I Have Moved.

•February 7, 2008 • 4 Comments


Head over to the new philwickham.com and make sure to check out my new blog there. Also don’t forget to change your links, and RSS things.


It’s 2008 and I’m feelin Great

•January 12, 2008 • 44 Comments

I hope this new year finds you well and happy. I am in the last week of a rather restful winter break. 2007 turned out to be quite a busy year for me: a spring tour with the good ol’ Shane & Shane boys, a fall tour with the Myriad and the David Crowder band (two bands bursting at the seams with good, talented folk), an album recorded, an album released, and everything else that overwhelmed on occasion. So after the fall tour I took some time off and it has been wonderous. Time to be with loved ones, to work on new songs, to go to church on Sunday mornings, and take naps on Sunday afternoons. It created a much missed sense of normalcy in my life. Now as 2008 moves into full swing so must I. I’ve got one more week at home then it’s time for me to head out again. I’ll be in Texas for the better part of ten days, so I’m looking forward to seeing all you Texans out there.
Alright, I gotta hit the hay, I’ll talk to you all soon. Oh, and Happy New Year!

MOB Contest and a little update.

•November 8, 2007 • 114 Comments

Hey Blog Friends,

I understand there has been quite a sizable gap between my previous blog and the one you are reading right now. There is no firm excuse for this. I could claim busyness, which would be as true as anything I could say, but I won’t. I will just humbly ask forgiveness for those who care, and get on to more important things.

First, I want to inform you about a little contest my label is putting together. I’ve got this thing going called a “Mobile MOB”. Some of you may know about it. For those who don’t, in short, it’s a way for the enjoyers of my music and I to stay connected in a “next-generation” kind of way via texting. Before I go any further I want to thank all who have already joined while I’ve been out on the road. Now, I’m going to be running a contest on my MySpace from now till Dec. 19th to encourage even more people to join. There will be one lucky person randomly drawn from my MOB to win a vintage autographed electric guitar from me, kinda like a Christmas present from me to one of my MOB members! So I encourage you, if you haven’t already done so, join my MOB! It’s really simple and free and you’ll get all kinds of free stuff from me – wallpaper, ringtones, updates, etc. Just text ‘PHIL’ to 66937! Thanks

Now, A little update:

Last time I blogged I was in Boise. I’ve done a few things since then. The tour has gone to Denver, Manhattan (Kansas), Tulsa, Chicago, Cincinnati, and now we’re in Philadelphia, a town I have yet to explore. In between all those tour dates I’ve been doing a few dates on my own, as well as going to even more radio stations promoting the new single “After Your Heart”.
Here’s an example of what I’ve been doing at the stations, just to fill you in. This was in Cleveland, Ohio at 7:00 in the morning. Please excuse the scratchy morning voice.

The song is doing pretty good at radio. A lot more stations are playing it than any other single I’ve put out, which is cool. If you think about it, you can help by calling/emailing your local Christian station and requesting the song. It really makes a difference.

All the radio stations we’ve gone to recently have been in the mid-west. We spent a lot of time driving through Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio… I have experienced autumn like never before. I love San Diego, but it does not have seasons like this. Pretty amazing.
Well that’s it for now. Remember to join up with the MOB. Just text ‘PHIL’ to 66937

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more blogs coming SOON!

