Interactive Learning

Yesterday, as I was fulfilling my semi-daily duty of getting back to a new slew of online messages/comments, I came across yet another message from a listener who was requesting the chord charts for a song of mine called “Divine Romance”. As I read this humble yet forceful young man’s message I leaned back in my chair and exhaled a sigh that could be heard down the hall. Don’t get me wrong, in no way was I frustrated with the writer of this request. In fact, even the hundreth time getting one of these requests still rose up in me a certain sense of pride and accomplishment. The sigh was more of contemplation than anything else. You see, there are at least four websites that I can think of off the top of my head that would have exactly what this young man desired. Yes, there would be tab options, note options, chord options, transposing options, font, size, color…, but he came to me, just like the hundreds of others before him. So I leaned back in my chair, I sighed, I put my hands behind my head, and I thought.
“How can I solve this problem once and for all?” I asked myself. “It needs to meet the needs of the people but still be fun and unique.” Then it dawned on me. Two words that will change my blog, and possibly, the world forever.
“Interactive Learning”
So I created this video below. Mind you this is the first one. An experiment, if you will. In later “Interactive Learning with Phil Wickham” videos there will be guitars and singing, and maybe even some cameo appearances. So get out your guitars. Sit up. And let’s make some ROCK!


~ by philwickham on June 17, 2007.

91 Responses to “Interactive Learning”

  1. That’s so awesome!!! SWEET!
    Downtuning, that’s so cool. Glad you told us.

  2. That’s utterly fantastic, Phil! Thanks so much!!! *hug*

  3. oh my jloh
    i hope people dont show up to your concerts with there guitars….


  4. You’re such a dork sometimes, Phil. Anyway, we miss you at Maranatha! Your home church! Please, please post the next time you’re playing there a few days before so I can get it off work!
    Thank you. Hope you’re safe and well and rocking! (as always.)
    God Bless!

  5. HEY THERE! i have no idea if this phil and he actually readds this.But i ws atthe concert last week in florida! and it was such a blessing to me and my friend! we basically fell in love with the songs! and i thought it was so awesome how you explained the history behind divine romance. It truly was a gift to you from God:)
    i met you along with my friend,which you prolly don’t remember because there were so many people. But i know we we’ll never forget it! Anyway i think i told you that we listened to you all the time down in Guatemala!But who knows if that was exactly what i said because i was still in but what i really wanted to explain to you was that i went in ine of the most amazing and God enriched mission trips for 2 weeks in march to guatemala!and my friend that came with me(who wnet to the concert with me) we listened to divine romance. i had never honestly heard of it before. But it was such a blessing she showed me it! because i was feeling those exact words while i was down there! THe jot of knowing Christ, being on the mission field and putting HIM before us,the way it should be everyday lived out!and infact God lead me in those two weeks to do a big Biblestudy of the topic of intimacy with Christ and how in is a relationship He yearns from us!anyway,i will stop babbling now. But i really wanted you to know how much i appreciate your passion and that you do walk humbly! i pray God would keep using you through HIS music!again, i’m not sure if you are reading this yourself, i would hope so or at least that someone could tell you these words! i could keep writing for a very long time andtell you about the miracles God did in Guatemala and the kids and even adults who were saved! But i don’t want to keep you from work and ofcoarse you are in my prayers with the new EXCITING album you are working on!best of luck!
    and thank you again for your passion and the amazing worship!
    Love in Christ,Jordan

  6. bro,
    I really liked this video.
    cool man,


  7. What a simple, yet GREAT idea. Very cool to take the time to do this. If I ever get to the place where I have requests for my songs 🙂 I’ll remember this.

