Come riding on a rushing wind
Blow through our hair and touch our skin
I want to feel you now like I felt you then

Strip away my calloused heart
Set your arrow hit your mark
Bring me back to where love starts
Bring me back to where you are

Father I am running Father I’m coming home
cuz I cannot go on
Your child is running, your child is coming home
Back where I belong

I know you’ve heard this all before
When I’m down and crying on the floor
Saying I want you and nothing more

But I’m breaking in my heart tonight
I’ve tried to stand I’ve tried to fight
But cannot see without your light
No cannot breathe without you

Father I am running Father I’m coming home
cuz I cannot go on
Your child is running, your child is coming home
Back where I belong

When I saw you I was ashamed
You were pure and I was stained
But you ran to me and you called my name
There were tears of joy upon your face

Father I am running Father I’m coming home
cuz I cannot go on
Your child is running, your child is coming home
Back where I belong

Check out the story behind the song below.


~ by philwickham on June 20, 2007.

91 Responses to ““Home””

  1. Phil,

    These lyrics speak such truth and as I was watching your video I was also reminded of God’s unfailing love. It’s something we’ve all taken for granted at one point in time, yet our Father awaits for our longing because HE’S LONGING for us more than knowledge could ever possibly illustrate. The integrity of your passion for our Lord never ceases to intrique me more and more as you reveal a piece of your heart to your listeners. For that, I thank you.

    On the topic of God’s infinite love, here’s yet another scriputral reference in Romans as described by Paul.

    Romans 8:36-39

    As it is written:
    “‘For your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered.’ No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

    I just thought to share some insight based on the love you speak of that is found from our Maker. Wow, sorry for the ridiculously LONG comment!!

  2. Phil- these lyrics r beautful and so powerful. You continue to inspire me to no end. I can’t wait for the cd. :]

  3. wow.. umm earlier today.. i was depressing over how far i was from God.

    home is a hec of a song. the lyrics cut so deep. it is so beautifully thought out and arranged. its weird.. cuz ur song is simple, beautiful… and it paints a picture of all the emotions iv held inside.

    Phil. thank you. you have no idea how that touched me. God is using you in unspeakable ways.

  4. Wow.

    Phil, that was beautiful. It honestly brought me to tears just reading the lyrics. I’m feeling exactly like that right now. Man…

    I just listened to “Must I Wait” over on your MySpace. That song is insanely beautiful as well. Your music just continually blows me away. Thank you for writing the music that you do. God is definitely using you.

  5. Quite moving.

    And in response to your earlier post about the humid/rainy/hot Nashville summer. If you stick around long enough, it gets dry…then you wonder why your face feels like it’s going to crack if you smile too wide.

    Looking forward to hearing more. Thanks for sharing a bit from the Word. Always a good move. 🙂


  6. I’ve always loved this beautiful story. I cannot wait to hear this song. It’s such a lovely story of how much God loves every one of us. We are given so much freedom in life that we take our God-given free will for granted much of the time. But it’s amazing how God’s unfathomable love and grace abounds in each and every one of our lives. After reading the lyrics to “Home,” I also went back over “Grace.” These two songs fit so well together, in my opinion. Both “Home” and “Grace” have an humbleness about them. We are so unworthy. We sometimes feel so low and filthy, as if we have been living in the mud among the swine. There are times where we can do nothing else but fall upon our hands and knees and cry unto God. We know that we don’t deserve anything from our God. However, it is utterly indescribable the wonder that I experience every time I think about His never-ending mercy, grace, and love for me and for everyone.

    I appreciate the work that you have allowed God to do in your life. I truly believe that you are living God’s perfect will for your life. You are truly inspiring and you have a genuine sweet spirit and a genuine love for God that witnesses to so many people. I also have to say that “Must I Wait” is also very beautiful. I simply cannot wait for the new album.

    God Bless!!!

