reasons my boyfriend and I decided to go. Having you as our worship leader that day was awesome! We are jealous that the westcoasters get you for 3 sets. Anyways, keep up the hard work. It looks like youre in a different city everyday. Just know your fans appreciate everything you do! God Bless

  7. Woo hoo for you! We don’t obsess much, really we don’t, especially when our fav musician hasn’t updated his blog in a while…HAHA! Note: a sarcastic tone as if I were speaking to you, πŸ˜‰ Anyway, I’m pretty sure that hands down, you are the ONLY ONE who makes sun glasses such as those pretty darn cool! Perhaps you could start an 80’s glasses trend revival!??

    *Just a thought.

    Happy Independence Day!

  8. c= christian is the coolest

  9. I love you too, sweetie.

    Thank you for breaking the silence.

  10. PHIL!
    You’re back! You’ve been kind of MIA lately (rightfully so, however). In one of your previous blogs (I think the hot dog one) you talked about Arrested Development and I wanted to ask you if you also liked the Office. That’s my all time favorite show! In case you didn’t know, the new season starts (I think) on Sept. 27th and season 3 comes out on DVD Sept. 4th (all in the same lovely month that your new CD comes out!!!) Hope you had a great 4th, Phil. Lord bless you!

  11. Phil, I don’t know what C is. Its 5am here in Australia and I’ve been awake the whole night trying to reconnect with God. I long for the feelings you have toward God. I don’t know what I’ve done, but its ruined man. I just want you to know your music is amazing and I aspire to feel the way you do. Keep it up

  12. Oh and Phil if you don’t mind I’d like to tell people to check my blog out [:
    I know I’m using your blog to advertise but this is the blog I visit the most AND you’re on my blogroll so I’m totally promoting you, too!

    C= Phil is much cooler than all of us.

  13. except me…. raquel.

  14. and shaun… sorry..

  15. FINE [:

    C= Phil is much cooler than everyone EXCEPT Brody and Shaun!
    And Jesus.

  16. yea the shades definitely backs up your c= statement, raquel.

    what do you have to say to that brody? [:

  17. … i kinda wish I had them.

  18. Haha it’s ok, Brody.
    I decided to fix my “C=” statement because Shaun started the whole C= thing AND Brody just made it fun to laugh at Phil.
    But I mean Phil is still the 4th coolest person ever because of those killer shades. Number 4 out of 6/7 billion is pretty good.

    [I wish I had them, too]

  19. I’m thinkin Phil is #1 coolest … because he is the reason I am at this blog anyways … and the reason Brody and Shaun are 2nd and 3rd … you can duel out who gets which … But Shauns idea of the whole “C=” thing was pretty darn entertaining in Phil’s absence and I quite liked Brody’s reason for C … so you guys get 2nd and 3rd … but don’t worry I still love you guys just as much as Phil. πŸ™‚

  20. Oh ya… I forgot to mention that Brody’s illustration of C was pretty amazing.

  21. 4th of July was pretty awesome…Francisco the Man…Worship by you…and then the really cheesy 4th of July commentary/music during fire works. By the way…your zipper was down the whole time…

  22. love the shades phil!
    we’re sorry for the harassment
    it just means we all love you all the more
    oh! today, my academic advisor told me that i was registered for a class i didn’t need for next semester at Sam Houston. she said that i needed 3 more elective hours. so, i decided to get serious about guitar and register for a guitar class!!!
    i’m really excited! i have a bunch of your music that i am anxiously waiting to be able to play at my church. no one plays acoustic at our church, and i have had the desire upon my heart for some time to play. I truly believe that today’s email from my advisor was God telling me to get with it. I’ve just been putting it off for way too long. I have so much of my own music that I need to be able to actually write music to. This class focuses on learning the guitar and writing the music for it!!!! Anyways, enough of my excited ramblings. Just wanted to let you know that you’ve been an inspiriation and have played a part in my wanting to play guitar. Thanks phil!!!


  23. sveet shades phil!! haha i love em :]

  24. I dare you to wear a crew neck shirt. They have them at American Apparrel, upstairs, to your left, right next to the V-necks. But I don’t blame you…if I had chest hair…oh, and was a man, i’d definitely show it off.

  25. Here, if you have a hard time choosing, here’s an expert’s advice…pick this one.

  26. haha you are too funny… your kind heart and humor shows through on your blogs (even if they are far and few between just kidding!!!) The chance of hanging out in this world is slim to say the least so i look forward to kickin’ it on the other side of those pearly gates. i’ll be wearing a white robe. probably glowing or something. you’ll find me at His feet. Good day friend!!