  8. this is AMAZING

  9. Hey Phil I met you in cedarville thanks for signing the guitar pick that was really cool

    for the chords for divine romance you finger pick some of them and I was jw if you could show us how you do it

    thanks man
    God bless

  10. Phil,
    That was sweet of you to make this video.
    It helped me. :]
    You’re amazing and have inspired me.
    I’m coming to see you for the third time this November.
    Love you,


  11. Phil you’re so great. So nice to us fans. I’m stoked for the new cd coming out, some friends that visited you in nashville have been talking it up. Thanks for blessing us with your music,
    Have a great day,

  12. Hey Jordan,
    I do actually read this! Thanks for the extrememly kind words. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the show in Florida. Please keep coming back and tell your friends!!!

    And I’m glad the rest of you guys liked the video. Stay tuned….

    oh, and thanks for the *hug* Lauren. I’ve always bbeen a hugger.

    -the real Phil Wickham

  13. Your music has inspired me in so many ways; I am sure you get these type of comments and messages from various people but I thought i’d contribute to the out pouring of peoples appreciation for you. I’ve seen you perform twice when you came to Visalia and also in Fresno; When you perform its powerful and not just a ‘show’, but a service. Your music & words have contributed to help me pursue this dream that God’s instilled inside of me…and I want to let you know and say thank you.
    I would love for you to check out the growing process of this project and personally say thank you.
    I cant not wait to see you at the House of Blue and The Fillmore;
    Carpe Diem.
    -Kim Rico.

  14. Hey Phil,

    I was wondering who took that picture of you on a boat on your blog 2 entries ago. I am a photographer and I really love that picture, so I would like to get in touch with that person. If you could let me know that would be great. Thanks!

  15. Funny idea, really!
    keep rocking, be blessed

  16. The guy who took that picture of me in the boat is named Christian Rios.
    His myspace is
    I agree wth you. He is really talented.

  17. Amazing! Thanks Phil. Come to Dallas sometime soon!

  18. thanks- now all I have do is learn to play- until then all my friends will learn “devine romance” they don’t have a choice in the matter =) Gracias tambien for pointing out the pause/fastforward/cursor buttons. i would have been lost without that- kidding! God Bless you- have a wonderful day and psalm 118:24!!!

  19. Thank you phil for posting on myspace your blog. I love your humor and love that you show us pieces of your life to make us connect even more to the music.
    Your new regular reader

  20. Phil Phil Phil. =]
    Your music is definitely amazing.
    I can’t wait to hear what you
    have coming uppp in your next album. xD

  21. Philly Willy! I’m actually going to sing “I Will Wait FOr You There” for church next week and my pastor is playing guitar for it [:

    And BY THE WAY, that pastor actually knew you when you were little. I don’t know if you remember him or anything but his name is Rollo Casiple [hard name to forget]. He used to live in San Diego but moved to Miami like 3 years ago. You should come visit us down here in Miami! HAHA. I love you! K bye.

  22. ha ha!!! Thats awesome…you rock…way to love people 🙂

  23. cant wait to hear more of the new songs, you a big encouragement to me and my music..i have talked to pete a couple of times, tell MR Kiply i want him to record my 1st album, he does amazing work


  24. Oh and I want to give you a virtual hug, too [:

  25. And comment #3 is mostly for the people reading the blog that want to fine more tabs try They have most of the songs there but I mean unless you want to wait and learn from Phil himself!

  26. hey i think this interactivve thing is awesome in makes me want to go by a guitar! But you an inspiration thanks! i CANt wait to see you play with david crowder in Philly! IVE BEEN WAITING! i listen to u all day everyday basically ! with Gods love!


  27. Thank you so much for taking time to listen to your audience and its good to know that you care!! Thanks

  28. Wow, You are so real, and Awesome Person,
    and so very much more. I love your music.
    Thanks for sharing!
    God bless
    Sarah S.

  29. all i have got to say is, that was so random and funny. i love it. you know i don’t think i have ever requested for those chords but hey now i know where to get them along with a million other sites, hahaha-stay in the Glory and the Blessins,

  30. wow!!! thanks so much!

  31. Oh goodness, you are in the blogosphere, wow! How modern 🙂
    Shelby told me that we just passed you in FIDO, but I didn’t get to see you-hope all is well with the minstrelling.