Rescue Mission

•October 23, 2007 • 63 Comments

The buses rolled into Boise at about 10:30 AM yesterday. Immediately after we arrived outside of the “Big Easy” (the venue we played at last night) Brody, my acting road manager, and I jumped out of bed. We had an unusual, though not unwanted, duty before us. There is a Christian radio station in Boise that has been kind enough to get behind my music and play some songs of mine over their radio waves. This same station has a close working relationship with the local women’s rescue house in downtown Boise. So the station thought it would be cool for me to visit the house, play some songs, share a devotional thought, and give out some hugs. I’m not going to lie, the whole thing was a bit awkward at first. As we walked through the front door we could hear a woman’s voice over the loudspeakers chanting, “MEN ON FLOOR, MEN ON FLOOR,” and like it was a practiced routine, the doors of the hall before us started slamming shut in hurried succession. We finally got to a room larger than any other we had seen. A small group of thirty to forty women filed in. One walked up with enough enthusiasm to light a bulb speaking compliment after compliment about me and my music, the rest just sat there quietly with curious looks on their faces. I sat down, pulled out my guitar and quickly started playing a song for fear of lengthening the uncomfortable silence that had overwhelmed the room. I sang four songs over the next twenty minutes. Pausing briefly before each one to tell their stories. By the time I had finished, the room had changed. When I sing I can’t help but expose some of my heart to whoever is listening. That’s where the songs have come from. That’s where I try to sing them from, and I think the women appreciated it. They gathered around me afterwards and said a prayer for me, hugged me, told me I reminded them of nephews, of sons. It was an interesting experienced, and an altogether blessed one.
A part of me wanted to ask them their stories. What kind of life brings one to a rescue mission in the middle of Boise?
Speaking of rescue missions: There are some seriously mean fires roaring in San Diego county. One of which is not too far away from my house in Escondido. I am in Colorado Springs at the moment, and it is strange not being with family and friends while they are evacuating to safer grounds. God hears and reacts to our voices, our requests, please let yours be heard. I am excited to hear the stories of how the Lord will use this devastation to bring people closer to himself.



•October 21, 2007 • 37 Comments

So a few nights ago I played at one of my most favorite venues ever.
It is called The Wiltern. It is in Los Angeles. And it was a mighty good time. I still can’t get over how awesome this tour has been. So much music and history has happened in most of these venues, and I feel honored to be playing on their stages.
Since the last time I blogged we have gone all the way up the west coast from San Diego to Seattle, and now we head east for the first time on the tour. Today I woke up in a somewhat sleepier town than say LA or New Orleans. I am in Spokane, Washington. There is an early fall chill in the air. Trees have begun their color migration from shades of greens to hues of browns, reds, and golds. It is my first time in this town, and I dare say I like it. I’ve found that I enjoy the Northwest corner of our beloved country. I don’t know if it’s the cooler air, the greener trees, the granola, or the higher count of birkenstocks per capita, or the quieter lifestyle. I just kind of like it. So in honor of all the flannel wearing lumberjacks that have trod these grounds before me I am wearing my flannel shirt today.
Yes, and I will shout it from the rooftops.
Actually, this is just a megaphone from the David Crowder set. They do crazy stuff like use megaphones on stage. I hope you can make it out to one of the upcoming dates.
Now I must focus on the job at hand. The good people of Spokane have bought all the tickets for this show, and we must be ready. To soundcheck it is.
Until next time,


•October 8, 2007 • 63 Comments

Who is B-Wack? This is:

B-Wack, otherwise known as Bilbo-The-Beatmaster, Soulpatch, or Jeremy, plays drums for the David Crowder Band. Every night he performs his percussive wizardry from his throne of leather and steel. With wooden sticks in hand, and a full heart in his chest he beats his instrument into submission with such commanding force that leaves every listener awestruck and wanting more. And today I sit beside him in a small starbucks in El Paso, Texas exploring the “WWW” for that which may arrest our attention.
Today is a day off. The first breather of a few that we have during this seven week tour. Last night was a great way to end the first leg. We played at the only outdoor venue of the whole tour. It was hot, it was humid, and it was very country.
Even the name of the venue says it: “Floore’s Country Store”. This is one of the most interesting venues I have ever played. Sitting a few miles outside of San Antonio this country store was not much of a store at all, but a weathered and historic venue that has had the likes of B.B. King and Willie Nelson singing from the stage. Though Floores sits a bit off of the beaten path, the 3200 person venue was a few hundred oversold, which always makes for a fun time.
It was a great night. So thanks to all who came out for it.
Tomorrow is Albuqueque. Looking forward to it.

Texas Sweat

•October 6, 2007 • 38 Comments


Oh Texas, why must you continue to bombard me with your hot humidity? Know you not ’tis October? The month in my homeland of California is meant to be a happy one. The summer has gone, and fall is at the door. Were it not for your friendly natives, your tasty BBQ, your jackalope folklore, and your year round firework superstores I would be hard-pressed to return. Well, I could be over exaggerating. There’s a lot to love in Texas, especially when people are packing out venues.
Last night was a blast. Dallas has the nicest House of Blues I have been to yet.