  7. Well written. Well said. Thank you, Jesus! Amen!

  8. This brings such an outstanding thought to me. Just how God is really there waiting for us to come back to him. Can’t wait to here this song on your new album! Fantastic work! Great lyrics to this song. Keep it up! =]

  9. Wow those where some inspiring words. I have always loved that story as well. I think one of the things that is amazing about that story is the fact that all of us can relate to the prodigal son in one way or another. Another thing that amazes me is the fact that our Fathers arms are always open to us no matter how long we have been astray or what we have done to defame Him. Man His grace is enough! My little brother just graduated from high school tonight and it put me in a thought provoking mood. I was thinking about him and how he is not a believer and how much I long for the day that he will accept Christ and make his journey home to his waiting Father’s arms. Well anyways thanks for the encouraging message and lyrics. I wish you the best on your next album God Bless

  10. Thanks for sharing that…i never really thought about it quite like that before…how the Father “ran” to greet his long lost son…WOW! He didn’t walk slowly up to him, or wait for his son to crawl back to him…instead, He initiates it everytime, doesn’t He?! Our God is so awesome!

  11. thanks for the explanation on the song. What a beautiful way to bring Luke 15:11 to lyrics! I can’t wait to hear the song on the album!

  12. Your lyrics bring fresh light to one of my favorite stories in the Bible. I love how you took the Prodigal Son, and added such nuance of meaning, and such a personal touch of emotion to it. I grew up as a Christian, and then had some prodigal years in the wilderness myself, and have now been back home for 5 years, and I’m so happy to be back in my Father’s house. Thanks for your song. The lyrics alone are so powerful, I can’t wait to actually hear what it’s going to sound like!

  13. Thank you for this eye opener. I’ve been so thirsty for TRUTH.

  14. I thought it interesting how you said that you wonder if you are qualified or worthy to do it is that you do (I am totally paraphrasing, of course) and that is something that shows me that your heart is in the right place.

    The Lord is gracious to us indeed and gives us things we do not deserve and gives us gifts we can not claim as from our own selves. Keeps us in humility!

    Also, the song “Home” immediately brought to mind Keith Green’s Prodigal Suite. Whenever he starts singing the part where the son says that he does not deserve the love of his father I lose it.

  15. hi phil oh my gosh i love your songs any way comment me on myspace sometime my myspace is sleep and never wake up ok bye

    from heather

  16. hm, i taught a sunday school lesson last week to the little 6th graders about luke 15 (and the prodigal son). what a cowinkydink…or maybe not. i’m not sure i taught it as well as you did- you sure have a gift with words. in your video, i felt like i was at a retreat with philly as the workshop teacher or something. haha.

    by the way, i have a friend who lives in nashvegas…i will be sure to tell him to check out the hot diggity dancing dogs

  17. Hey phil…I’m totally in love with you. Please check out my youtube site for a special personal message from me! http://www.youtube.com/andiramusic

    God bless!

  18. You are great with words. No wonder your songs are being used to stir the hearts of many. They have been doing quite the work on mine as well. I think often it is sooo easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget about what an awesome God we have and the awesome things He’s done for us. I love the symbolism of the veil being torn (It’s struck me harder than ever recently). I feel as though lately I’ve been stuck in the daily grind … it’s my job as a follower of Jesus to abide in Him so that He can use me … Lately I’ve felt un-used and I am sure it’s because of my lack of abiding or in your words of a calloused heart…and it’s really hard not to get discouraged about that.BUT I am so thankful for the message through this song .. that no matter what I’ve done or where I am God is ALWAYS willing to take me back or draw me in again. Praise Jesus! And I thank our God for using you.

  19. September 4 is too far away…..

    I guess patience is a virtue.

  20. Hi Phil, I’m glad to hear you have another album in the works. I have enjoyed your music from the first time I heard you play at Metro in Rocklin 3 years ago. Funny how small this world can be. I’m glad brody had you set up a blog. I had no idea that you two were so close. *awe* We’re from the same town in Nor Cal. Kristin and I birthed our first borns in the same hospital a day apart. Is that too much information? =) I haven’t seen them in so long but hope to on their trip out here in aug. Anyway, hope to see you again soon too. Come back to Metro someday soon. God bless.

  21. Hey Phil, I’ve had you as my friend on myspace for quite sometime now, i just checked out your blog for the first time, and I really love how consistent you are with updating it, its like everyday you have a new post. I think thats awesome because not many people are like that. Anyways, I’m extremely excited for your new album.

  22. Thanks for the music!

  23. Wow, that’s really awesome, Phil! What you said is SO TRUE!!! God bless you for writing this music that portrays the love of the LORD in such a great way!