  27. man…. I’m gettin’ kinda tired of hearing all this chaff about Phil’s “outward”. He has given so much of his beautiful “inward” to us through his music. His music has changed my life. I see Jesus’ love for me in a clearer, more definitive way now. I have even begun to really read the Bible cuz I want to know the Lord so much more. I got hooked on Phil’s music, now I’m wanting to know so much more about the Lord. Thank you Phil. I love you bro.

  28. There is so much more to talk about re:Phil than hair and “cool” and v-necks. Anybody agree? I mean really, the Lord is working so powerfully through this guy.

  29. Oh friends…Christ gave us humor… I’m pretty sure Phil has a good sense of humor and obviously is whole-hearted about his worship. The fact is, we all feel the same way about his passion and depth…so let’s talk about other things like Phil hair and “cool” and v-necks. Am I crossing a line?

  30. DUDE! Nashville? I must inform you that in Tennessee you haven’t quite the right to complain of the heat! I, dear fan, have been living in the Arabian desert for more than two months now! The weather NEVER seems to change! I, too seem to have a strong urge to shake my fists at things much larger than myself, but, alas, it is out of my control. However, you COULD come here (to Dubai) to regain your personal right to complain about the heat…:)

  31. And you could come to Miami [florida], too.
    I mean it may be hotter in the middle of the desert than in Miami, but uh it’s still pretty hot, and well….I’M in Miami >.

  32. I’m starting to miss Phil again…….

  33. AND you can come to Dubai…. πŸ˜€

  34. phil, i just got out of the hospital yesterday, crazy story, was in for 2 weeks, almost died, and missed your music so much that as soon as i got home i got on the net to listen to you. and now, i’ve introduced you to my husband so he can love you too. so nice of me! πŸ™‚ more inlove with jesus than ever! there’s nothing like a near death experience to bring me ever closer to my most favorite person ever, Jesus!

  35. Really Brody?
    Me too :[
    Does that mean we can continue our teasing?
    Or should we have mercy on Phil?
    Decisions, decisions.

  36. HA HA HA your glasses are INSANE!! Love it!!!
    Jessica aka~Jessi

  37. Ahhhh. The power of copy and paste.

    Ha look at it!

  38. haha NICE raquel. im not sure if it tops phil’s or not. i would attempt.. but i dont own the sweet shades.

    hey phil.. can i borrow yours?

  39. Hi from Brazil.
    I hope you come soon to Brazil.It will be a bless to have your whorship here.How can I send you some brazilian worship cdΒ΄s to you?God bless you verry much!!!

  40. I would like to know if itΒ΄s possible your office address…I would like to send some brazilian worship to you.

  41. Your v-neck shirt is still very deep. You said you’d remember to button it up next time. I think you just like showing off your chest.

  42. Hey glad to hear you are alive and well. I am also glad you had a fun and safe fourth. I was supposed to go to the concert in corona,ca on the 4th but didn’t get a chance to make it =(. I was really bummed cause I was looking forward to the concert and music. I hope to see you again soon in concert. I am thinking it will be at the harvest crusades. Until then continue serving the Lord Matt 6:19-21.

  43. Phil, you must be a busy guy


  44. so……. wanna upload that video already.

  45. haha now your friends wont bug you anymore. we dont need a video quite yet. i think that picture of philly in his red sunglasses will hold us over for a while.

  46. Phil!– Sweet message. Sweet shades. Happy Fourth. I celebrated with a Scottish Clan… ??? It’s true. I also came back from Nashville, Tennessee, last night for “TheCall.” It was…indescribable!!! Hope all is well…
    -Heather πŸ™‚

  47. We miss you Phil =[…

  48. haha! cool red sunglasses!
    o ya, and at first i thought that C= was a smiley face! A+B=C…ya

  49. Omigosh, I used to think you were so serious !!! But, this new pic tells a different story. lol. I love your striped V-neck cotton shirt!!….in fact aren’t all your shirts V-necks????? Not that that isn’t cool….it is I am sure. Just “having a go with you”, Mr. Wickham. That is my British term of the day……cuz you’re British Mr. Wickham…..bye the way, I am using my best British accent as I write this…..Cheerio..ta ta…and all that rot. But, In all seriousness, Have a very Blessed week…In Christs Love, Kim

  50. I can only imagine all the stress and craziness that goes along with being in the music biz. but when we are called to do what god has commanded us to do it’s never a easy thing. So don’t worry about writing that blog everday or once a month I’m thankful and blessed that you do the things you do in the name of the lord. I actually met you on the 4th of July so that was really kewl…..I was the one from the high desert. Well I will be praying for you along with the band that goes on tour with you. Take care and god bless.