  32. I saw this on my comments in myspace. How random, how beautiful a thought for your fans!~ So personal and radical! You are one beautiful brother, inside and out! Thanks for sharing your beauty with us, for making me smile and apparently for helping out some musicians!! This is way better than chord charts online 🙂

  33. your music is beautiful in a way that inspires the soul. it says something about the quality of your soul. which makes me think of something i read by rees howells, in his biography, only the Holy Spirit can live like Jesus in me. i know you need him as much as we do, so i pray you have lots of times to stay up, or get up early, to touch the heart of God and have that divine romance. it’s the fuel that keeps the fire burning. i pray He gives you lots of special treats like He gave me last night when He prompted me to come home and spend time with Him here instead of my usual prayer chapel. i was able to listen to your music, which i’ve only now discovered, and be blessed in a very special way. i was pretty much up all night, couldn’t get enough. i hope god does the same for you.

  34. Wait, sorrrrryyyy. But I just went back and watched the video.

    This is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. You are so amazing. I can’t believe you.

    “Here’s the little pause button,” he says while he points to the lower left of the screen.

    I don’t have a clue about guitars, but I’d play that just because it’s like Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood for the musically inclined.

  35. Brilliant.

  36. “Push pause! Push it!” hahaha. Thanks, Phil! You are genuine. Good job, God! 🙂 Hope all is well. You have a wonderful heart.
    -Heather 🙂

  37. Have you ever been to El Cotees in SD? Just wondered since your from there. – Joe

  38. =) that made me smile. it made me wish i played guitar so I could learn! What a good idea =) I saw you at Berry College & loved hearing your heart in between songs…& basically, think you’re the man…& by the man – I mean God’s man. Haha. Thanks for all the encouragement through your music to just be real & intimate with God.

  39. Phil,
    I as well as many others who have viewed this page, we all seem to agree that your idea is the BOMB!!! lol I hope to see you sometime very soon(november), so I can help you spread the message once agian and rake in some more adoring fans for you 😛 in the sunshine state and help you meet many many more friends as well! I shared your cd with all of them(my friends) and they all LOVE the genuine message and amazing lyrics, and each bought a cd ! Just helping out another brother in christ. As always I wish you only the best of luck!


  40. hi philly! i hope you dont mind me calling you that. me and my friend like to refer to you like that when we talk about your music (as if we know you hehe). but that was a very cute /creative idea of “interactive learning.” thanks for the allowing God to use your amazing talents and sharing with us. it makes me =D

  41. You are too rad 😀 Thanks!

  42. That’s awesome, thanks so much for doing that! Can’t wait to see you live!

    – Elise

  43. HAHAHAHA This is so funny! Great Idea Phil! I don’t play guitar, but I watched the video anyway.. wish I knew what all those letters meant! lol Anyways, my husband plays the guitar and sings like an angel… he’s really shy though…, did you ever feel like that? If you did, how did you get passed it? We both practically died on our way to life way christian book store to pick up your cd…we raced eachother cause whoever got there first got to listen to it on the way home! HAHAHAHA~ We “Adore You”

  44. So I don’t even play guitar, but I thought that was pretty flippin’ impressive of you to go the extra mile for those who love your music. Paz, Jess

  45. That was so cute! I don’t play guitar although I bought one and it’s sitting in my closet… I think I may just get it out and see if I can’t learn at least this song… I’m inspired just by your mere willingness to teach everyone.

    Seriously… this was so great! I look forward to more Interactive Learning!

  46. haha…this is so stinkin’ cute. and considerate.

  47. haha your video is funny! hahaha
    ok Ima try to learn it.

  48. Cool video. It was a great idea. I don’t play guitar, but I do have a friend who would probably love to see this video. He wants to be a worship leader and loves your stuff. I’ve sung some of your songs with him in church before, but I don’t think he’s ever done “Divine Romance”.

  49. I applauded this blog out loud and smiled a lot. True brillance and incredibly entertaining. Hope you are well friend.