It’s always a very moving thing to see people singing out, eyes closed, hands raised, in a place like this. I love being a part of a tour that stands for more than simply what is seen. It is very special and I am proud to be a part of it. The song I’ve been ending my set with every night is one off of the new CD called “True Love”. It’s the gospel in a song and every night I can’t wait to get to the bridge. It says the words “Jesus is alive!” over and over again, and I can’t help but smile every time I get to it. If those three words were not true then my whole life, everything I am about and for, would be meaningless. The fact that the grave could not hold Jesus, that He was victorious over death, is proof of who He is and seals everything He came to do. We are redeemd through His life. We are saved by His life. We will live forever in His life. Jesus is alive!

Today I find myself in Houston. Brody and I are sitting in the corner arm chairs of a middle America Starbucks. I believe he is blogging as well. Tonight is the biggest venue we play the entire tour, and needless to say I am very excited.
Hope you guys have a great day. ttyl,

La Zona Rosa

•October 5, 2007 • 29 Comments

Last night we played at La Zona Rosa in Austin, Texas.
As an empty room it’s not much to look at. Asphalt floors, bare walls, a few large stacks of speakers, and a sour smell hanging in the air from the years of sweat and rock that has taken place on it’s wooden stage. But things changed once the show began. The entire place was packed. “Sold Out” as they say in the “biz”. And despite the kinks and bumps that always rear their ugly heads at the beginning of any tour, the show was great.
The Myriad opens the show with their epic sounds. If you don’t know about their music then you should go check it out. It’s rad. The David Crowder Band Headlines. I think that they’re the best at what they do. And I’m smashed there in the middle.

Today we arrived in Dallas. We’re playing at the house of blues here tonight and it is amazing. Can’t wait to show you guys some pictures of it tomorrow.

So there are two buses on this tour. One holds the David Crowder Band and their peeps. The other holds myself, Brody, the Myriad guys and some of the crew. There are twelve bunks and there are twelve of us. It’s cozy. Good thing everyone is cool.

Until next time

Join the Mob

•October 4, 2007 • 31 Comments

Hey friends,
First of all, thanks so much to all of you who have been spreading the word about “Cannons”. Your support is much appreciated.
Hopefully all of you who have pre-ordered the record have received your copy in the mail, and I also hope that if you never pre-ordered it then you picked up the CD somewhere, whether it be in physical or digital form.

I wanted to let you guys know about this thing I’m starting up called a “Mobile Mob”. It’s just another way to be able to stay connected with all of you. It’s easy to sign up too, and you get a free “True Love” ringtone after you sign up.

To Join the Mobile Mob: Text PHIL to 66937, get a free ringtone, tell your friends!

Thanks again everyone for all the support. Tonight the tour is in Austin, Texas at “La Zona Rosa”. Hope all of you Austinians can make it out to the show.

At the HOB with the DCB

•October 3, 2007 • 39 Comments

Hey Everyone,
A lot has happened in the last 24 hours. My new record was released, and I’ve started up my tour with the wholesome and talented David Crowder Band, otherwise known as the “DCB”. Not to mention doing a CD release show in the studio at KSBJ, a rocking radio station in Houston, TX. Now I find myself in New Orleans, a town with a lot of good food and even more character and history to back it up. It even holds some personal history for me. A good portion of my ancestry once called this bayou their home, and some still do. Yes, it’s a good feeling to rejoin with ones roots. “It’s good to meet you New Orleans. My forefathers have trodden your soil and now I shall do the same.”

The venue is the House of Blues. I am sitting backstage as we speak. The walls are a collision of blues, reds, greens, and yellows spiraling into a collage of what some might call “vibey”. A fan hums overhead. Lighted mirrors hang on the wall. Just outside the door there is a stage upon which the final preparations are taking place. Outside the window there are hundreds waiting in a line on the street below. Yes, it is the first day of the tour and I am excited.

I made some last minute changes to my set in the green room.

Can’t wait to see you guys at one of the shows.