  24. you are so refreshing…i’ve been playing your cd on my laptop for the past month and today i decided to look you up on myspace so i can add one of your songs to my profile. i’m glad i found these blogs. your choice of expression is authentic…powerful in its simplicity. thank you for sharing your god-given gifts and for always pointing the glory back to its rightful place in Him. prodigal son, lost coin, lost sheep…all amazing parables that hold the truth of god’s grace and abundant love for us…and the celebration of the return for each one that had fallen, was lost or turned away…i know these stories well…for my own story is intertwined in them…thank you phil

  25. that was a great message man… i really needed that today and can’t wait to hear the song in its entirety…

  26. Hey Phil,
    Lovin’ the phlog. As a southerner, I apologize for the syrupy summer, but I can attest to the fact that it makes you stronger. The song is stunning. I am living in Argentina right now and I’ve got your jams with me– I’m passing them around with faith that these Argentines will want to know the God that is all around them and the God that you sing about. Shine on dude.

  27. =) Wow, what a beautiful picture of the prodigal son. I never thought of that…how the one time God is running in the Bible…is when He sees us ‘a long way off.’ It’s like He’s so excited when we humble ourselves & realize our desperate need for Him & He can’t wait for us to be in His arms again! =) I love how you said ‘it’s not about our lack, but about His abundance’ =) B/c I was so caught up in my unworthiness but God has been teaching me lately that He will use anyone that makes himself available to Him. It really has nothing to do with us, just if we are broken enough to empty ourselves – that we may be filled by Him! His love is so amazing.
    This past week I was in downtown ATL on a missions trip for the homeless. This song brought new meaning to all God did on the trip! I love thinking of how the broken & lost souls that come to Him were really His all along…just barred & imprisoned…& to think we could have a part in His work. =) Gosh, I love the Lord! hehe.
    I came to say thanks for leaving a myspace comment, but then I found this blog…& 10 paragraphs later..hehe…& you better believe I’ll see you at the Tabernacle when you come back to GA. =) I have nothing but love for you – your music & heart to minister to your fans. God bless you Phil!

  28. Great Blog, Great music

  29. Your sensitivity to the Word is encouraging.

  30. I see Him smiling and rejoicing over you…

  31. Yes! That’s quite a gift He left for us in His Holy Word. I’ve heard a few people take some interesting takes on what this portion of Scripture “really” means, but it was wonderful to read (and listen) to your interpretation–right on in my opinion 🙂 Your ministry inspires me to do more for the cause of Christ; I am challenged to not squander the gifts He has given but to be proactive. We are all looking forward to your upcoming album! May God continue to anoint you as a mighty warrior for His Kingdom! In His love,
    Nate Schlenz

  32. wow
    you really are updating this .


    and i want to hear this the moment it is done!

  33. I win. I bet Brody you wouldn’t keep updating this thing once you went home to California.

    Come on, Phil! You can do it. One paragraph every day. Just one! Your adoring fans await.

  34. you break my heart, mr wickham.

  35. We’re still waiting. And Brody and I will mock you daily until you get back here and blog something. ANYTHING!

    A blog is to a soft rock star like web-spinning powers are to Spiderman. With great power comes great responsibility, Phil Wickham, sir. Brody built this here blog for you. He handed you the keys. It’s the power to jump the chasm between artist and audience. And here it sits. Abandoned.

    Responsibility, young grasshopper. Responsibility.


    And then return to us.

    (PS. Sorry for the mixed metaphors. Spiderman. Cars. Chasms. I’m just a song writer. I’m no Keats.)

  36. Phil? You there? Hello Phil… I thought you updated this thing…

  37. Looks like you’re getting some positive peer pressure from Shaun and Brody. (They’re right, though!)

  38. More interactive learning! Anything!

    🙂 It’s only because we all love you.

  39. Well, I’m here again. Day three of the Make Phil Wickham Blog Again Taunt-a-thon.

    You can do it. I’ll settle for one letter. Just post one letter. “G” maybe.
    Or, oh I know, “A” – it’s right there by your left pinky. Easy to pick out. Easy to press.

    Come on. You can do it. Put down the straightening iron and type something…anything.

    We’re waaaaiiiiiiting.