  50. hey, ive never checked out your blogs before, but got a message on myspace about them. soooo, i went to your site and read a couple. i love the creative approach for “chord charts”. 😎 maybe i’ll try it sometime… 😎

  51. Phil! This is Nikki…the Nashville girl. I wanted to say hey and that I will be seeing you next week at Creation!! Can’t wait! 🙂

    Also, next you should put up “I Will Wait For You There” because that one is my favorite. 🙂 Annnnd, I have a bunch of pictures from the GMA showcase…where do you want me to send them?? They turned out pretty cool actually!

    Blessings to You!

  52. That’s amazing, Phil! The chords you share on this video are very easy to play!

    One thing that I’m glad about is that you have a new cd coming! Some friends of mine went to a concert last year and talked to you… they said that was amazing. I’d love to see you in concert. Everyone I talk to say that is a true blessing. I’ve introduced your songs to one of this friends and he liked very much. I live in Brazil and I would love to see you in concert someday. Not here, surely we’ll meet in heaven! 😀 May Jesus bless your work and that you don’t change the love for Christ you have in your heart. That’s what makes me support your music before everything else. Peace from so far!!!

  53. Hey Phil,
    Think back about 8 or 9 years when you were singing in the Jr High and High School group at Maranatha. Think hard and you might remember me, Laura Wiens 🙂 I have wanted to say hi but never knew if you would actually read any posts on your myspace or anything… I guess I’ll find out. I hope Jill is doing well too. Anyway, I just wanted to say……. It is so amazing to see how God is using you to reach and bless so many people… I’ll never forget Freshman year of college and hearing your music blast through the dorm hallway! Way to go Phil…
    Eph 5:19 Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord…


  54. Hey phil its Erica i dunno if you remember me but i’ve seen ya alot in Dallas…1st time at SMU…. My favorite song is Divine Romance among others… you rock!!!

  55. Hey! Just wanted to say that you’re absolutely AMAZING, and that I love your music!! I loved seeing you at Lifeway in Dallas, and at Celebrate Freedom! Hope to see you in October!

    God Bless,

  56. p.s.: I love your song Your Alone!!

  57. Very cool Phil. I am really enjoying your CD and think your video is the perfect way to share your stuff. Thanks for the chart and the info on playing the song. I love it…

  58. Awesome job on the “interactive learning”. I wish more artists were willing to share their work in ways like that.
    Keep up the awesome work.
    P.S. Happy Father’s Day. I don’t know if you are a father or not, but if not, think of it for declaring the future. 🙂
    God Bless
    🙂 Rebekah >

  59. wow…hilarious sarcasm and inventive interaction!

  60. hey phil. just wanted to let you know that… well, you are an ispiration and example for all generations. and such a complete blessing. wow. hearing/seeing the Lord work amazing things through you is such a testament of his great love for us.

    by the by… i was wondering if you could put up a video for your new songs “true love” or “desire” i heard them both and they are now officially memorized… and i cant get them out of my head! they are sweet. thank you phil!

    hey… come back to modesto please.
    praying always for you my brother!

  61. we were free and made alive, the day that true love died.

  62. Hi Phil! I love this interactive learning thing, hah! I’ve always wanted to know what the real chords were to Divine Romance. I’ve been playing it like… C Em C G D for the verses and on like… capo 7! Haha, crazy! I love the song though. Probably my favorite by you =). You probably get this all the time, but your music has inspired me sooooooooooooo much! God bless you =)

  63. Thanks for the chords…I played it on my keyboard. I was gonna try it on my guitar, but I am still learning…I prefer the bass guitar. Anyway, you made me laugh trying to point to the pause button! 🙂 anyway, God is so good. Keep smiling! Now, do this for all your songs! ha ha! JK!

    Take care. Can’t wait til your next cd is out! And hope you got to spend time with your dad for Father’s Day!

    God bless you!

  64. hey phil whats up. you dont know me but im a fan of yours. i know your realy bussy with your work writing songs and stuff but i was wondering if i could get you to email me sometime. i know what your thinkin, who is this fruit loop?! well heres my email i hope to hear from ya.