  51. Wheres the video?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  52. So I’m not sure if you read this or not, but I wanted to give you aome encouragement. Or perhaps some more encouragement would be a better thing to say, considering the posts before mine.
    Regardless, here it is: I looked you up because I saw that you’re coming to Spokane with the David Crowder Band and I’d never heard of you before. I so enjoyed your writing style on your journal that I ordered your CD (admittedly, with slight trepidation). However, my risk was greatly rewarded and I’ve listened to your CD on repeat in my car for the past couple of days.

    So here’s the conclusion of my little story and the encouragement: you’re doing a blessed thing with this worship music of yours. Thank you.

  53. wow those are some very patrotic sun glasses you got going for you. I had a lovely 4th of July I worked my two jobs πŸ˜€ Well glad to see you blogging again. WELCOME BACK! I am addicted to blogging and do it often as I do journaling in real life. Then again I’m not a Christian rock star or nothing special just a regular BORING person πŸ˜‰ Well hope to hear more from you soon.

    God bless and take care! The shades rock. Hope to see them more often?? πŸ˜‰

  54. Here we go again, Phil. TEN DAYS WITHOUT POSTING??

  55. psshhh…i thought there was suposed to be mad blogging…althought the “C=” was quite entertaining…maybe there should be a “D” ….. at this rate he’ll be throught hte alphabet in no time.

  56. Ten days….

  57. Ten days…

  58. hey, phil, i really love your music man! i met you about two years ago at the pureworship conference at calvary chapel costa mesa and took your songwriting class. you really inspired me man. unfortuanately, i was one of those who asked you for chords that day… πŸ™‚ well, i just wanted to tell that you should come and play at the calvary bible college in murrieta this year…that would be awesome! well later man. god bless.

  59. Phil Wickham…how dissapointing that you don’t dedicate your time to this place called the internet that we cannot see, nor touch, nor explain. Hmmm…Kinda of like God. Actually, I’m being sarcastic…praise God you’re not addicted to this thing.

  60. I think the Remedy Tour should stop by Evansville, IN…David Crowder was here last summer opening for Third Day…you all should make a stop by here, I know you’d have at least 2 fans there! πŸ˜‰

    God Bless

  61. What a great thing. A blog from the wonderfully witty and greatly passionate songwriter. It is nice to know the your creative mind is not just bound by lyrics, but spills into your keyboard to bless others as well. Dare say, have you seen Pride and Prejudice…the last one..not the old one. I, being a sappy sort of girl watch it often and cannot help but think of your name pronounced with a British accent when I see it “Mr. Wickham”. But thanks be to God that you are no sort of old-fashioned cad as in the book.
    May your day be immensely blessed and may He minister to you as only He can.

    Jeremiah 1:5

  62. Haha cool. I went to universal studios in florida for the 4th or july. The fireworks there sucked because they were only two mintues long and the whole time they were on i couldnt see them. I hope yours went very well with lots of fireworks and music and stuff πŸ˜€


  63. Phil, I just got back from the Hillsong concert in Houston, TX and they played one of your songs while we were waiting for hillsong to come on! i just thought id share that, i was excited when i heard it.

  64. You know, this thought just hit me…the picture looks like you are promoting V-necks instead of saying peace =)

    AY meese joooou >.<
    I might have to cry if you don’t get your blog on…

  66. I agree with Raquel. Phil, you’re pushing two weeks and your faithful readers are getting nervous.

  67. I think even Shaun and Brody have given up. What a sad world without witty chat and banter. Shaun, Brody, have you guys disappeared in C=Land???

  68. When Brody and Shaun give up you know you’ve been gone way too long.

    C= Phil fell into a black hole while fulfilling his dream of becoming an astronaut.