  40. I miss Phil. He used to communicate so well. …

  41. tick




  42. Phil,
    I absolutely LOVE this blog!…. It is definately Phil Wickham:) I loce the scripture being read, songs being taught (in a super funny way) and findinf out that Hot Diggity Dog is hot doggity legit 🙂 you have inspired me to write another blog on myspace! I think its my best one yet?….anyway love ya and see you soon

  43. Hey Shaun and Brody… thank you for “updating” Phil’s blog. Your comments are very much so inspiring…. lots of motivation. 😀

  44. Cricket…. cricket… cricket…

  45. Phil just wanted to thank you for the amazing worship you lead at CreationFest East! I was there, front row. Love the new songs and I’m first in line when the new cd drops! God Bless!

  46. i agree with shaun and brody…

    click *New Post*

    and write a little something

    a piece of you, for us to view 🙂

  47. this song is absolutely amazing and the story about the prodigal son really touched my heart. as you were reading the passage, i could really see how much you love God and how much you want to pursue Him and be like Him. thank you so much for being a wonderful person who loves God and i wish you the best of blessings in everything you do. can’t wait for your new cd in september! i just bought your self-titled cd last night and it’s AMAZING :o) keep up the great work!

  48. See, brody and I know something the rest of you don’t know: Phil has a video in his possession he could post here. Brody edited it for him, like he did the others. All Phil has to do is post it here for your enjoyment.

    Now, here’s what I know about Mr. Wickham: A)He loves the people who listen to his music. B)He really loved it when Brody taught him about blogging.

    So A + B should = a daily updated blog here for the people he loves to read.

    But that’s now happening so I’m thinking there must be a C out there we don’t know about. Salve for C everybody. What is C?

    C might be “Phil is stuck under sometihgn heavy.”

    C might be “girl jeans are on sale this week.”

    I don’t know. What do you think C is? What’s keeping Phil from doing something he loves for those he loves? Phrase your answer as ” C = ___________________”

    Here’s mine: C = Phil is too busy reading Shlog.

  49. Correction: should read “but that’s NOT happening so I’m thinking there must be a C out there…”

  50. C= Phil is suffering from short term memory loss and thinks he is a 73 year old woman, whose fingers are sore from crocheting and is having a hard time turning his computer on.

  51. C= Phil is having too much fun laughing at Brody and Shaun, and doesn’t want to interrupt their “motivating” comments… 🙂 (I, for one, am enjoying them greatly. Thanks guys!)

  52. C= Phil is trying to contemplate why some people DON’T wear V-neck t-shirts, and while he’s doing this he’s counting the the v-necks HE has but there are an endless amount so he’s just stuck in his closet until he finishes.

  53. Ha I like Raquels… thats my vote for C.

  54. We Want Phil! We Want Phil! We Want Phil!

  55. Raquel = genius

  56. C= Phil went guitar happy, played his fingers off, and can type on the computer no longer. He is currently trying to type a blog with his nose… it’s just taking quite a while.

    a neglected blog is an unhappy blog

  57. Or… maybe he’s really busy with stuff? Probably. Be patient guys :p

  58. C= Creation East. Not as witty, but highly plausible.

  59. Before anyone goes and takes us too seriously, Phil knows that we are totally harassing him. I have talked to him several times. He is currently in some mountains in Southern California at a camp… with no internet. He has a video and an entire post typed out in a word document waiting to post. So that is the real “C”.

    but it’s more fun to make fun of him…. don’t you think?

  60. It is way more enjoyable to poke fun at him, Brody. Though I’m sad that the “real C” has been revealed. Mystery lost. Ah well.

    C=Phil decided to go for a hike in the moutains one day and lost his way. He’s currently staring at the night sky trying to remember which one the North Star is so he can get back to civilization. So far he’s survived on some stale beef jerky and water.

  61. Seriously! Brody, why’d you do that?? It was just getting good! No facts. Just fun from now on, Brody. No biscuit for you.

  62. sorry… sara intimidated me….

    okay back to the ridicule.

    C= Phil put a sparkler in his mouth celebrating the 4th of July too early and is undergoing reconstructive surgery to bring him back to his originally sexy self.