  65. The interactive learning was an awesome idea! I loved it!

    I went to your concert in Albuquerque, and it really touched my heart. I’ve been going through a lot of hard times lately and God has really used your music to touch my heart and focus on Him! I praise God for the gift He gave you and that you are using it to the fullness of His glory!

  66. Phil, I don’t have myspace so I’m commenting here! Out of all the bands at Creation Fest East in Agape, PA, I can honestly say I’m most hyped about seeing your performance…can’t wait!

  67. Hi Phil, I just love your music, You are truly blessed by God,and I am sure that He is pleesed with what you have done with it.!!! I am so Looking forward to seeing you at this years Harvest Crusade. Very truly Your sister in Christ Bridget

  68. thank you soo much! I had the chords from some other sight but it was really confusing! thank you very much for taking your time to do this!

  69. check out all of these comments. i bet you’re having a field day 🙂

  70. i heard you talking on some utube video about how your songs are about things coming out of hard times, or just very personal times and how it was a little weird to share it with the world, letting it all hang out, so to speak. and i though, gosh, i’m sure glad he does. i really think those hidden places in our hearts are the most beautiful. there’s a reason we hide and protect them, they are tender, special, because they are the essence of who we are. they are also where god dwells, in the very depths of our being. it takes real courage to open that part of our heart and i’m so glad you do. i believe it’s god’s desire for us to all be willing to be that intimate with each other. how cool would that be? how much more beautiful the world would be. some day…

  71. welcome to the blog world brutha!

  72. I love your eagerness to draw near to your listeners, it’s precious. I’m no guitarist, but I can appreciate your music all the same! God smiles upon you, similar to this…:)

    And I smile for all that you do too.

  73. Hey Phil, thanks for that. It’s so Jesus of you to give away the chords to your songs like that, (without even a download fee!!!). Very refreshing. I have always thought you were a real Christian, and not just a pop-star riding the church train to the top, whenever we’ve spoken and this just confirms it for me. Dude, I LOVE your music and I will as long as you show your love for Him and His love for us through your songs. Ok, I’m rambling… God bless bro,

    james from His Place (which is now Lolicup?!)

  74. YOU ARE FUNNY! This video made me laugh. The pointing to the pause button and the other things. How did you know where to point? That was funny! Otherwise, keep up the great work. Your blog is very interesting too. God bless! :))

  75. yes, i’d much rather watch you hold up signs of the chords so i can write them down one by one then have to go to a stinky chord site and just copy and paste. ‘laziness is the devils’ workshop’. or is it ‘working for the devil is lazy’? or is it ‘the devil is lazy, he should get a workshop’? who knows. who knows.

  76. I am dying laughing. That was SO great! You’ve got quite the sense of humor. =) While I’m here, I must say your music is great and your lyrics captivating and awe inspiring. It’s truly a blessing to sing alongside your music in worship to our King. May God continue to direct your steps and guide you with His faithful hand. Take care.

  77. that shirt is icky. please don’t wear it anymore. 🙂

  78. As helpful as it is to most people…it’s absolutely hilarious.

  79. Hey Phil,
    Thanks for coming to creation this year. I’ve never heard of you before this past week. There are a lot of inspiring people there, but God touched me through your songs (especially divine romance) and your messages behind them. Thank you for being so transparent, showing His heart for us. I’m still smiling over it, and will be for a long time. I hope to meet you someday, come to Pa for another concert! May God bless you and draw you ever closer to Him.
    P.S. I can’t wait to start playing that song!

  80. El Phil,
    I just barely found this blog. WordPress rocks btw. 🙂 Question. Do the v-necks play any part in your vocal range? haha. Gees dude. My voice isn’t exactly like…Barry White-low but man, I have to sing DRomance in Ab instead of your B otherwise I’ll be singing it ala Bee Gees. Yay for falsettos!! I’m not a cool guitar person like most people but I play the best I can on the keys (piano). DRomance on piano…a lil wierd-sounding but hey, it’s a string instrument too. Looking forward to hearing your new stuff but still loving the old. I’m of to purchase a v-neck tee. I kid I kid. Later Bro!