  69. C= Shaun and Brody have been slammed busy too… I’m starting to miss Phil again… Although… as soon as some papers come in the mail, we will have some news for the faithful readers of this blog…

    stay tuned…

  70. C= Oh no….I just found out what C is for reals….( not “for real” reals)….The paper that Brody is awaiting in the mail is the release form from Phils “vacation” in the insane asylum. The picture with the striped V-neck was our first clue….That has insane asylum garb written all over it!!! And he obviously was giving us the peace sign as a plee for peace in his mind !! And the Glasses…well, uhh…that just shows how far gone he really was….Oh Phil….there’s no shame in it…we all need a little vacation sometimes….next time give a shout out for help….no need to dress in code…we are here for you !!!!!

  71. *dun dun dun*
    Wow Brody you’re worrying me.
    Now I’m gonna have nightmares about Phil dying or something.

  72. No dead Phil… he’s alive and well… in fact I will see him in about a week, and I guarantee at least one blog post during that time.

  73. like, guarantee to make us feel better, or guarantee like, you are going to hold a knife to his throat and force him to type for the poor blog depraved fans…I mean, think about it…no new CD for a month and a half and no blogs. Does the term cruel and unusual punishment mean ANYTHING to Phil? Ah, I liike that movie.

    Dude, Phil….you have some dramatic fans =)

  74. Phil- Your adoring fans are getting carpal tunnel from having to scroll down to the bottom of 73 (& counting) comments each & every day (sometimes 2 & 3 times per day!)… We sure could use a daily dose of Phil~ You have a lot of catching us up to do. We are waiting with such anticipation… Hope all is well, you are in my thoughts & prayers!

  75. Love your music. This blog is awesome. keep singing ans showing Gods power and love πŸ™‚

  76. oops spell error. i meant *and*

  77. Haha I know he’s not gonna die.
    I’m just trying to add some suspense to make everything more interesting…

    And thanks Brody, you are awesome.
    Remember you are number 2 on the Coolest People in The World list. And you’re right next to Jesus.

  78. Not only is Phil M.I.A……nobody is posting here anymore either…I was getting depressed looking at the number 77…so, thought I would just post to change the number…..

  79. He will be back. Then everyone will be happy. I hope he is having fun.

  80. Hah, Kim, I thought I was the only one who noticed it being 77 for a long time.

  81. LOL…I check everyday…and get excited just at the number change…I think I might need counseling or something…funny thing is, I am a Lay Counselor at my church….ha ha ha…..don’t tell anyone about my “sickness” !!…..It’s all Phils fault anyways….whenever he blogs he is so utterly entertaining that we all get withdrawals when he doesn’t drop us a few crumbs of his witty banter!!!!! I just hope he shows up before this hits 100…..or…or….I don’t know what I would do!! Uhh, j/k…

  82. Hahahaa. I feel the same way pretty much.

  83. Or you just might have to counsel yourself. J?K πŸ™‚

    Yes his blog is really entertaining. It is nice to see some one that is so down to eath that is famous.. Hope to hear more from him soon.

  84. 18 days…



  85. Wow, there’s a whole conversation going on here! I love it!

  86. Wow Shaun is so bored that now he’s been forced to befriend some crickets.


  87. wow, this is interesting.
    Yea, I’m just some random person from Arkansas that stumbled on to this, but I have been listening to and loving his music for a while, so I was exited to see he actually kept a real updated blog… so much for that.
    Wonder what happened that he can’t get on.
    I guess so is the life of the famous.

  88. I guess is the life of the … something, anyway….

  89. I guess so is the life of Phil.
    It’s so lonely and blogless.
    How depressing.

  90. I just realized the is two Christina’s on here I must add something to make my name differnet so everyone is not confused..

    Wow look at all those crickets.. They nose is starting to drive me crazy.. lol

  91. I think I just might have to schedule a counseling session with my self…lol…the anxiety, fear and trepedition over the comment numbers advancement has me biting my nails. I really thought “The Wickham” would show up BEFORE the 100th post……but, my hopes are dwindling with each logging in of the P.C……but, on a positive note….I do so enjoy the melody of the crickets !!!

  92. I’m begginning to feel very depressed and lonely. Phil, where are you?

  93. He is waiting at his computer, waiting to post right before it hits 100.. when it goes to 99 he will post .. lol.. Maybe he doesn’t like computer’s anymore… lol that would explain it πŸ˜›

  94. Wow … and I thought it had been a while since I had been online .. and then I got some access and thought I’d check Phil’s blog first … because surely he would’ve written a new blog by now .. right? WRONGO. Thanks Phil.haha. I guess I’ll continue to try to wait patiently.

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