  63. Haha, sorry. I didn’t realize who some of you are. I posted and I was like… “oh wow… they’re totally kidding” and I actually tried to delete my post, but couldn’t ^.^. Atleast I got an answer as to what he’s up to. I did think you guys were pretty funny making fun of him though. My favorite was what Raquel said, lol.

  64. Haha it seems that my answer was pretty good [:
    I was always good at algebra…

  65. HEY I just got a WordPress Blog so make sure to read my blogs and comment 🙂

  66. What if we all collectively wrote a story about what in the world happened to Phil? Let’s just conveniently forget what Brody told us a few posts back, and try to justify Phil’s absence from the internet.
    We each add something to the story…this can be meaningful, crazy, impossible, or sad.
    I’ll start.

    Once upon a time, there was a guy names Phil. He loved music, but also loved God’s creation. One day he decided to go for a walk in his neighborhood. On this walk, he encountered many strange people. One of them was a man with two noses and one eye. Phil also met a woman who had seventeen children in a line behind her as they walked on the sidewalk.


  67. [I must include what I wrote :]

    And the strangest of all the people he encountered was a guy that had a t-shirt with the words “V-Necks are for squares.” He was so shocked that someone actually hated V-neck t -shirts, that he went into a panic and ran home. Then by curiousity he started to count the number of v-neck shirts in his closet. and as he was on #349534058 he saw this magical door in his closet…

  68. and tho he did have so many v-neck shirts…. he was very depressed. half of them were loosely fitted. they were supposed to be 5 sizes smaller…..

  69. …(continuing on from Raquel)…as he entered this mysterious door, a sudden burst of cool wind flowed through his hair causing Phil to have a hair-crisis meltdown. But alas! This door lead him to a vast hair salon! With winding staircases and multi-colored flooring and rows upon rows of various hair stylist working stations. Wide-eyed and bewildered, Phil entered this interesting place to find numerous men and women all with their eyes fixed on him…and his hair! Feeling a bit uneasy with these daunting stares, Phil began to head for an escape but instead of successfully fleeing, he found himself held captive at the will of these fanatic hair stylists! With much resistance, poor Phil was restrained to a chair as a nearby stylist said, “Let’s show him what we’re made of!!! This hair is ours for the taking!”…

  70. OH I wanted to say thanks to Shaun for calling me a genius. That’s a nice compliment, you’re my new best friend, k?

  71. y’all are hilarious! this is the best thing i’ve ever read and i read a lot! 🙂

  72. Wow… Just wow… Thats pretty much my round about realization of you. The way god has so purly spoken his stories through you is amazing, you are truly gifted, and no matter how much your concerned that you may be acting like the son in this story, REMEMBER that god is using you to save many of the lost, and hurting people in the world. Don’t ever second guess yourself on that point, I know its hard, TRUST ME I know how it feels to read the Bible and think oh my goodness, im just like that, or I can’t believe how much that story relates to me, because Phil God has blessed you with this gift this amazing and extremally binding gift. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to put out your songs, your love, your poetry to God… and just have complete faith in yourself and our Lord. But not to get off track…. This sort of a gift if pursued will lead you away from home, but not with bad or selfish intentions. THATS why your not like the son in this story… Your risking everything for us, your pride, your privcey (gack wow i really messed up that word lol) and needless to say your just well a pretty darn close picture of a perfect son, and son of god in my eyes, even though you as well as the rest of us *little people* still make mistakes daily…. I love your new song it dipicts the story of the two sons perfectaly to me 😀 Have a blessed day!! And don’t get to tired out teaching gods word with your songs, and words of wisdom !!! I believe in you !
    Have a blessed day!! 😀
    Jessica aka~Jessi

  73. wow phil, it’s awesome. I’m slightly overwhelmed by God’s love..i can’t wait to get the next album. thanks for leading me into God’s presence with your voice and for helping me find the words I don’t know how to communicate to Him. You are a blessing, phil. I pray God will continue to bless you, encourage you, protect you and speak his truth to you. You truly are an inspiration. never give up! press on… the best is yet to come!
    love Gill xx (in England)

    p.s funny comments guys. you clearly love phil alot!! please finish the story. What will happen to phil’s hair? will he ever make his way “home”? we need an ending guys!