  81. oh phil… haha!! this one cracked me up tremendously. it’s simple and efficient. but what cracks me up, is that when you show the sheet… a part of your face is peeping out… like “ooo… hello…” sweet beans.

  82. Hey Phil!
    I think it’s a really awesome idea that you had making the interactive video. It’ll help alot of us out:) Right now I’m trying to learn “i will wait for you there” but I’ve never done finger picking before so I’m really building up the calluses, haha! I was wondering if you could give some us aspiring song writers any tips? Thanks!
    God bless!

  83. Oh yeah I forgot, PLEASE COME UP TO CANADA SOON!!

  84. haha that’s funny to me…you’re so clever! haha
    I never really listened to your music too much, until this past week. I’ve been on vacation at the beach this week, and every night, I listened to your music while I was drifting off to sleep. I really enjoy your voice. It’s really soothing..and your lyrics man! I love the song Grace… I’ve been kinda having a hard time in my relationship with Jesus lately… I know that my relationships with others directly affects my relationship with Him. You know, how the Bible says in 1John 4, that If I say I love God, yet hate my brother, then I’m a liar,etc. I’ve just been having a hard time being with my family the whole week. I work all the time now, so we arent usually together very much, so I’ve had to learn patience when being with them this week. I just get frustrated with them very easily, and I’ve gotten an attitude with them many times and I’ve just been acting very bitter.I know it’s not about “feelings”, but I’ve felt so far away from Jesus, and this song really encouraged me… It makes me realize that I NEED Jesus. I NEED to spend time with Him because I can’t do it on my own. I can’t do it in my own strength. Without Him, I’m bitter, impatient, and unkind. It just gave me hope… I can just call on Him for His grace… to help me be more patient, loving, kind, gentle,etc. So I know that was long, but I jsut wanted you to know that I like your song,it’s encouraged me, and I’m enjoying reading your blog, and lookin at your site.and I want to know what it was like for you, being a pastor’s kid because I am one too!… thanks Phil!


  85. hey Phil! that’s so cool and so sweet!
    i love your music and your lyrics!
    God Bless U!!!

  86. Hey Phil, I wanted to thank you for coming up to Auburn with the Awaken Crusade. I thank you for making the choice to become the great musician you are and spreading God’s Message through your wonderful, inspiring, and encouraging songs. My sister and I love your music and are always listening to it. Thank you again for coming to Auburn and sharing your gift of song. God Bless You!!!

  87. Phil,

    Thank you SO much for sharing your music and being willing to let us partake of this beautiful song! Keep your eyes on the prize in your worship and thank you again for sharing this with God’s people.

    Love in Christ,

  88. that is the most adorable thing i’ve seen . . .

  89. This was such an awesome thing for you to do Phil…. of course, if I could sing in tune, it would have been even better, lol! Got to see you last year at Liberty University and am so sad to see that it will be awhile before you will be back around Virginia…… thank you for loving GOD so much and for sharing that love with us….. It is SO much fun watching the way you interact with your fans here! You are in my prayers that GOD will watch over you and keep you safe during all your travel… (((HUGS))) & I can’t wait until the new album!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Hi Phil,
    Just got your album and love every song! I know that you wrote out the guitar tabs for the guitar players, but I noticed you also play a bit of piano and am wondering if you might be able to jot down a few chords for us piano players. I tried to pick it out and can play the vocal line, but the bass line just doesn’t sound right. I just won’t be able to rest until I can get the notes right, so you’d be doing me a huge service if you could jot down a few – you don’t have to do the whole interactive learning thing, although it was intertaining! P.S. Are you planning any trips to play at churches near Sacramento?

  91. Very cool, do you have an interactive where you show the finger-picking style that you use?

    This is a wonderful song!


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