  74. phil I wish we were close friends

  75. Haha I’ll end it!

    They completely shaved his head off. Phil was so devastated and started crying in a corner like an emo kid. But he decided to get a custom-made wig that matched his old hair exactly! He finally went out in public and people were asking him how he had managed to grow his fabulous hair back in such a short time. He told them that it was actually a wig and people were astounded by how realistic it looked. Then Phil had an amazing idea that he would mass produce the wig and sell it to people that wanted totally awesome hair like Phil’s. In a couple years, his hair grew back and he made millions and bought himself a house somehwere where the houses are ridiculously pricey. He then bought all his fans some groovy red sunglasses.

    THE END.

  76. somewhere in the middle of his endless quest to count his vnecks and wig extravaganzas Phil stumbled upon an all you can eat frozen banana cart!

  77. O my gosh… you guys are all too crazy! I bet Phil had an extreme amount of fun reading what you guys wrote!

  78. Hehe. Did you know? The day you posted this was on my birthday. The lyrics kinda fit where I was in life at that time. And sorta still am.
    You’re pretty awesome, didja know that?

  79. Phil,
    I am so excited about your new CD! I think the picture on the front is stunning (I don’t know if that’s the final cover or not, but I love it). I’ll keep you in my prayers as you put the finishing touches on the project! ~Micah 6:8~

  80. Hey Phil,
    I like this song a whole lot! Sounds like your new CD is going to be fantabulous. I am gonna come see you in San Francisco in October, hopefully you sing this song. The prodigal son had to come to his senses. How crazy is it that so many people fall away from God and never come to their senses that He longs for us to return to Him. Even some people come back to church, but they never come to their senses that Jesus wants to restore them, but they live in the shadow of their annointing, but they never enter into the place where they were annointed. -Queenie

  81. Hey Phil, it was interesting that the one you said about the prodigal son, it inspires me that when my parents were kept moving and moving.We were packing our stuff and get out of here to move somewhere else and to me it really hurts.So read this when you get a chance,ok?

  82. Phil,I would like to say that if even if you are all alone, God will be there for you.

  83. Thanks for playing this last night. (Yeah , I’m the one who shouted for it). The music was as good as the lyrics and definetely brought a tear to this eye! Thanks for all the worship music you allow God to give through you. Keep going in the love of the Lord! I’ll pray strength and wisdom for you. God Bless!

  84. One thing I realized I must do is read all the above comments to figure out what’s going on here!

    On another note…
    I am simply amazed by those lyrics. They hit home (no pun intended) for me… You are truly blessed!!

    God bless!

  85. Girl jeans are on sale… that’s my favorite1!!

  86. hey phil i love ou so much i really hope that you keep up your excellent talent, because pretty much eveyone in my youth group is completely in love with you rmusic! its so crazy because when a song of yours comes on the whole mood changes within seconds its really great.

  87. hey raquel..i loved the ending…maybe we should tell phil to sell the wigs now he’s asking for merchandise ideas… keep up the great work phil, we all love u xx

  88. Shaun, Brody, Raquel and Brittnie – you guys made my day. That story was hilariously funny. For moment there, I thought the story would turn into a Chronicles of Narnia theme after Raquel’s mention of the “magical door” in Phil’s closet (lol).

    HAHA! You are toooo funny! God bless you all!

  89. Phil,
    Our Lord is going to use this new album to work in mighty ways to people of all kinds. I cant even explain how much you bless those that hear your music. I know the angels in heaven will be singing and i imagine that they will sound somthing like you. keep up the awsome work through Christ our Lord.

    Bro in Christ,

  90. Phil,
    I am so glad that you have allowed the Lord to work through your life. These lyrics are so true and from the heart. I pray that the Lord touches many people through these lyrics. So many people need a honest and true relationship with christ. Keep allowing the Lord to do amazing things through your life.
    God Bless,

  91. Phil this is just for you since this post is old and no reads the comment here much anymore (:

    Love the album.
    Actually at THIS VERY moment I’m listening to this song and it’s spectacular.

    And I find it funny how the words ‘cuz’ and ‘cannot’ are in the same sentence. It’s like you’re expecting either ‘because’ and ‘cannot’ or ‘cuz’ and ‘can’t’. Hehe I’m unusual.

    Phil please won’t you leave me a comment on my blog and make me happy? 😦

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